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Well, everybody is talking about the alleged fight between Lil’ Flip and T.I. and this alleged incident has now been confirmed. T.I. appeared at Atlanta radio station 107.9 and admitted to the incident. The rapper explained, “He was walking behind the car and I’m walking up to him trying to beg him to come out from behind the car, so we can get a square deal going. He sent somebody from behind and they hit me in the back of the head, that did happen.” The confrontation occurred in Houston, where Flip is from. T.I. reportedly showed a video of the tape to the DJs at 107.9 to quell the notion that Flip himself beat the ATL-rep down. T.I. said that he didn’t sustain any serious injuries and Flip isn’t talking about the matter.


Following his path of putting out music that often goes against the popular grain, Prince Paul has released The Dix: The Art Of Picking Up Women. The album follows the path of a fictional soul collective that eventually self destruct due to various differences. A bonus DVD includes a faux documentary to accompany the Art Of Picking Up Women album.

The album and DVD also features the humorous work from DJ Mr. Len, Mr. Dead and Don Newkirk.

Prince Paul’s previous work include the albums: Politics of Business, A Prince Among Theives and Psychoanalysis :What is it? Paul has also worked with a host of other artists including De La Soul, Gravediggaz, Boogie Down Productions and MC Lyte.


Master P and his brother Silkk the Shocker have been formally charged with a felony gun possession. While the pair was in Los Angeles on Jan. 27, police allegedly found a pair of unregistered, loaded guns in a car that housed the pair. The men were pulled over, because their Chrysler 300 didn’t have license plates. The pair is expected to enter a plea of not guilty on Wednesday. Master P has proclaimed his innocence in the matter. “Black man with gun, white cop panic. I’m a businessman. If the cops stopped panicking for one minute, they would’ve realized that the guns were registered, and that is legal in America,” he stated. “What did they expect me to be carrying? A can of mace? It’s a different way of life for a person of color with money than it is for others with money.”


Speaking of those Miller Brothers…

C-Murder, Silkk and P’s brother, is going the fight of his life. The rapper was sentenced to life in jail after another hearing overturned a ruling for a new trial. In the meantime, C-Murder’s lawyer Ron Rakosky can only bring a pencil and pad to meeting with the rapper. Why? C-Murder managed to record parts of his new album while in jail. With pens being hollow, Sheriff Harry Lee feels that the rapper will try to pass lyrics or notes through the inside of a pen. Rakosky and C seek to appeal a judge’s ruling.


In other jailbird rapper news, a Brooklyn judge has frozen Shyne’s assets under a revised version of the “Son of Sam Law.” Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Michael Garson declared that all of Shyne’s money, assets and royalties be placed in escrow until several civil lawsuits are settled. After the rapper signed with Def Jam, victims from a 1999 club shooting began to lobby to freeze his money. The “Son of Sam” laws prevent criminals from profiting from their stories. The laws originated with David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz, a serial killer who stood to profit from selling the rights to his story. New York lawmakers enacted constraints to prevent him from getting income based on his crimes. Furthermore, should he have made money, it would be subject to going to the victims of his 70’s murder spree. The laws have been questioned because detractors feel they violate free speech under the First Amendment.

Credit: BET.com

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