JLA Classified #5 Review


Reviewed by: Mathan “Damn Identity Crisis!” Erhardt
Story Title: Yadda Yadda Yadda Yadda

Written by: J.M. DeMatteis & Keith Giffen
Penciled by: Kevin Maguire
Inked by: Joe Rubinstein
Lettered by: Bob Lappan
Colored by: David Baron
Editor: Mike Carlin
Publisher: DC Comics

The issue begins with L-Ron and Guy Gardner discussion, among other things Guy’s current business venture. L-Ron then goes and explains to Max and Sue (R.I.P.) about their new neighbor. Of course hilarity ensues.

We then find Ralph, Bea, Mary and guest star Billy Batson as they painting walls. Bea and Billy get into an argument over who is influencing Mary and whether hanging out with the Superbuddies, that results in Mary feeling alienated. She then goes and takes her aggression out on Guy.

Then we find Booster and Beetle bonding while waiting for Power Girl at the JSA mansion. Kara arrives, as does comedy. Meanwhile Sue provides a shoulder for Mary to cry on. Guy walks in and surprises everyone by…apologizing for his actions.

Back at the JSA mansion Beetle and Booster try to recruit Kara to the Super Buddies. Booster wanders off, and Kara tells Beetle how much he’s matured. Booster wanders into Dr. Fate’s room in the mansion and inadvertently banishes the Super Buddies to hell. To be continued.

Giffen and DeMatteis are hilarious. They have made me miss characters that I’ve not cared about in over a decade. This is like a sitcom with superheroes, only actually funny. It’s also rather human. The moments between Mary and Sue were poignant. The story actually takes a backseat to the characters, and it’s refreshing for once.

Maguire and Rubinstein have managed to perfect visual comedy, on the page. The poses and facial expressions are done in just a way to capture the comedy in every panel. The story also progresses through their masterful way of storytelling. This book has a classic look.