InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Live Coverage

InsidePULSE’s WWE Raw Report 03.28.05
Live from Ft. Worth, Tx
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

To start out this week, I have to say Goodbye to all my faithful readers. This will be my last Raw Report, as Raven West will be taking over full time starting next week. I will continue to do most of the WWE and TNA PPVs from now on, and I will be on SmackDown for the next few weeks. I have been on the Raw Report since 2000, and I’ve decided that I can be used elsewhere on the site. Thanks for all the feedback over the past 5 years here in IP and over at 411. Now…


Intro…Hemme & Trish in a arm wrestling match, Hassan vs. HBK, and a face off between HHH & Batista.

Chris Jericho’s Hi-Light Reel
Jericho hypes the Money in the Bank match, and his first guest is Chris Benoit, and they will be joined by Shelton Benjamin. Jericho tells them both that he is the hungriest in the match, and it will be everyman for themselves, and he will do anything he has to do to win. Benoit, and Benjamin agree. Benoit, however, says that he will do anything to relive the feeling again. Benjamin says that he is the only current champ in the match, and the is starving for a title shot since he has never even had one. Christian comes out and reminds us that he beat Jericho last year, and he has 2 ladder match victories at WM. Edge comes out and says that he also has 2 WM ladder match victories. They all fight.


Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, & Shelton Benjamin vs. Edge, Christian, & Tyson Tomko
Hot match, with lots of back and forth action. Benoit gets a hot tag from Shelton, nails Christian with the Trifecta of Germans, and goes up to the top for the Headbutt, but Tomko gets to him, only for Benoit to give him a headbutt. Edge takes Benoit off the top rope, and Benoit is busted open.


We come back and Benoit is bloody. The heels are all over him. He finally gets to Jericho, and Jericho runs over Tomko. Edge lines up for a spear, but misses Jericho, nailing Tomko. Christian nails Jericho with a inverted DDT, Shelton nails Christian with a TBone, Tomko boots Shelton, then Jericho locks on the Walls, and Tomko taps out.
Winners – Faces

KANE comes down and takes out the heels again, climbs up a ladder, and calls for his fire on top of the ladder…cool!


Bischoff makes sure Batista won’t do anything during the face off tonight. Batista says that he won’t start anything, but he will finish it if HHH starts up. Bischoff asks if Batista was serious about the Used Car Salesman stuff. Batista says that he was. Bischoff said that it’s too bad, because he thinks Batista can go on to the movies, and Bischoff would be the man to take him there. Batista says that Bischoff reminds him of The Gimp in Pulp Fiction.


Trish Status vs. Christy Hemme (w/ Lita) – Arm Wrestling Match
Trish needs to warm up, and she does so by doing some lifts with her belt. HAHAHA. They lock up, and Christy quickly wins! Trish wants a rematch, but Christy quickly wins again! Trish flips out, and shoves Lillian and Lita.
Winner – Christy

Orton walks toward the ring.


Orton comes down, and says that last week, he asked Stacy if she though he could beat UT. She hesitated, and he didn’t. He says that all the other opponents were afraid of UT, but he isn’t. The lights go out, and UT appears on the Tron. He does a countdown, showing all that he defeated from 12 (KANE last year) to 1 (Snuka WM7). Orton freaks, and the ringposts light up on fire…from the ground up…not like KANE’s pyro. Awesome!


Orton is booking, but KANE catches up with him. KANE says that he sees the fear in eyes. KANE says that he was lucky to escape with his soul the two times he lost to his brother at WM, and if Orton wants to prove that he is not afraid, he has 6 days to do so.

Regal & Tajiri (c) vs. La Resistance vs. Simon Dean & Maven – World Tag Team Titles
Very, very quick match. Tajiri with a kick to Maven’s head. It’s like they made this match just to remind us that they have Tag Team Champions.
Winners – Champs

Bischoff wants HHH to be civil tonight. HHH laughs it off.


  • Recap of Luther calling out Big Show, then getting choke slammed.
  • Big Show tips a jeep over.
  • Show and Akebono weigh in this week.

    Muhammad Hassan (w/ Daivari) vs. Shawn Michaels
    Quick back and forth action. HBK hits the ropes, and Daivari tries to trip him up, but HBK stomps down on his hand. Hassan charges, but HBK dumps him over the top, on to of Daivari.


    We come back and Hassan is all over HBK. Hassan slides HBK up against the ringpost, and bow and arrows HBK across the post! The ref makes him get back in the ring, and Hassan goes for the 747, but HBK elbows out. Hassan quickly sledges HBK down, and locks on the Camel Clutch. HBK takes a bit, but he finally gets to the ropes. Hassan is gloating, and he goes for the 747 again, but HBK fights out, and starts decking Hassan. HBK starts tuning up the band, however ANGLE grabs his ankle.
    Winner via DQ – HBK

    Angle and HBK start dukeing it out. Angle goes for a Olympic Slam, but HBK drops out of it, then goes for a Superkick, but hits Hassan instead. Angle gets out of the ring, and gets over the wall before security gets to him


    Bischoff reams out the security, saying that Angle should not have been in the building…and we need all the security guards they can find for the Face Off.

    WM Card

  • Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker
  • Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels
  • Akebono vs. Big Show – Sumo Match
  • Money In The Bank Ladder Match
  • Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio – Champ vs. Champ
  • Stone Cold in Piper’s Pit
  • JBL vs. John Cena – WWE Title
  • Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme – Woman’s Title
  • HHH vs. Batista – World Title

    Bischoff and Security Guards make their way out.


    Both HHH (w/ Flair) and Batista make their way down for the face off. Bischoff says that they can say whatever they want about their opponent without repercussion tonight. HHH starts saying that he plucked Batista from obscurity, and he will send Batista back there after WM. HHH says that he was Champ long before he met Batista, and he will be Champ for much longer to come. Batista stands up and says ‘You talking to me?’ HAHA. He then says Thank You to both him and Flair, especially Flair, for everything they taught them. Then, he calls HHH an asshole. HHH flips, and tosses the table. HHH slaps Batista, and Batista said ‘Thank You,’ and takes down HHH. They start brawling, security gets involved, but they keep brawling. The finally get separated, as the show ends.

    Show Over.

    Thanks guys!

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