Survivor: Palau – Recap – Episode 7

Ulong – Day 16.

Steph talks about the disparity between tribe numbers as she tries to cheer up Bobby Jon and Ibrehim.

Steph’s embarrassed by their performance, but knows she did the best she’s done.

Ibrehim says with only 3 people, it doesn’t feel like a real tribe, just a few friends. But he thinks in a weird way it will work out.

Steph believes she and Bobby Jon have a strong alliance.

Koror – Day 16.

Tom’s doing crunches to everyone’s amazement and amusement.

Ian brings in a huge clam. It probably weighs about 50 pounds.

There was about 7 pounds of meat. They’re eating and the clam left by the shore attracts sharks. Ian and Tom go hunting.

Ian cuts his foot open on a nail from the boat. While he tends his wound, Tom comes back with a shark he killed that got too close to shore.

Ian laughs at being upstaged by Tom.

Tom knows the cat’s out of the bag about how strong a player he is.

Coby says the moment Tom caught the shark it made it more difficult to vote him out.

Koror – Day 17.

Tree mail.

They have to build a signal that can be seen from the air. Winner gets a load of supplies.

Ulong decide to burn their shelter. They dismantle it and spell ULONG.

Bobby Jon says Koror is full of smart people, and he’ll see if hard work can beat smarts.

Koror decides that Gregg, Katie, and Caryn will build the signal.

They are short of open area, so they move down the beach.

Tom says he wants to help but all he can do is watch, which he hates doing.

They use bamboo and coconut to spell Koror, and are lighting two fires to highlight it.

JP and another guy fly over the camps to see who has the better signal.

They fly over Ulong and Bobby Jon goes nuts trying to draw their attention.

The dropmaster says it’s a bit too far off the shore, but it’s big and a good job for 3 people.

They fly over Koror and they can’t get the fire lit.

The jumpmaster likes how the signal was big and set on shore for easy viewing.

They drop the supplies off for Koror. Koror wins!

Coby notes that brains over brawn wins again.

They get 3 bottles of red wine, some MREs, and fishing supplies.

Caryn says Koror is like a well-oiled machine.

Gregg wonders how Ulong can maintain with only three people.

Back at Ulong, the plane flies by but drops nothing.

Bobby Jon says they worked hard, but Koror probably worked smarter.

Koror – Day 17

Everyone’s lazing around camp.

Coby says that the Gregg/Jenn thing draws attention, but he doesn’t care.

Gregg says he can’t have a decent conversation with Jenn because he’s paranoid that everyone thinks they’re scheming.

Jenn thinks Gregg’s being a bit standoffish. She says he’s very focused on the game, but there is still a romantic connection between them.

Tom is concerned with Gregg and Jenn being so tight. He thinks it’s a potential monkey wrench.

Ulong – Day 18.

They go fishing. Bobby Jon finds a big clam and a nice-sized fish.

Ibrehim says between the clam and fish and coconut, they got pretty well-fed.

Tree mail. They get a box puzzle of a star.


JP: “And then there were three.”

Koror relates the tale of Tom catching a fish. Tom brags about how full they got off the shark.

Challenge: large-size version of the box puzzle in the water. One person calls, the other two move the pieces. First team to finish the puzzle wins. Bobby Jon calls for Ulong, Coby calls for Koror, while Janu and Jenn move the pieces.

Koror gets out to a quick lead, while Bobby Jon struggles with the puzzle layout. Steph switches with Bobby Jon and calls. She tries to get them caught up, but Koror is way ahead. Koror completes the puzzle and wins immunity!

Ulong heads back to camp.

Ibrehim says this has to be a record for futility.

Bobby Jon says it’s a tough choice between Steph and Ibrehim.

Bobby Jon and Ibrehim go fishing.

Bobby Jon thinks Ibrehim will take it like a man, while Steph will get upset.

Steph thinks she may be gone, considering Bobby Jon and Ibrehim are both from Alabama.

Steph tries to talk to Bobby Jon, but Bobby Jon says he really doesn’t want to talk.

Steph thinks she’s gone, and she’s pissed.

Steph tries to talk Ibrehim into voting for Bobby Jon. Ibrehim tells her he has no idea what he’ll do.


Bobby Jon says they all decided for him to be the spotter, and he screwed it up.

Steph says losing so many times is frustrating.

Bobby Jon says he has no idea what’s causing all the losing, and that the three of them have become tight. He says he has no idea who he’s going to vote for until he writes it down. The only thing he can vote for is the bigger threat.

Ibrehim says his loyalty should keep him around.

Steph says her vote is based entirely on strategy, and she’s 90% worried.

Bobby Jon says he’s just as vulnerable as the others, and there’s no reason he should stay over them.

Time to vote. Steph votes first. Ibrehim. Bobby Jon. JP tallies the votes. First vote, Ibrehim. Stephanie. 8th person voted out of Survivor: Ibrehim. He hugs Steph and Bobby Jon. Tribe has spoken, my brother from another mother.

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