The Amazing Race – Recap – Episode 5

First off I’d like to thank Michaelangelo for covering for me on Tuesday. A few “real world” things managed to get in the way of my writing a live recap, and Michaelangelo graciously agreed to fill in for this two hour episode.

Pre-episode predictions:
Leg A: Ray and Deana finish last, but it’s non-elimination. Bros use the Fast Forward
Leg B: Meredith and Gretchen get the boot.

What will happen? Find out… on the Amazing Race

Standings after 4 legs:
1 – Rob (2) and Amber (1) aka Romber
2 – Brian (2) and Greg (1) aka the Dudes
3 – Uchenna (1) and Joyce (2) aka
4 – Ron (2) and Kelly (1) aka Booooring
5 – Lynn (1) and Alex (2) aka The Romber Fan Club
6 – Ray (1) and Deana (2)
7 – Meredith (2) and Gretchen (1)
x8 – Susan (1) and Patrick (2) – Leg 4
x9 – Debbie (1) and Bianca (1) – Leg 3
x10 – Heidi and Megan – Leg 2
x11 – Ryan and Chuck – Leg 1

Romber, 3am. They must fly 5000 miles to Johannesburg, RSA. Rob talks about guardian angels and how they’ve been looking after the team so far.

The Dudes, 3:38am. They note that they’re the only non-couple left. I kinda hope not.

Romber get tickets through Sao Paolo, arriving in Johannesburg at 6:55am. The Dudes take the same flight.

Uchenna and Joyce, 5:49am. Wow, some serious separation. They read that they’re going to South Africa. And they’re really pissed about it. No, not really. They’re ecstatic.

Ron and Kelly, 6:05am. They debate going to a travel agent, but decide to go straight to the airport.

Lynn and Alex, 6:11am. They’re having the time of their lives. When they’re not bitching about Rob and Amber. You may have heard that they hate them. Patrick apparently does as well, and he has plenty of time to whine about it in Sequesterville.

Uchenna and Joyce and Ron and Kelly check in on the Sao Paolo connecting flight, as do Lynn and Alex.

Ray and Deana, 9:30 am. Ray is not a fan of being in the back of the pack.

Meredith and Gretchen, 9:35am. Also not bottom of the barrel fans.

Ray really works the ticket desk, and gets on the flight. Not to mention an upgrade to first class (which I recommend that everyone try getting on jumbo jet flights. It’s a whole different world). Meredith and Gretchen do as well. Rob notes that they’re naturally disappointed.

On the flight, Ray works to be the first team out. It works out for him, and gets the first car. It’s a Fast Forward!! Teams must travel to the Orlando Cooling Station, where they must cross a narrow bridge over a plant tower to claim the FF.

Lynn and Alex make note of the Fast Forward, and read the Detour – Tunnels or Tribes.

In Tunnels teams travel to underground caves, and search the labyrinth inside for a clue. In Tribes teams must travel to a cultural village and deliver a traditional item to 5 different tribes. However, there are 6 different items, and they must guess correctly to get credit.

Lynn and Alex decide to do Tribes. Ray and Deana decide to go for the FF.

Romber get to the cars, and decide to do the Fast Forward. Gretchen and Meredith can’t decide what to do (what a shock). The Dudes do the Tunnels. Ron and Kelly decide on tunnels. Meanwhile, Uchenna and Joyce are still waiting for their bags, because they and Ron and Kelly had to check their bags.

After the ad break, the wannabe parents FINALLY get their bags. They go to the bookstore to get a map to the caves. Romber are still looking for the cooling plant. They’re lost, and are hoping that others don’t find the plant. Meanwhile, Ray and Deana reach the plant, and start the Fast Forward. Ray goes first, and slowly, slowly inches along.

Lynn and Alex reach the cultural village, and start the Detour. They complete their first one – a Zulu shield.

