[OVW] OVW TV Report for March 26, 2005


Credit: OVWrestling.com

03/26/2005 – DAVIS ARENA


REF: Robert Brisko

It’s the week of Easter, folks, so The Heartbreakers came out celebrating with bunny ears, colored eggs, and even the Easter Bunny. All the fans dashed from their seats to greet the men, as Romeo and Promise leapfrogged out to the ring, eggs dropping from their boas on to the floor. At least I hope the eggs fell from their boas.

After handing out their bunny ears and headbands to audience members, The Heartbreakers join Mo’ and the Easter Bunny in the ring for a little bit of the ol’ Heartbreakers hand-slapping, hip-thrusting dancing. With the festivities over, Deuce Shade and Da Beast entered the area and again fans made a mad dash … this time back to their seats. Deuce played an impromptu game of “52 pick-up” with a kid in the crowd as he and Da Beast headed out to the ring. Meanwhile, The Heartbreakers lai’d Robert Brisko. Yes, they gave him a Hawaiian lai that someone in the audience had given them. Keep your mind out of the gutters, folks.

Romero and Deuce to start, with a lock-up that led to Deuce pushing Romeo to the ropes. Expecting him to bounce back, Deuce dropped flat on the mat so that Romeo could bounce back to the opposite ropes. Romeo, instead, got to the other side of Deuce and also dropped flat on the mat, next to Shade. Deuce turned over to see Romeo lying next to him and freaked out, scrambling up from the mat and to the ropes. Well, Deuce, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

The two lock-up again, this time with Shade getting Romeo into a tough headlock. Romeo gave a thumb’s-up to the audience to show he was okay, however, then proceeded to … err … man, these Heartbreakers make it difficult to write these reviews … proceeded to use the thumb on Deuce in a way only his proctologist would have. Romeo ran Deuce up the turnbuckle in one corner, and the Heartbreaker liked it so much that he did the same to Brisko as the ref argued with Deuce about the incident. Brisko jumped on to Deuce in surprise and Shade shoved the referee off. Having enough of the entire situation, Deuce tagged in Da Beast.

Not interested in games, Da Beast started off with a kick to the gut of Romeo and then an elbow to the head. A whip to the ropes by Da Beast got Romeo close enough to Promise for a tag on the outside; so quick that even I had to rewind the tape to make sure it happened, so it is no wonder that Da Beast did not notice. Instead, Da Beast kept his eyes on Romeo, who bounced back to the opposite ropes and held on. Brisko did catch the tag, however, and directed Da Beast’s attention to Promise standing behind him. Da Beast turned, only to get a punch in the face by Promise and then proceeded to fall over Romeo, who dropped to all fours behind Da Beast. Down on the mat, Promise attempted a pin, but was thrown off by Da Beast. Romeo followed with his own pin and was also thrown off. Both Romeo and Promise climbed on top of Da Beast for another and were both thrown off by a very angry Da Beast.

Romeo is told by Brisko to get out of the ring, while Promise taunted Da Beast. With Brisko still in the corner trying to get Romeo out, Deuce Shade had an opportunity to elbow Promise in the back of the head. Deuce then held the slightly-dazed Promise up while Da Beast gave Promise a devastating clothesline. Slamming Promise to the mat, Da Beast got a two-count before pushing Promise back to Da Beast’s corner and tagging in Shade. Shade and Da Beast tag each other in multiple times to trade off on beating down Promise, until both were in the ring with Promise. Promise managed to manipulate Shade and Da Beast into slamming into each other and when the pair tried to take down Promise, he maneuvered over to his corner for a quick tag to Romeo.

Romeo clotheslined Deuce, punched Da Beast, kicked Deuce, and then punched Da Beast several times to back him off before completing a knees-induced fallback backbreaker on Shade. A pin attempt was stopped by Da Beast, who then faced the punches of Promise in the corner. Shade bodyslammed Romeo into the mat, then attempted a horizontal 180-spin splash from the second ropes on to Romeo, missing when Romeo moved. The Heartbreakers then doubleteamed on Deuce, allowing for Romeo to get the pin for the win. The Heartbreakers celebrated in the ring by trying to dance with Brisko, who wanted no part of it.



The Hollywood Jet Set, the Beautiful People, the Uncrowned Champs – also known as M-N-M – came out to the ring to tell Jim Cornette that the Thrillseekers were afraid of them and won’t give M-N-M a chance at the tag-team belts. They, on the other hand, wanted to give The Thrillseekers to the count of ten to prove they were men by coming out to face them. Melina counted off the numbers, but at the count of ten the Thrillseekers did not show.

