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Hey Daron, you asked me to split the column again so I’ve got most of the mail still from the other week. I’m fitting all emails in as I get them. So you ready for this edition?

I am indeed. I also wanted to quickly say sorry to anyone whose question hasn’t been answered yet. Apparently, my threat to eat your babies worked a little too well and we just got swamped with emails. We will work them all in, so stick with us, and don’t be shy about sending more questions….

Adam emails

Hey Jim,

Love the column. I had stopped collecting comic books over 10 years ago, but since reading your column, I’m starting to get back into them. Even started following New Avengers!

Two things I was hoping you could update me on. My two favorite titles from back in the day were Guardians of the Galaxy and Quasar. I had every issue of both of those titles, start to finish. Can you let me know what (if anything) has happened with those characters. I heard rumors that Quasar may have died recently. I’d like to collect all of their appearances since the titles ended. I appreciate your help!

Quasar isn’t dead so no worries there. As I mentioned last week, he exiled himself from Earth for a time after absorbing Ego into the Quantum Bands. He’s also helped the Avengers a few times over the years.

The Guardians haven’t appeared much since their series ended actually.

Talowolf12 emails

Hey guys,

Even though I’m not really a Marvel guy I enjoy your column because I can at least act like I know what I’m talking about when discussion moves from DC to Marvel.

Anywhoo, this is more of an opinion question but what do you guys think of the title “House of M” that Bendis is using. For the first couple of weeks every time I heard or read that title I kept thinking about the Disney Channel’s “House of Mouse” with Mickey and co. Very awkward when talking to diehard fans in the comic shop. Know any other awkward or offputting titles you can think of?

Hmmmmmm, not sure what you mean by that but there are likely a few of them. Maybe something like:

Fatal attractions
X-Tinction Agenda

You know, you pose an interesting question, and one I’m sure I have some ideas on, but for whatever reason, no “awkward” titles are coming to mind. Must be the early morning. If I think of any, I’ll add them in later… – Daron

Also for the sake of trying to learn something…I remember in the X-men cartoon on FOX Northstar had a sister called Aurora I think. Did she also die in the comics or was she made up for the show?

Aurora is in comics and part of Alpha Flight. She’s alive and part of Weapon X now.

John-Paul emails

I’ve just got back into comics about 2 years ago and I have a couple of questions. One exactly what is Apocalypse, is he a mutant and where did he come from.

Apocalypse is External. Born 5000 years ago in Egypt, Apocalypse was one of the oldest mutants in the world, an immortal who saw almost the whole of human history unfold.

The best thing to read on Apocalypse past is the Rise of Apocalypse limited series.

And just in case you didn’t catch that…he is in fact a mutant. He’s also a mutant that is immortal… – Daron

2nd what is the story with Illyana Rasputan last I remember she was Colossus’ little sister, but I can’t recall anything else.

Ok Illyana is Colossus sister who was taken to a realm of Limbo and returned as a teenager. She joined the New Mutants for a time as Magik, and was with them until the Inferno story arc. Illyana was infected with Legacy Virus and died later.

Brain emails

is there any ongoing tally of who has died the most times in the marvel U? Watching thses flash cartoons got me thinking here and href=”″>here

Actually I’ve never seen a tally. Hell someone should keep one. Just for sport.

Any idea of the exact # of times Magneto has died?

I’ll say he’s died at least 3-5 times .

and who would be making up the top ten most deaths? Apocolypse might be up there, and Multiple man (maybe?)

In no order

1. Adam Warlock
2. Magneto
3. Air-Walker
4. Apocalypse
5. Balder the Brave
6. Cameron Hodge
7. Jean Grey/Phoenix
8. Doctor Doom
9. Grim Reaper
10. Leader

also who in the marvel U would have the 2nd most convoluted history?

the Summers Family tree gives me a headache but who comes second? in DC there is hawkman, Powergirl, Donna Troy.

Hmmmm convoluted past? Well there’s always Mystique’s family.

This family line includes Margali, Amanda Sefton, Nightcrawler, Abyss, Rogue, Destiny, and Graydon Creed among many others.

speaking of goign back to the status quo, think of how many changes happen to the x-men during grant morrison run (secondary mutation, death of magneto, mutant drug use, emma frost dead, U-men ect.) are any of these changes/ideas used at all anymore or is it set back already? I havent read any x-men since

Well Beast is still looking like a lion. We have a different Xorn, most of the other changes are not seen really though. Austin’s changes were also nullified.

