InsidePULSE Indy Report 3.29.5: Results & SAT Shows


3/24 – IWW – Waterford, Ireland
3/25 – SRPW – Haworth, OK
3/26 – AWF – St. Andrews, NSW, Australia
NMW – Springfield, IL
SAT SHOWS – 4/2:
CZW – Philadelphia, PA
PWG – Los Angeles, CA
UCW – Bay City, MI
GCW – Columbus, GA
EWR – Quebec, QC
MWF – Valleyfield, QC
NWA MS – Paragould, AR
IWA MS – Vincennes, IN
CCW – Bridgeport, CT
TZW – Livonia, MI
HPW – Columbus, IN
EWF – Marion, IN
AWA NJ – Union City, NJ
TCW – Kingsport, TN
AWA SCW – Madison, IN
TMW – Knoxville, TN

Irish Whip Wrestling results
Thurs, 3/24 – Waterford, Ireland

*Jonny Storm def. Irish Dragon
*Seamus O’ Shaunessy def. “The Ladies Hero” Dave Zero
*Red Vinny def. M-Dogg 20
*IWW Canadian Heavyweight Title Match: champion Vid Vain vs. “The Pukka One”
Darren Durridge went to a double count-out
*Mad Man Manson def. “The American Rockstar” CJ Summers
*Raven/Seamus O’ Shaunessy def. FWA Heavyweight champion Alex Shane/Red Vinny

Australian Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 3/26 – St. Andrews, NSW, Australia

*Josh Sharwood def. Mislead Youth, Future Shock, & Peter Z
*TNT def. Dr Waxhead w/ a dragon sleeper
*The Captain def. Kid Dynamite by pin
*Steve Ravenous def. European Assassin via pin after a low blow & pump handle slam
*Gravity/Billy Flyswat def. Kyle Seminoff/Dean Draven
*Mark Hilton vs. Scotty Club went to a double pin from a backslide

New Midwest Wrestling results
Sat, 3/26 – Springfield, IL

*Michael Shard def. Justin MacIntyre by submission
*”Metalhead” Steve Stone def. Brandon Blaze by pin
*Eric Ruffington def. Danny McKay via pin
*Rian Cruz def. LPC by pin
*XPlicit Content def. Sigma Omega Beta
*”Tricky” Dick Moore def. Eric Logan via pin
*NMW Tag Titles Match: Billy Morgan/Sage Ramsey def. Maximum Impact
*Tables Match: Stan Sallinger def. Mr. Elite
*”Spotlight” Spencer Powers def. Mississippi Madman by count-out
*Guy Smith def. Eric Marx by submission

Combat Zone Wrestling
Sat, 4/2 – 7:30 pm
Viking Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Elimination Challenge Tournament for Best of the Best Slot:
*Dan Paysan vs. Viking vs. Damien
*Josh Abercrombie vs. Silas Young vs. Brandon Thomaselli
*Jolly Roger vs. Hallowicked vs. Jigsaw

*CZW World Title Match: champion Ruckus (w/ “Primo” Robby Mireno) vs. B-Boy
*CZW Tag Titles Match: champions H8 Club (Nick Gage/Justice Pain) vs. DJ Hyde/Jon Dahmer
*CZW Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush” vs. Sabian (w/ “Primo” Robby Mireno)
*Eddie Kingston vs. “The Sex Xpress” Sexy Eddy
*Also featuring CZW Iron Man/IWS World champion Frankie The Mobster, Beef Wellington, Sonjay Dutt, Adam Flash, & more

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
Hollywood-Los Feliz Jewish Community Center, Los Angeles, CA
Sat, 4/2

Ultimate Championship Wrestling
Sat, 4/2 – 6:30 pm
Bay City, MI

*AWA/NWA ZERO-ONE MAX Heavyweight Title Match: champion Takao Omori vs. Steve Corino
*UCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion nWo Sting vs. Bull Wheeler
*UCW Cruiserweight Title Match: champion Jaysen Yang vs. N8 Matson
*Lumberjack Match: Tommy Titus vs. Sebastian Rose
*Tommy Titus vs. Sebastian Rose vs. Sky Devian
*Mayhew vs. The Connecticut Experience
*Justin Rhodes vs. Dr. Feelgood
*Also featuring Boomer, Golga, Doink, PJ Flowers, & more