The Dudes and Ron and Kelly are still looking for caves. Uchenna and Joyce are also lost. Romber reach the FF, and notice that someone is already up there. Still, they take a number, and decide to wait to see if the team can’t finish. Ray does, however, and now it’s Deana’s turn.

Ron and Kelly reach the caves, and the brothers arrive soon after. Both teams descend and start searching.

Deana is slowly inching across. Down below, Rob is asking Amber to make the decision whether to wait or not. Make your own joke there. Meanwhile, Deana finishes, and the team claims the Fast Forward. They head to the Sweto Overlook, just down the road from where Nelson Mandela lived. Rob and Amber head for a Detour.

Lynn and Alex seem to be doing well with the Tribes, even if the Tribesmen like playing mindgames. It’s pretty funny, actually.

Romber stop in a hospital to get directions to the cultural village, and are recognized. After some hugging and such, they get directions. Meanwhile, Meredith and Gretchen (remember them?) get directions to the caves. Meredith almost gets into an accident. Uchenna and Joyce get directions as well.

Ron and Kelly go out, realize that they don’t have the clue, and go back in. Lynn and Alex are still plugging away. The Dudes find their clue, and discover that they have to travel to Sweto. Ron and Kelly find a clue as well. Lynn and Alex finish the Detour, and head out.

The grandparents reach the caves, and go in. Uchenna and Joyce reach the caves as well.

Ray and Deana reach the Pit Stop – they are team number one!! They win a 2005 Toyota Rav4. Each. Nice.

Romber reach the cultural village. They use some reasoning to determine how to do the task. The Dudes and Ron/Kelly are trying to find the clue box in Sweto. Ron and Kelly arrive first. It’s a Roadblock!!

Teams must search a market for 5 items. Kelly does it.

In the caves, Meredith and Gretchen find the arrows to the clue, and leave. Uchenna and Joyce may be lost. Romber blow through the detour, and head to the Roadblock.

Lynn and Alex get directions. The Dudes arrive, and Greg does it. I think. I still can’t tell them apart.

Meredith and Gretchen realize that they need to get a clue. Meanwhile, Uchenna and Joyce find one, and leave. In the caves, Gretchen falls, and it looks like she can’t get up (Come on, you knew that was coming). Meredith calls for help, and here it comes. Gretchen has a nice looking gash there, and needs some stitches. And then she complains about having to do a Roadblock later. Good focus. Bad with the shrill complaining.

Kelly completes the Roadblock, and is instructed to drop off the items at the orphanage to get their next clue. Lynn and Alex reach the roadblock, and Lynn does it. Meredith finds the clue, and they grandparents head out.

Romber reach the Roadblock, and Amber does it. Ron and Kelly reach the orphanage, to resounding cheers. They get their clue, and are told to go to the Pit Stop. They need to find the street first, though. The Dudes reach the orphanage, and it looks like they’re right at home among the kids. They head out to the Pit Stop.

Ron and Kelly are team number two.

Lynn finishes the task, and the team goes to the orphanage. Amber seems to have trouble shopping. That’s gotta be a first.

The Dudes are team number three.

Lynn and Alex get to the orphanage. Amber finds yet another Survivor fan, who helps her out. She completes the task, and the fan screams for Boston Rob.

Lynn and Alex are team number four.

Uchenna and Joyce reach the market. Uchenna does it.

Amber, Rob, and the fan reach the orphanage. Uchenna finishes the task. Gretchen does the Roadblock, head bandage and all. Uchenna and Joyce drop off the items, and head to the Pit Stop. Joyce is very touched by the kids. Gretchen finishes, and the team heads to the orphanage.

Rob, Amber and friend are team number five.

Uchenna and Joyce are team number six.

Meredith and Gretchen are the last team to arrive. But, it’s a non-elimination, and so Phil robs them of their money. You think he goes drinking with that. And… there’s a new penalty – Phil takes ALL their bags and possessions, except for their passports and the clothes on their backs!! Man, that’s harsh.

Look for Part 2/ Leg/Episode 6 over the weekend. See you then!!

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