But realistically, are “changes” in the X world ever really permanent? It’s very rare to see ANY change actually stick around for more than a year. – Daron

Swoop emails

Just out of curiosity who are the most skilled hand-to-hand fighters in the X-men comics, past or present? I always thought that Wolverine had martial skills, if he does why does always resort to bar room brawling tactics?


I think you need to add Mr. Archangel to that list. Anyone remember when he went toe-to-toe with Logan back in X-Tinction Agenda? – Daron

Since questions were needed so desperately, who is your least favorite x-character of all time?

Can I say I ever really liked Longshot.

I would have thought my list from last week would have sufficiently answered this question, but if I had to pick just one…I’d have to go with Gambit. – Daron

Moonknight25 emails

Hey bro I have a few questions/requests.

Why did the X-force book turn into X-statix?

Rob Liefield at the time held the rights to the name X-Force and some of the characters. So Marvel had Morrison take over the title and create the X-Statix. X-Statix is over now and X-Force is on the stands with Liefield as the artist.

I believe the writer you meant was Peter Milligan. Morrison had nothing to do with X-Force… – Daron

I just read Kevin Smiths Daredevil TPB, why the hell did they have Mysterio of all people almost ruin DD’s life?

They wanted to make Mysterio a little tougher so they let him do it. It’s either that or Kevin liked Mysterio and wanted to use him and get away from the Kingpin for a little while.

What is the deal with X-treme Xmen and New X-men? What place in contunity do this titles have in X-men history?

New X-Men is X-Men just with New in the title for time. (issues 114-156 The Morrison run it’s in continuity as of they happen in current 616 Universe at the time)

X-Treme X-Men was a way to give Chris Clarmount a new title and let him take a team out of the mansion. This is in continuity of the years it came out the same way as New X-Men.

The current New X-Men title is continuity as well. It’s the younger students at the school.

Of course saying that any of these are “in continuity” is an oxymoron. Until very recently, Marvel was VERY vocal about their lack of continuity and the fact that they didn’t care. As Jim said, all of these books are “in continuity,” but only as much as anything else in Marvel. – Daron

LOL, I forgot you just write marvel stuff, pass those green lantern requests over to the dcu column please. Unless you want to answer them. Can you do a history lesson on Silver Surfer and Thanos like you did for Spidey. I would also love a deadpool one J

Already sent. All right, let’s see if 20 years of Surfer and Thanos will be easy to do…

Silver Surfer

1986 Surfer actually didn’t have a title until 87 and appeared in Secret Wars II crossover and limited series to help deal with the Beyonder and the Molecule Man.

1987 Surfer finally gained his freedom from being trapped on Earth. He also gained his freedom from Galactus. He returned to Zenn-La and Shalla Bal but decides he can’t be with her. Surfer starts battling with the Elders of the Universe as well. He also starts a relationship with Mantis. He also helped the Avengers against the Grandmaster.

1988 Surfer has to get involved in a second Kree Skrull war, face off with the Elders. He has to battle the Supreme Intelligence as well. Elders vs. Galactus is the main battle. Galactus wins and Surfer starts going on little missions with Nova. He battled Ronan and a clone of himself. He also teamed up Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. He then went on to battle Inbetweener before Galactus did.

1989 Surfer battles such foes as Firelord, Super Skrull, Reptyl, Obliterator, Ego, the Stranger, Midnight Sun, plus the end of the second Kree/Skrull War as well. Surfer also goes to Earth to help Mantis and The FF

1990 Surfer must battle the Impossible Man plus here’s where we involve the other name mentioned above. Thanos. He comes back from the dead as Jim Starlin takes over the writing. It’s Surfer vs. Thanos. Surfer meets some old timers along the way for help (Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock). He even warns the Avengers and Titan. With Drax making his return. Surfer kills Gealtar infact thinking it’s Thanos. Surfer even teams up with DD to battle Mephisto. He also went to Dynamo City.

1991 It’s Thanos return and Surfer is at the center stage for the beginning of the Infinity Gauntlet crossover. Surfer battles Thanos and is defeated by him and the gauntlet. Even with the help of Warlock and Drax he can’t defeat him. It took for the actual event to start and Warlock and Earth’s heroes to defeat Thanos. Afterwards Surfer fought Midnight Sun. Plus helped the New Warriors fight Terrax. Also helped battle Mephisto in Thor.

1992: Surfer had to face such threats as the Collection Agency, Cap.’n Reptyl, Love/Hate, and teaming up with Captain Marvel, Also The Infinity War started and impacted Surfer. Surfer worked with Galactus and Marvel’s heroes to fight Magus and his doppelgangers. Then we started the Herald Ordeal. Galactus creates a new herald: Morg. It takes the combined forces of Terrex, Surfer, Nova, Firelord and Airwalker to take him down. Nova is killed and Air-Walker is damaged in the fight. Oh and the Defenders reunited in the Annuals.

