Amazing Race – Recap – Episode 5


Buenos Aires.

Rob and Amber will be the first to depart at 3AM.

Teams must fly to Johannesburg, South Africa and locate a car with their next clue.

Rob says he and Amber have had a guardian angel on their shoulder the entire time.

The brothers leave next. They’re hoping to see the other teams disintegrate.

Rob and Amber buy their tickets, with a stop in Sao Paolo.

Uchenna and Joyce leave next. They plan to trust their instincts more.

Ron and Kelly are next. Kelly says she and Ron are working out their issues.

Alex and Lynn leave next.

People begin to arrive at the airport. Uchenna and Joyce are told they have to check in their backpacks.

Ray and Deanna leave next. Lynn and Alex have bought the last tickets for the first flight so Ray and Deanna will have to catch a later flight.

The old couple leaves last.

Ray and Deanna get their tickets.

Everyone is able to make the flight. So we have a logger jam on the plane. Romber are disappointed because they had an 8-hour lead on people but had to wait for people.

Ray and Deanna work the stewardesses and are told they will get off first.

Everyone gets off the plane, with Ray and Deanna in the lead.

We have a Fast Forward. Fast Forward is crossing a 30-story bridge over a water cooler in Soweto. Ray and Deanna decide to go for the FF.

The other option is a Detour. Tunnels or Tribes. Either crawl through tunnels or deliver tribal artifacts.

Lynn and Alex are in first and decide to do the detour.

Romber are next and go for the FF.

Meredith and Gretchen are next, followed by Brian and Greg. They both go for the detour.

Uchyenne and Joyce are stuck waiting for baggage while Ron and Joyce take off.

At the airport, Uchenna and Joyce finally get their luggage.

They choose Tunnels and go get a map. They’re both looking forward to seeing Africa.

Romber and Ray and Deanna look for the tower. Romber find someone to follow. Ray and Deanna get there first, though.

Deanna’s nervous but Ray tells her not to worry.

Lynn and Alex are lost. They get directions and find the tribal center.

They guess right on the shield and give it to the Zulus.

Brian and Greg are lost trying to find the caves.

Ron and Kelly get directions also.

Romber make it to the towers but find someone has already beat them there. So they decide to wait and see if the other team can do it.

Ray makes it across and says it’s the scariest thing he’s ever done.

Ron and Kelly and Brian and Greg make it to the caves. They must go spelunking.

Ron and Kelly go first. Greg and Brian are behind them.

Back in Soweto, Deanna tries to cross while Romber wait. Rob tells Amber to make a decision to wait and see if Ray and Deanna make it or to head out. Meanwhile, Deanna is stuck in the middle of the bridge, too scared to move.

Deanna struggles with the bridge, but makes it across. Romber head out.

Rob is a bit discombobulated.

Ray and Deanna head out to the pit stop in Soweto. Ray tells Deanna he has more faith in her than she has in herself.

Lynn and Alex are still matching tribe to artifact.

Romber stop at a hospital to get directions, where they are recognized by the staff and get directions to the village.

Meredith and Gretchen nearly have a wreck driving to the caves. Uchenna and Joyce are lost.

Brian and Greg and Ron and Kelly are crawling through the caves.

Ron and Kelly find the exit to the caves only to get told the clue is still in the cave.

Brian and Greg find the clue. They must drive to Soweto. They must go to the market and get their next clue. They tell Ron and Kelly where to find the clue and head out.

Lynn and Alex are still working the tribes. They match all 5 items and get their clue.

Meredith and Gretchen find the caves next.

Uchenna and Joyce find the caves next.

Ray and Deanna make it to the pit stop first. They win two 2005 Toyota RAV-4’s. They say they decided to attack the race rather than each other.

Romber make it to the village and begin matching items to tribes.

Brian and Greg get directions to Soweto.

Ron and Kelly find their clue. It’s a roadblock.

ROADBLOCK. Search the marketplace and make 5 purchases for a local orphanage. Kelly goes for her and Ron.

In the caves, Meredith and Gretchen find the exit, while Uchenna and Joyce get claustrophobia.

Romber are still playing matching games. They match all 5 and get their clue. They head to Soweto in fifth place.

Brian and Greg make it to the marketplace and start shopping.

Meredith and Joyce find out that they have to go back into the cave, while Uchenna and Joyce find the clue and head out. Meredith and Gretchen go back into the cave, where Gretchen slips on some loose rocks and falls. Meredith screams for help from inside the cave.

Medical help arrives. Gretchen is pulling a 0.8 Muta. She tells Meredith to hurry up and find the clue.

Back at the marketplace, Kelly completes her purchases. They get their clue, which tells them to deliver them to the Orlando Children’s Home and get their next clue.

Greg finishes up their purchases as Lynn and Alex arrive. Lynn goes shopping.

Gretchen is helped out of the cave as Meredith finds their clue. Meredith is impressed with Gretchen’s spirit.

Romber arrive at the market. Amber goes shopping.

Ron and Kelly arrive at the orphanage and deliver their gifts. They get their clue and head to the pit stop, in Soweto where Nelson Mandela used to live.

Brian and Greg arrive as Ron and Kelly leave. They get their clue and tell the orphans not to do drugs before they leave.

Ron and Kelly arrive at the pit stop. They’re team number 2.

Lynn and Alex finish shopping. Amber is still shopping.

Brian and Greg make the pit stop as team number 3.

Lynn and Alex drop off the toys.

A fan sees Amber and helps her buy the gifts. They get the clue and take the fan with them to give them directions.