Just as M-N-M felt smug in their actions, Johnny Jeter and Matt Cappotelli did come out and grabbed a microphone from Dean at the desk. Matt told M-N-M that they didn’t come out before because they had figured no one in M-N-M could count that high. The Thrillseekers announced that they would give M-N-M a title shot next week, with the stipulation that the “Hollywood Ho” Melina be kept out of the way by being handcuffed to a post. M-N-M agree, although not thrilled with the idea. So next week will see The Thrillseekers vs. M-N-M; or, rather, M-N. Will the stipulation help The Thrillseekers out? Only time will tell.


REF: Chris Kay

Mike Mondo came to the ring with Kenny Bolin proudly displaying off Ms. Blue. Word is that Ms. Blue did it in the study with a candlestick, but I have no clue if that’s true.

Anyway, after a run around the ring by Nick Nemeth to greet fans, the match started off strongly with some fine mat-style wrestling from the two in the center of the ring. Eventually, Nemeth got the advantage with a shoulder tackle, a kick and spinning Mondo out into the center of the ring. With Mondo having problems, Bolin got on the apron to complain to Chris Kay. Shoving Kay out of the way, Nemeth began yelling at Bolin, turning around just in time to get an eye-gouging from Mondo.

Unable to see, Nemeth was defenseless to Mondo’s attack, with Mondo attacking Nemeth’s stomach repeatedly with a series of kicks and shoulder tackles. When a pin attempt went nowhere, Mondo put his knee into Nemeth’s stomach and pulled up on Nemeth’s head, trying to fold Nick in half. Nemeth managed to get out of the hold and the two went back and forth for a time. Finally, Nemeth got a slight advantage with a clothesline, and followed up with a bodyslam for a near-pin.

Mondo picked up Nemeth in a fireman carry, and then threw Nick up in the air, dropping down at the same moment so that Nemeth’s back landed on Mondo’s knees for a backbreaker. Mondo continued the assault with several punches to Nick’s head, but Nemeth managed to DDT Mondo into the mat.

Ms. Blue came up on the apron to yell at Kay, diverting the ref’s attention while Bolin threw in his briefcase to Mondo. Nemeth grabbed Bolin at the ropes, but ducked just as Mondo was about to bring the briefcase down on Nemeth’s head. Fortunately for Bolin, Mondo managed to stop just in time in order to avoid hitting Bolin with his own suitcase. Unfortunately for the two, Nemeth then kicked Mondo in the back of the head, forcing Mondo’s head to smash into the briefcase and have it bounce into Bolin’s forehead. With Mondo down thanks to the briefcase, Nemeth got the pin..


REF: Chris Kay

Jillian and Alexis started things off with a couple of wristlocks. Jillian pushed Alexis to the ropes, whereupon Laree rebounded and wrapped herself around Jillian’s shoulders and spun her around. Laree kicked Hall in the upper-body, but Hall whipped Laree back into the ropes. Alexis came back with a sunset flip, forcing Jillian into a roll-up for a near-pin.

Breaking off, Alexis came back with a kick to Jillian’s stomach and then the head. Coates then sprung up on the apron to distract Kay and Laree long enough for Hall to come back with an eyerack on Alexis. In pain, Laree could not avoid a kick in the back by Hall, followed by a bodyslam. Although Hall was only able to get a two-count off of the abuse, she still rose up to accept any applause the audience had for her actions. After another bodyslam by Hall, Laree fought back with three punches to Hall’s stomach. Hall countered with an elbow to Laree’s face, getting another near-pin.

Hall continued to work Laree’s stomach with a series of stomps and kicks. She then grabbed Alexis by the head and rammed her face into the turnbuckle. A hair-pull by Hall led to a flip across the ring. Alexis tried to come back with a few punches, but Hall continued her beatdown for another near-pin.

A bodyslam attempt by Hall turned into a near-pin roll-up for Laree, causing the two to break off. Jillian kicked Alexis down and then pulled back on Laree’s head by the hair, while holding Alexis’ body down with her foot. When Kay told her to stop, Jillian switched to pulling up on Alexis’ arms instead. In pain, Alexis managed to flip Jillian over and off to stop the hold.

Alexis gained some momentum with some punches to Jillian’s head and stomach, whipping Hall off the ropes and into a flying clothesline. A couple more kicks to the stomach and then a DDT led to a near-pin of Hall for Laree. Hall tried to stop Alexis’ climb up on the ropes, only to have her punch blocked and Alexis knocking her down with a punch of her own. Kay turned to look at Jillian’s condition long enough for Coates to climb back up on the apron and push Alexis off; flipping her in the air and having Laree nearly land on her head. With Alexis dazed, Jillian got the pin.

