InsidePULSE’s WWE SmackDown! Live Coverage


InsidePULSE’s WWE SmackDown! Report 04.07.04
Taped from the 619
Announcers are Tazz & Michael Cole
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

Former WWE Champ JBL comes down to the ring. JBL says that he allowed us to marvel in his greatness, and says that we repay him by cheering the common white trash, Cena. He says that Cena has no class, and a street thug that is not in his league. JBL says that we need him as our Champion. Eddie Guerrero has heard enough of this, and he rolls down to the ring in a lowrider. Eddie says that if he wants to get to Cena to get the Title, he has to go through him, because he is first in line. This brings out Booker T, who says that he wants the first shot. Big Show then comes out, and says that he wants the first shot. Mysterio comes out, who gets a LARGE pop from the 619. He says that if his Tag Partner, Eddie, is putting his name in the hat, then he belongs there too. Angle comes down. Angle says that, first of all, JBL, Big Show, and Eddie all lost their matches, Booker wasn’t on the card, and (to Mysterio), you need to be an adult to challenge for the WWE Title. Angle then said he was arrested after WM, because he stole the show! Long comes down, and tell us that JBL did not put a rematch clause in his WM21 contract, because he was so sure he would beat Cena. Long says that they all will have their chance. He will pair them up, and set up matches to see who the #1 contender will be, and it will start tonight, as JBL will face Mysterio.


Paul London (c) vs. Billy Kidman – Cruiserweight Title
Chavo joins Tazz and Cole ringside, and claims he was screwed out of the CW title. Back and forth to start. Kidman beats London down in the corner, and drops him headfirst on the bottom turnbuckle, then shoves him through the ropes to the floor, it looks like London cut his forehead on the way down, on the steel. London is gushing blood, and the ref asks him if he wants to continue. London shakes off the ref, and charges at Kidman, right into a BK Bomb, in the corner. Kidman goes to climb for the SSP, but London grabs his ankle, tosses Kidman into the opposite corner, and Kidman charges, right into a back body drop. London sets him up, and goes for the 450 Splash, but Kidman moves, and London lands on his feet. Kidman grabs London in a fireman’s carry, but London roll through, rolling up Kidman for the pin.
Winner and Still Champ – London

Chavo gets in the ring, and he, along with Kidman, beats down London, who is just covered in blood.


Recap of WM21. Same one they showed right after WM21.

Luther talking to the lockerroom. Chavo, Spike, Nunzio, Akio and 2 girls, one of which seems like she’s paired up with Akio. Luther is making fun of Big Show’s loss to Akebono, and they are all laughing. Big Show shows up, and laughs a long, sarcastically of course. He says it was an honor to lose to Akebono, then challenges him to a match next.


Big Show vs. Luther Reigns
Luther gets a bit of offense in, but this is a glorified squash.
Winner – TBS


Cena comes down to the ring to a thunderous pop. Cena says that JBL conquered all on his record Title reign, however The Champ Is Here. He says that it doesn’t matter who he faces next, because this is the chain gang, and they aren’t hard to find.


Angle reminds us who the real showstopper was that WM. Angle tells Cena to have fun while it lasts, because when he beats Eddie Guerrero next week, he will get his shot at Cena. He brings out his opponent for tonight. He asked him what his name is, and the guy says Jose Quesada. Angle asks if any of his family is there to watch, and Quesada turns around and points to them, and Angle cracks him with the microphone.

Kurt Angle vs. Jose Quesada – Kurt Angle Invitational
Angle tosses Quesada around a bit, then locks on the Ankle Lock for a tap out.
Winner – Angle

Angle says that just like HBK and Jorge (yes, he said Jorge instead of Jose), Eddie will tap.


New Guy Steve is with Carlito Cool. Steve says that we weren’t expecting to see Carlito during Piper’s Pit. Carlito says that someone had to wake everyone up. Plus, they weren’t cool. There was a guy in a skirt, and another bald one in daisy dukes. He says that if Piper is going to have his own show, then he will have his own show. Next week on SmackDown, we will have “Carlito’s Cabana”! HAHAHA.

Rey getting ready, and Eddie comes in. Eddie wishes him well, and says that he’ll make sure Rey wins tonight. Rey wants to do it on his own, and reminds Eddie who won on Sunday. Eddie’s turn is coming.


Cole in the ring, plugs the new Diva magazine, and the new DVD, then brings out the girls for a bikini contest. Miss Jackie, Dawn Marie, then Torrie. They are about to judge, the new Divas come down together, and Joy, Michelle, and Lauren all show off. Torrie wins…shocking.


Cole and Tazz tell us that JBL and Mysterio will face off tonight, Eddie and Angle next week, then Big Show and Booker T, with the 3 winners in a Triple Threat match in the UK at the end of the month.

JBL (w/ Orlando Jordan) vs. Rey Mysterio – #1 Contender Round Robin
Rey runs circles around JBL to start. Mysterio hangs JBL over the top rope, then drops the dime for 2. Mysterio off the ropes, but JBL with a kick to the gut, then some sledges. JBL calls for the finish, and goes for a power bomb, but Mysterio hangs on, and hurra’s JBL over the top rope. OJ gets on the apron, and Mysterio knocks him off, then hits a plancha on JBL on the outside.


We come back and Mysterio has a sleeper locked on. JBL fights out of it, and starts pummeling away on Mysterio. JBL sends Mysterio off the ropes, Mysterio ducks the boot, then turns around, but JBL gets a boot up again, and flattens Mysterio for 2. JBL is getting frustrated, and takes Mysterio to the outside, and drops him on the wall. JBL distracts the ref, and OJ gets a cheap shot in. JBL nails a Last Call off the 2nd rope for 2. JBL continues to work on the back. JBL sets up for a Back SUPERPLEX, but Mysterio holds on, elbows JBL off, then nails a moonsault for 2. Mysterio runs right into JBL, who sets up for another Last Call, but Mysterio swings out of it, nailing a DDT, setting up for the 619, but when he hits the ropes, OJ pulls his leg. Eddie comes out to take out OJ, and does. JBL kicks Eddie in the back of the head, but Mysterio drop kicks JBL into the ropes, then hits the 619, and this the senton, but as the count is being made, Eddie runs in, and tosses Mysterio off JBL and starts beating on him, causing a DQ.
Winner via DQ – JBL

Mysterio is livid, but they don’t have time to argue, as OJ and Bashems come in to beat them down, until Cena comes out and makes the save.

Show Over.


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