Uchenna and Joyce get to the market while Meredith and Gretchen get directions. Uchenna goes shopping.

Lynn and Alex are team number 4.

Romber drop off the gifts and head for the pit stop.

Uchenna and Joyce head to the orphanage.

Gretchen goes shopping.

Uchenna and Joyce drop off the gifts.

Meredith and Gretchen head for the orphanage.

Romber and fan finish in fifth.

Meredith and Gretchen make it to the orphanage.

Uchenna and Joyce are lost, but finally make the pit stop in sixth place. Joyce begins to cry thinking about the orphanage.

Meredith and Joyce make the pit stop. They’re in last place. But this was a non-elimination leg! As penalty, they have to give up all their cash and won’t get any cash next round. They also have to give up all their possessions except their passports and the clothes on their backs. They vow to go down fighting.

Ray and Deanna leave at 10:41 PM. They head to the Rhino and Lion preserve to feed lions.

Ron and Kelly leave second.

Ray and Deana arrive and sign up for the 8AM shuttle.

Brian and Greg leave third. Lynn and Alex are fourth.

Romber head out. They don’t expect any Xmas cards from their fellow competitors.

Ron and Kelly and Brian and Greg get the 8AM shuttle. Lynn and Alex sign up for the 9AM shuttle, as the 8AM is booked.

Uchenna and Joyce leave. Meredith and Gretchen leave next.

Uchenna and Joyce are lost. They arrive last.

Turns out Uchenna and Joyce gave Meredith and Gretchen some clothes. Everyone else gives them some cash but Ray and Deana.

R&D, R&K, and B&G head out (initials only from now on, and I should have done this an hour ago).

They feed the lions and head back. They get their next clue and have to fly to Botswana and find a giant aardvark.

The 9AM shuttle commences. Rob feels like he’s headed to Jurassic Park.

Ron and Kelly make the airport. They get tickets on the noon flight.

Brian and Greg arrive and get tickets on the same flight.

Ray and Deana make the airport and get the same flight.

The 9AM feeding is done and clues are dispensed.

Everyone follows L&A except for U&J, who realize they’re all going in the wrong direction and head the other way.

Uchenna and Joyce cruise into the airport and make the noon flight.

M&G and Romber get tickets to the 1:35 flight. L&A are lost in the South African hood.

Lynn and Alex decide to get someone to drive them to the airport. They follow them and make the 1:35 flight.

1PM, flight lands in Botswana. They all head to the train station to find out the train doesn’t leave until 9PM.

The second plane lands. L&A find a shuttle and pitch a hissy fit when Romber try to get on, so Romber bypass the shuttle. Boston Rahb says it’s now war.

They make it to the aardvark to find a roadblock.


Hit a moving target with a spear to get the next clue.

Meredith can’t find the bushmen they need for the task.

God, none of them can hit this.

Brian finally hits. They get their clue to drive to an isolated cattle station.

Ron hits. So does Alex.

Ron has driven through the desert in Humvees before and thinks they have an advantage.

Ray hits. Joyce hits. Meredith hits. Rob can’t hit a thing.

Rob finally hits and they head out, but beat Uchenna and Joyce to the SUV.

Romber pass M&G on the road. They pass R&D.

Brian and Greg are speeding down the dirt road and lose control. They roll their Land Rover and wreck it.

B&G’s cameraman is hurt. L&A stop to help. Romber keep driving.

DETOUR. Food or water. Either grind up corn or suck water out of the ground.

R&K grind corn.

L&A leave and call Romber pigs for not stopping.

Romber arrive in second place. Lynn and Alex are in third.

Romber gets water. L&A grind corn and tell L&A about Romber not stopping.

Ron and Kelly finish in first. They must drive to the next pit stop in a saltpan.

Romber finish in second and take off.

Ray and Deana show up, followed by U&J and M&G. Everyone’s grinding corn.

A replacement vehicle shows up for B&G. They say a prayer for their cameraman as they leave.

R&K are in first place, with Romber right behind them. Romber is catching up, but they drop their things and fall behind.

Ron and Kelly finish in first place. Romber finish in second. Phil asks them about the wreck, and they admit they didn’t stop.

The other teams are still grinding corn. Uchenna and Joyce finish and head out in third.

Lynn and Alex finish next and head out. Deana gets frustrated. Her grinding stick keeps hitting her in the face and she looks like she went a couple of rounds with Tyson.

Uchenna and Joyce make it in third place.

Brian and Greg make it to the Detour and choose water.

Lynn and Alex arrive in fourth. They martyr themselves by saying they would have finished in second if they hadn’t stopped to help the brothers.

M&G finish grinding and head out.

R&D can’t get on the same page. B&G are close to finishing.

Meredith and Gretchen finish in fifth place.

R&D finish and head out. B&G are right behind them.

It’s a footrace, but Brian and Greg finish in sixth place!

Ray and Deana are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the Amazing Race.

Ray says he’s not sure if he can be with someone not as competitive as him. Deana says Ray needs to realize they are two people and not one.

This was fun. A bit of editorializing about Lynn and Alex, though. Screw those two for getting on their high horses. If that had been Rob and Amber, no way in hell do they stop. It’s so convenient for them to claim they would have finished in second if they hadn’t stopped, but Uchenna and Joyce arrived at the Detour after them and beat them. Maybe if they spent more time trying to win and less time trying to screw over Romber, they’d be a bit more successful.

Make sure to catch Kevin next week in his regular spot!