Georgia Championship Wrestling
Sat, 4/2 – 7:30 pm
GCW Sports Arena, Columbus, GA

*Jason Cross vs. Elix Skipper vs. Glenn Gilberti
*The Southside Trash vs. John Bogie & Lee Thomas
*Erik Watts vs. Big Henry Hoss
*AJ Steele vs. Greg Brown
*Damien Steele vs. The Wrestler

Elite Wrestling Revolution presents “Revolution 2.0”
Le Centre Horizon, Situé au 801, 4 ème rue, à Limoilou, Quebec, Quebec
Sat, 4/2 – 7:30 pm

Montreal Wrestling Federation
Sat, 4/2 – 7:30 pm
MWF Centre (Chevaliers de Columb), 70 Academie ST, Valleyfield, QC

Tickets: $5

NWA Mid-South
Sat, 4/2 – 7:30 pm
BC Lloyd Entertainment Building, Greene County Fairgrounds, Paragould, AR

*Chris Candido vs. Southside Brawler
*Naughty By Nature vs. The Outlaws
*Daizee Haze vs. MsChif
*Freezer Thompson/Man Mountain Mike vs. The Hambones
*Matt Sydal vs. Delirious
*Seth Syrus vs. Joey Luciano

IWA Mid-South
Sat, 4/2
National Guard Armory, Vincennes, IN

Connecticut Championship Wrestling presents “Chain Reaction”
Sat, 4/2 – 7:30 pm
Cardinal Shehan Center, 1494 Main ST, Bridgeport, CT

*Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka vs. Matt Striker
*CCW Heavyweight Title Contender Match: Mana vs. Ron Zombie (to face CCW Heavyweight champion Dylan Kage that night)
*CCW Northeast Title Match: champion Dave Cole vs. J-Busta vs. Jose Perez
*CCW Tag Titles Match: champions All Money is Legal vs. The Logan Bros.
*Mr. Zero/Rorsbach/Ultramantis Black vs. Nocturne/Spider/Jason Blade
*No DQ Match: Anthony Michaels (w/ Talia) vs. Mark Gore
*Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Rob Eckos
*April Hunter vs. Cindy Rodgers
*Also featuring Iron Eagle, American Idol, Bad Leroy Brown, Wilcox, Mike E. Milano, Avil Graves, Jason Snyper, Mike McNasty, & more

Tickets: $12 advance, $15 door

Thunder Zone Wrestling
Sat, 4/2- 6:30 pm
Burton Manor, 27777 Schoolcraft RD, Livonia, MI

Proceeds benefit Make a Wish of Michigan
*Featuring TZW Heavyweight champion Eddie Venom, TZW Tri-State champion D-Ray 3000, Jamie D, The Phoenix Project (w/ Laura Phoenix), The Bump N Uglies, & more

Hoosier Pro Wrestling
Sat, 4/2
4-H Fairgrounds, Hwy 11, Columbus, IN

*Matt Stryker vs. Sinn
*Ox Harley vs. Gator McCallister

Extreme Wrestling Federation
Sat, 4/2 – 7 pm
EWF Arena, 3400 S. Adams, Marion, IN

American Wrestling Alliance New Jersey presents “AWA Crossroads”
Sat, 4/2 – 8 pm
725 Sip ST, 3rd Floor, Union City, NJ

*AWA NJ Undisputed Title Contender Match: Mo Sextyn vs. “Cold Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto vs. CJ O’Doyle vs. Bobby Vee
*”Untouchable” Neeno Capone vs. Pinkie Sanchez
*Chapuline Negro vs. Ozzie N.V. Ozzie
*”Disturbed” Damian Dragon vs. The Idol (w/ “Little PP” Peter Perry)
*Archadia vs. “Outlaw” Mike Donovan
*Also featuring AWA NJ Tag champions All Money is Legal

Tickets: $10

Triton Championship Wrestling
Sat, 4/2 – 8 pm
National Guard Armory, Kingsport, TN

*Brett Storm (w/ Rebecca Lynn) vs. Jeff Storm (w/ The Guardian)
*Chance Gibson (w/ Brittany Diamond) vs. Scotty Blaze
*Ace Carter/Sam Osborne vs. The Xtreme Outlaws
*Stallion (w/ Wicked Wanda) vs. Bruiser Graham
*Allen King (w/ Rebecca Lynn) vs. Tommy Ace
*Drake Tungsten vs. Hugh Johnson

AWA-Supreme Championship Wrestling
821 W. Main ST, Madison, IN
Sat, 4/2 – 7:30 pm

Tickets: $5

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling
National Guard Armory, Sutherland Ave, Knoxville, TN
Sat, 4/2