24 – Recap – 10:00PM – 11:00PM

It is Monday and you know what that means…. 24 time and weird and wacky times with Murtz Jaffer, Matt Romanada and Russ Montgomery.

It looks like Air Force One is in grave danger with the rogue Air Force pilot will use the Stealth plane to take out the President.

I have heard a lot of buzz about this week’s episode. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype.

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Murtz: Here we go, let the games begin!

We get another instalment of Previously on:

Marwan tells Jack how they have succeded, listing the deaths so far today.

Romo: You could have done so much better Marwan.

Murtz: Will this episode live up to the hype?

Michelle blah blah blahs”¦

Murtz: I think not. The only way this episode will

Almeida tells the President about how they are working on trying to find Marwan. The President tells Tony he is going to land soon. Tony tells him that he is safer in the air. The Prez has been in the air for 20 hours.

Murtz and Romo: HAHAHAHA!!

Michelle tells the Prez he should do his press conference from Air Force One.

Murtz: He is dead!!!

Bauer is talking to CTU about getting a strike force to go after Marwan. He asks about Paul, Chloe tells him he is out of surgery. He asks to talk to Audrey. Audrey tells Jack that Paul should make it. He tells her he knows they have to talk about how he tortured Paul.

Russ enters. Better late than never.

Russ: I have heard this episode is the most graphic ever.

Marwan tells the girl who killed the pilot to find a hard drive which is vitally important to their future plans and CTU cannot find it.

Anderson is in the Stealth and is talking to control. He gets on a cell phone with Marwan. He tells him Aziz has hidden a hard drive at his apartment. Anderson is not sure where it is.

Marwan notices a spark. He is suspicious and he turns on some system.

Jack tells his team they have a green light.

CTU rolls out. They have the Humvees going in fast. They blow the doors and the Humvee bursts through.

Jack and CTU guys enter and start to shoot everyone.

Brown Edgar is still trying to work on the computer.

Jack knifes some guy.

CTU listen on the radio reports.

Jack moves down a corridor and almost gets shot.

Russ: That is 9 guys Bauer has killed.

Brown Edgar is holding the fort down “¦oh he is shot.

Jack checks the bodies but Marwan is not any of the dead.

Jack is pissed the computer is deleting itself.


Marwan has seemingly set the building to blow.

Jack orders the men out. An explosion goes off. It blew up all the computers.

Jack looks over and Brown Edgar is still alive. Jack calls for medics.

Russ: I want him to live so I can torture him.

Brown Edgar says they can’t stop what will happen within the hour. Jack asks what is gonna happen. Before he can answer Brown Edgar dies.


Break time

Murtz: An exciting start to another episode of 24 at the Jesto’s Lair


The doctor calls over Audrey he tells her that Paul is stable but he is paralyzed from the waist down. He is not sure if it is permanent or not. It may take weeks or months to tell foresure. He says he is not optimistic. The doctor says that Paul needs emotional support”¦

Audrey goes to see Paul.

Russ: He will become the young Dr. Xavier.


Paul tells Audrey that he is gonna walk.

Russ: this is a little dry.

Murtz: Mmm..Hmm.

Audrey tells Paul he is very brave. She kisses his hand.

Murtz: Oooooh”¦what a slut!

Almeida tells Michelle they have widened the search parameters.

Division guy Bill is pissed that Marwan has gotten away.

Jack calls CTU that they have managed to get some info about names and faces of people tied to Marwan.

Edgar is working on the facial recognition software.

Bill comes over to Michelle and apologizes.

Romo: They are together.

He puts his arm around her.

Almeida see it.


Almeida goes over to Chloe and asks how long Bill has been at Division, 6 months she tells him. He was in Seattle with Michelle before that.

Romo: Almeida is gonna FUCK HIM UP!!

The FBI person arrives at Anderson’s place. The whore is still there. FBI girl enters the apartment after no one answers the door.

She is shot in the back by the whore. The FBI girl gets a call on her cell. The whore answers and pretends she is the FBI girl. It’s Jack on the phone. The girl asks Jack why CTU is looking for Anderson. He tells her that he will tell her everything when he gets there.


Break time.


A van drives down a dark alley. It picks up Marwan. Marwan calls someone he tells him there is a slight delay but Anderson is on schedule.

On Air Force One the President is upset at how his speech is written. He says that this is one of the most traumatic days ever and he wants the speech to reflect that.

The guy talking to the Prez used to work for President Palmer.

The prez’s son comes in they talk. He asks him for his help on their speech. He says his son represents the best this country has to offer.

Romo: Aww”¦.

His son tells him that he wants to hear the truth.

The President recites the truth to his son Kevin. His son shakes his head, he is not sure if that is what the President should tell the nation that.

Russ: I hope the son says I love you dad just as the missile hits.

Jack enters the room and calls for Agent Drake. The other CTU guy codes in as well.

The girl and jack have their guns on each other. She demands to see his badge. The other CTU guy has her in his sights. They both holster their guns.

