Survivor: Palau – Recap – Episode 8


Ulong. Night 18.

Steph thanks Bobby Jon for keeping his word to her. Bobby Jon said his word is his bond.

Steph says it’s clear she and Bobby Jon are the two best people to bring home a win for Ulong.

Koror – Day 19.

Rats have overrun the camp.

Tom thinks the rats have realized that the humans are not a threat.

Coby says he’s been telling people not to leave coconut lying around, as that attracts the rats. He’s also getting tired of doing all the work. He moves Tom’s shark head.


Food challenge. They must eat balute, duck eggs that have partially formed ducks inside. Reward is a shower tank with fresh water and shampoo and toothbrushes and toothpaste. Tom and Ian compete for Koror.

First round. Steph and Tom both finish easily. Second round. Ian has difficulty with it but Bobby Jon, happy for some food, finishes easily. Third round, Tom and Steph finish easily despite Tom’s attempts at head games. Fourth round, Bobby Jon and Ian both finish. Tiebreaker. First to finish five will win. Tom vs. Bobby Jon. Tom goes slowly while Bobby Jon gags a bit trying to shove it all down. The slow and steady method works as Tom finishes first and wins reward for Koror! Tom rinses out his mouth with some of the Scope they’ve won.

Back at Koror, the tribe begins to use their beauty supplies.

They find their water shower, but Tom puts his foot down and says they need to use the water for drinking.

Katie really wants to use the shower. Jenn does as well, but doesn’t speak up for fear of drawing attention to herself.

Bobby Jon and Steph walk back to camp. Bobby Jon can’t believe how little he had left. Steph says that it’s the same story every time.

Bobby Jon notices he’s always matched up against Tom. Steph says that’s because they’re the two strongest competitors. Bobby Jon says he knows he can beat anyone else from Koror, and Steph says that’s why they’ll never let him match up against everyone else.

Steph says Bobby Jon takes losing too easily, but he’s finally starting to get pissed.

Koror – Day 19

Katie says it’s about time for Koror to start eating each other.

Tom and Ian strategize. They’re worried about Gregg and Jenn. Turns out Tom, Ian, Katie, and Steph have had an alliance since day 2.


Steph says that Bobby Jon is just gross. He doesn’t bathe, he eats everything, and he blows snot rockets. Just complete nastiness. It’s hard for her because she knows Koror is living it up.

They have massive difficulty trying to get the outrigger into the water with just the two of them.

Steph says that if she can make it through this, she can make it through anything. She cries and says she won’t give up hope, but it feels like they’re at a dead end.

Steph says she and Bobby Jon may be down but they don’t give up.

They go fishing and Bobby Jon catches a nice size fish. Steph says it’s the best fish she’s ever had.

Tree Mail.

Steph says it’s imperative they win today or Ulong will be officially dead.


The challenge: swim out to a series of pontoons with puzzle pieces tied underneath. Grab a bag, come back over the pontoon, and drop off the bag. Once all bags are collected, use the puzzle pieces to decipher three words. First team to get the words wins immunity. Coby and Gregg go for Koror.

We begin. Gregg and Steph head out and get the bags. They come up about the same time. Gregg heads to the beach just ahead of Steph. Coby heads out, Bobby Jon on his tail. They come up at the same time and Bobby Jon makes it back first. Steph heads out. Gregg is behind her. Steph makes it up first and flies back to the beach. Bobby Jon heads out with a big lead. Coby closes the gap on Bobby Jon, using the rope underneath the pontoons to propel himself. They come up at the same time with the bags. Bobby Jon makes it \back just ahead of Coby. Both tribes begin putting together the puzzle. Koror gets the puzzle together first and begin solving the word scramble. Ulong is way behind. Koror finishes first and decipher the phrase “Victory at Sea”. Koror wins!

Since there are only two people left in Ulong, there will be no vote. There will be an individual immunity challenge. Winner stays, loser goes home.

Koror makes it back to camp and celebrates.

Coby is shocked they swept the immunity challenges. So is Katie.

Coby says it’s great to finally be part of a team, since he never had been a part of a team before. Kids teased him so bad in school he dropped out. But he wanted to prove to everyone out here he wasn’t a quitter.


Steph and Bobby Jon get back to camp, totally dejected.

Steph says they had a lead but just suck at puzzles.

Bobby Jon says he will feel like a failure if he has to go home now.

Steph is worried about what will happen after TC, especially if the winner has to come back to the Ulong camp by themselves.

Bobby Jon says he wouldn’t be shocked if there wasn’t a merge, and the single Ulong member has to take on Koror solo.

Bobby Jon says Steph never quits thinking. He says the team thing is done, and now all that’s left is Team Bobby Jon.


JP asks what it’s like to be a tribe of two.

Steph says that the two strongest members of Ulong are left.

Bobby Jon says it’s weird being down to two only halfway through the game. He says he’s able to survive in the wild.

Steph says that she can make it solo. Bobby Jon says Steph is as strong as any man.

The Immunity Challenge will be building a fire. They get 25 matches, coconut husks, and kindling. First person to build a fire big enough to light their torch stays.

They begin. Bobby Jon gets his fire started first, Steph right behind him. Bobby Jon tries to catch up, but Steph gets her torch lit first and wins immunity!

JP tells Bobby Jon the tribe didn’t speak, but it is time for him to go.

Steph can’t believe that it’s just her. She says her camp is prepped but it will still be scary. JP sends her on her way.