In the midst of Jillian’s and Melissa’s celebration, Passion came out from the back to confront Kay. Passion rallied the crowd and Kay was convinced to throw out the pin by Jillian and restart the match. In anger, Melissa ran towards Passion, only to be thrown out of the ring by a punch from Passion. Jillian grabbed at Passion, ignoring Alexis, who then pulled Jillian back and pinned her for the win. Passion and Alexis celebrated in the ring, although nothing like the funky dancing that The Heartbreakers did earlier in the show.



As fans may recall, last week’s Jersey Shore Street Fight ended when Aaron “The Idol” Stevens smothered Danny Inferno with a rag full of chemicals, knocking him out and along The Idol to get the pin. This week, Inferno came out to tell Jim Cornette and the fans watching that he had been “puking all week” — not because of the poison Stevens gave him, but because he lost the match.

Inferno demanded a rematch, only this time a Mixed Tag Street Fight, with Trudi as Inferno’s partner and Stevens using his squeeze, Beth Phoenix, as his partner. Inferno warned Stevens that he better answer his challenge in seven days, for if he doesn’t show up, Inferno will go to The Idol’s house and they’ll have the fight right there in the streets of Louisville.


REF: Robert Brisko

Before the match, Tank talked in a pre-recorded segment with Chad Toland by his side that Elijah had cheated Chad out of the belt in their recent match, but “tonight is my night!” Tank swore that the belt would be his by the end of their match, as “the Blonde Bombers will be dropping bombs on you!”

Elijah had a response from earlier in the day, telling Tank that it was Burke’s dream to become the OVW champion and there was no way Tank was going to kill off his dream.

The Blonde Bombers came out to the ring first, ignoring the crowd. As Brisko warned Chad to watch himself and not interfere in the match, Elijah came out to the cheers of the crowd. Tank and Elijah met in the center of the ring whereupon Tank began mouthing off to Elijah. Toland gave Burke a shove, and Burke returned a shove in-kind. Tank took a swing at Elijah, only to get hiptossed and placed into a shoulderlock. Getting up on his feet, Toland pulled Burke back to his corner by the hair and then kicked Burke in the stomach, followed by bashing Burke’s head into the turnbuckle.

Whipping Elijah into the opposite corner and then running towards him, Toland found himself alone in the corner after Burke used the ropes to spring over him. Burke then kicked Toland in the stomach when Tank turned around, dragging Tank over to another turnbuckle to slam Toland’s head into the corner five times. Burke then hiptossed Toland three times before attempting a pin that did not get very far. The two tussled for a bit back and forth, until Burke got too close to the ropes where Chad stood on the floor. Chad, seizing the opportunity, grabbed Burke’s foot, throwing Elijah off long enough for Toland to tackle Burke completely out of the ring.

With Brisko too close, Chad had little opportunity to do anything to Elijah on the outside except throw Burke back into the ring. Tank kicked Burke in the guts twice, followed by a couple of bodyslams. After a few punches back and forth, Toland whipped Burke into a corner. When Elijah tried to spring up and over Toland, as he previously had done, Toland was ready for him, positioning himself under Burke so that Elijah ended up in a fireman’s carry on Toland’s shoulders. Toland then lifted Burke up and dropped him on his knee for a massive Gutbuster that sent Burke flopping around in pain. It was not enough, however, to gain a pin for Tank, with Burke kicking out at the last moment.

Working Burke’s stomach over with an elbow-drop on the gut and three kicks with the knee, Toland ended up getting a few punches to the gut by Burke. The two continued to strike at each other for a time until Toland missed with a punch, allowing Burke to ram Toland’s head into the mat. With both men down and weary, they traded some more punches until Elijah slammed Toland to the mat and attempted a pin. Toland pushed Burke off, but they were soon back in the same pin position with Brisko lying next to them for the count. Toland pushed Burke off again, only this time, Burke landed on top of Brisko.

Brisko being unable to concentrate, Toland tossed Burke into the ropes where Chad waited. Chad held Elijah in place as ran to gore Burke. Burke was able to break Chad’s hold at the last possible split-second, leading to Tank ramming into Chad. In a twist of fate, Tank fell out as Chad fell into the ring. Burke being in so much pain did not seem to realize that it was Chad he was pinning as Brisko – also unable to see that a switch had occurred – counted off, one-two-three. Brisko gave Burke the win, handing him the belt. As the cameras caught the Tolands trying to explain what happened to Brisko, Elijah Burke – still OVW Champion – went into the stands to celebrate with the fans.

From the other side of ringside,
Dale Sherman, OVWrestling.com

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