She tells them that Anderson may have backup files in the apartment. She is acting like the

Romo: She is good.

Russ: She is quite good.

Marwan gets a call from Anderson and asks if his cover is in place. Anderson says they have to believe he is dead because if not he is going to be the most wanted man ever.


Break time

Murtz: They are killing the hype because they know what is going to happen.

Russ: Do you think its possible it could be a red herring?


Chloe goes to talk to Edgar that she has some bad news. She tells him that they won’t be able to get in the area near his mother for a few weeks or months because of the radiation.

Romo: He still hasn’t looked at that disc from last week.

Edgar tells her he can’t deal with this now.

Almeida looks over at Michelle with disdain.

Russ: Cheating whore

Michelle comes over to talk to him. Almeida asks her when she planned on telling him about her and Bill. She tells him never because its none of his business.

He asks her if she slept with him while they were married. She says no.

Murtz: Wicked scene.

Chloe goes over to Edgar because he made a mistake on some file format. She takes the blame it.

Russ: She (Chloe) should not wear a belly shirt.


Bauer watches “Agent Drake” from overhead while they look through the house.

Murtz: Bauer is gonna find the body.

Anderson left the military 4 years ago. He finds a tag from a suit that is military issue.

Drake calls someone at FBI to check on Anderson’s military background.

Jack calls Almeida and tells him Anderson may be posing at military.

The CTU guy finds a false panel. He finds the hard drive. She grabs him and stabs him in the back of the neck.

Murtz: What a wicked kill.

She moves upstairs.

Romo: She should just leave.

Russ: Jack knows

Jack takes out his gun and turns he points it at her. She shoots. She takes cover and Jack shoots her through the wall, it was just weak drywall after all.

Russ: A man who knows his walls, nothing but drywall and maybe one stud.

Jack gets on the computer and is trying to download the files. They seem to be blocked.

Jack calls Edgar about what just happened. He tells him he needs help to get the files off the hard drive.

Edgar is instructing him on how to get the files.

Romo: Edgar does rule.

He gets access to the files including pictures of the Stealth plane.

Edgar puts on Michelle on the phone. Jack tells her about the Stealth plane and how he thinks Anderson is trying to steal the Stealth fighter.


break time.

Murtz: Who needs Illinois and North Carolina?

Romo: Are they gonna kill him?

Russ: Yeah the president is dead! There is no way they could scramble a jet to get to Air Force One in time. After watching the movie Air Force One I know the plane is good but it’s not that good but Harrison Ford is a good actor and Gary Oldman knows Khazahstan accents like Sean Connery knows Russian.


Murtz: Its time for the big finale.

Almeida answers his phone “Almeida”

Romo: What a God!

Almeida tells Jack the pilot flying the F-117A is not responding.

Michelle tells Tony and Jack and Air Force One is flying to LA.

Michelle goes to call AFO. Jack tells Tony to get the jets scrambled.

Meanwhile the Pres likes his son’s revisions to the speech.

Michelle tells him that the Stealth plane is near. The Prez thinks the escort fighters will be able to handle it. She wants him to land now, in Palm Springs.

Keeler wants to call the VP.


Jack and Tony look at info about Mitch Anderson.

Chloe sees AFO and the fighter squadron surrounding it. They are going to descend fast

Chloe: We are being beat by our own technology.

Romo: I love technology.

Jack calls Mitch Anderson on his com. He tells him that they know who he is and what his plan is. He tells him to turn to Edwards Air Force Base. Anderson is not responding.

Jack asks why he is doing this. He goes over his personnel file and lists his accomplishments. Jack keeps asking him why he is doing this, that he shouldn’t be remembered for this.

Prez tells the VP

Jack tells Anderson he his sister on the line. Anderson cuts off communication.

He is five miles away. His system shows AFO as target acquired.

The Prez’s son tells him that he is scared.

Anderson fires a missile.

An explosion!

Jack screams if AFO has been hit?

Chloe tells him that the escort planes report that AFO has been hit by an INDIRECT missile contact. That pieces are falling over the desert.


Romo, Russ and Murtz discuss what indirect means.

Russ: Does this mean it hit one of the F-15s?

Murtz: I think Air Force One was hit.

Final Comments

Russ: Too much emotional stuff going on, I just wanted shoot ’em up action! George Dubya style. Edgar has impressed me with his computer skills but depressed me with his effeminate qualities.

Romo: While the President may have been killed the bigger death that happened this episode was when any affection Tony had for Michelle died when he found out just how much a dirty skank whore she is by sleeping with her boss. This clears the way for Tony to A) kick the crap out of Bill/Michelle and than lose his job after only one day, B) Sleep with Audrey or C) Go back to his drunken depression. I hope for D”¦all of the above.

Murtz: This was a classic example of Fox’s over hype. While the episode was good, everybody and their cousin knew the President was dead. There is also a key difference between the fact that Brown Edgar is shooting until his dying breathe and Edgar is pussying around for his mom’s radiated corpse. However this episode can be summarized in only three words”¦.MITCH ANDER”¦SON!