1993 Surfer teams up with Jack of Hearts, faces Nebula, Captain Atlas, Dr. Minerva, Morg, Terrax, Ganymede, and Tyrant before Infinity Crusade. He joins Goddess’s side at first but switches over to the hero side not to long after. Then Blood and Thunder. Thor goes mad and it takes Surfer, Thanos, and The Infinity Watch to take him down and get him help. Oh and he joined the Secret Defenders under Doctor Strange for a mission

1994 Ending of Blood and Thunder. He again joined Doctor Strange’s Secret Defenders, He faces off with Bounty, meets Captain Marvels’ son, Helps Hulk and Pantheon face Trauma. Goes to Rick Jones wedding in Hulk while he returns to Earth and visiting the FF. Then he faces Mephisto who tried to get Surfer to join him.

1995 After his battle with Mephisto. he teams up with Green Lanturn. Then fights him in Marvel vs. DC. Beast him to. Found out his brother was with Shalla-Bel, fought Galactus again. Fought Rune, Doom (who took his powers), He gained his powers back then he had to help Galactus defeat Tyrant who tried to destroy Galactus.

1996: Surfer entered the void, got ripped apart and his powers where given to warriors to fight a threat in the void. He had to be reformed to destroy the being. He then faced the Uni-lord. Captain Marvel’s son faced Surfer again. He even helped the X-Men. Before another return to Earth.

1997: While on Earth he met Namorita, fought Hulk, teamed with Strange, started a relationship with Alicea Masters and fought Puppet Master, meet DD and Spidey. Even traveled to the past. Faced some weird aliens.

1998 Battled Agatha Hakness, Mephisto, helped the Thing, reunited with Gargoyle, fought Carnage with Spidey, Mergence saga started (this saga ended the series mostly) Tenebrae is the main foe in the saga. He also faced the Psycho Man

1999: Surfer’s series ended and Galactus had his own limited series. Surfer alone with Earth’s heroes decided to put a halt to Galactus hunger. They destroy his ship and Galactus dies. He warns the heroes of a bigger threat as Surfer leaves the Earth.

2000: During a battle between Super Skrull and Captain Marvel’s son Surfer comes to Earth. He has to help also stop the earth from going into another universe and battle the Supreme Intelligence. Surfer then later came back to Earth to help defend it against Ego the Living Planet.

2001: Here we go again. Well in a way. Surfer joins the Defenders again. This time they are merged by accident and forced to join together no matter what by Yandroth. They battled such threats as Pluto, Lorelei, Attuma, The Headsmen, Bi-Beast, Red Raven, Orrgo, and teamed with Black Panther

2002: the Defenders become the Order when Gaea decides not to lift the curse. Strange, Surfer, Hulk and Namor go villain and have to be taken down by the rest of Earth’s heroes and they separate.

2003-2004: Surfer got yet another series Starting with a story arc Communion and then moving to Revelation. Surfer basically is watching the earth as a mysterious alien the full series.

Ok I’m going to hold off the Thanos and Deadpool ones for now. I’ve got a ton more emails to cover. I’ll try to get them both in Next week if I have room.

Hey I just got thru reading Daredevil “Hardcore” and it was incredible! Can you give me a history of DD. Especially after the events of this arc to the present šŸ™‚

Well that’s another one for the list. I’m going to hold off DD for another week too. Watch for the end of the article for the scedule

Just a note:

Alright that’s it this week. I know we have a ton of emails from the other week still being with held. I was hoping to do a two-parter but I was asked to hold them off. Keep sending the emails though. I’m putting them in as I get them. Sorry if your waiting to hear your answers.

Now let’s do a sign off here. Daron you decide who goes first since you’re the editor.
I am the editor aren’t I? I LOVE POWER! *Cough* Sorry about that.

As I said above, and Jim just mentioned, we will get to all emails, sorry for the delay, but please don’t stop sending those questions in…I’d hate to have to make good on my threats later…

My sign off Notes

1. question of the week: With Waid and Wieringo ending their historic run on the Fantastic Four with issue 524, we want to know… Which is your favorite storyline.

2. Check out the new Fantastic Four Trailer at

FF the Movie

To find the trailer you have to get past the intro and hit F4.

I think that’s it for this week, so reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Please keep the emails coming and have a great week. See you at the Comic shop.

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