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Welcome everyone to IPs Live Impact! Coverage. I am Jeremy Lambert and starting today I will be bringing you the coverage every friday. So for those who can’t find the station fear not as I will update you as it happens.

-TNA Opening Video followed by a video recapping the 6 Sides Of Steel Main Event match between JJ/Monty/Outlaw against Nash/DDP/Waltman. Recaps the challenge, the answer, and the attack.

-Now we go to stage 21 in Orlando. This week: a Monty Brown interview plus a X Division shoot out match. The winner of the shoot out will get a shot at Daniels at Lockdown. AJ Styles vs Abyss is announced for Lockdown. It will be the other 6 Sides Of Steel Match. On cue, AJ Styles comes out. AJ joins Tenay and West on commentary
The winner of Styles/Abyss will receive a World Title Shot

Abyss vs Cassidy Riley
Quickness by Riley to start. Headbutt by Abyss followed by punches. Riley fires off chops. Clothesline by Abyss. Corner clothesline by Abyss. Torture rack drop (shock treatment) by Abyss. Black hole slam by Abyss and that will quickly end this match
Winner – Abyss

-After the match Abyss goes under the ring and grabs his bag of tacks. Jeff Hardy comes out and hits the twist of fate on Abyss. Out comes Raven and they double team Abyss. AJ leaves the announce table and hits a springboard elbow on Abyss. Faces clean house


-We are back and the announce that the main event is Skipper vs Shane (yes, they said Michael Shane), Petey, and Sabin. A video is played recapping the history of Triple X. The show highlights of, the first cage match vs AMW, Turning Point 6 Sides Of Steel vs AMW, Sigles highlights of each, and Destination X Ultimate X highlights. They really gave the outcome of the shoot out match as the said “At Lockdown it will be Primtetime against Daniels” Good video, bad voice over

-Back with a Tenay and Monty Brown sit down interview. Monty is still a stand up guy and he will be more honest. He and JJ have mutual respect. Monty will do what he wants, because he can. Lockdown will be survival and pain. Nash, DDP, and Waltman will all feel a lot of pain. LMAO “Outlaw, The Alpha Male, and Jarrett at Lockdown, will be like Pee-Wee Herman in the movie theater, we will hold our own”


-Back with another video package. This one shows the history of the 6 people in the main event at Lockdown. Against All Odds highlights followed by Destination X highlights. Challenge highlights. Last weeks highlights.


Chris Sabin vs Elix Skipper vs Petey Williams vs Michael Shane
Daniels is on commentary for this one. Skipper and Sabin start. Arm lock by Elix. Headlock by Sabin. Arm drag by Sabin arm drag by Elix rollup by Elix for 2. Elix tags Shane, Sabin tags Petey. Headlock by Shane. Arm drag by Petey followed by chops by each men. Clothesline by Petey. Snap mare followed by a stomp by Shane. Shane goes up top and Petey puts him in the tree of woe then stands on Shanes downstairs. Petey tags in Elix, Elix clotheslines Shane and they both go to the outside. Petey hits a hurricanrana on Elix onto the floor. Sabin this a springboard moonsault onto all 3 men


-Back to the action, Sabin and Petey are in. Punches by Sabin, back elbow by Petey. Move of the week is shown. Petey goes for the Destroyer by Shane superkicks Petey.
Sabin rolls through and gets the 3 count. Petey is eliminated. Shane is now in. Sabin crotches Shane on the ropes and tags in Skipper. Skipper walks the top rope and hits a hurricanrana. Elix covers and Shane kicks out. Skipper yacks at Daniels and Shane knocks Elix to the floor. Shane whips Elix into the rail. Back in the ring Shane hits a over head throw and covers for 2. Shane chokes Elix using the rope. Elix fights back but Shane stops that with a kick. Suplex by Shane. Shane goes to the middle rope and hits a elbow drop for 2. Chinlock by Shane. Skipper elbows out. Elix puts Shane in a sleep hold. Double cross body block by both. Both men try to tag out. Shane goes for a superkick but its caught. Elix goes for the Play Of The Day but Shane slips out. Shane goes for a piledriver but Elix turns it into the a modified Vertabreaker. Sabin hits a missle dropkick


-Back to the X Division Shoot Out. Sabin has Elix in a head scissors. Elix rolls over and has Sabin in a headlock. Atomic drop by Sabin. Sabin covers for 2. Powerslam by Sabin followed by a flipping senton splash for two. Chinlock by Sabin. Spin kick by Skipper. Clothesline by Sabin. Cover for 2 by Sabin. Chinlock by Sabin. Elix shoves off a tornado DDT but Sabin kicks Elix in the gut and still hits a tornado DDT. Cover for 2. Spinebuster by Skipper and a cover for 2. Shining wizard by Sabin followed by a running powerbomb on Elix. Sabin covers but only for 2. Sabin sets Elix up on the top rope. Skipper shoves Sabin off then it’s a middle rope spin kick on Sabin. Skipper covers but only a 2 count. Sabin tries the cradle shock but Elix counters. Skipper hits the modified vertabreaker (sudden death) on Sabin for the win
Winner — Elix Skipper

-Show Over

That’s all for these week, join me next week for more Live Impact! coverage