Lost – Recap – Episode 19


Jumping right into the mailbag as this recap is already running late…

I love your recaps. I watch the show whenever it comes on, but I still like to read your stuff to see if I missed anything. I was just curious about something from episode 18. I could have sworn that the return transmission from the smuggler’s radio said “This is Oceanic Flight 815” and I thought it sounded like Greg Grunberg’s voice. Then I saw that Sawyer was reading A Wrinkle in Time and turned to my wife and said “Holy Schmidt!! Just thought I would ask and see what was actually said. Thanks.

I don’t remember much about the return transmission except that “There were no survivors on Oceanic Flight 815” was definitely said. I definitely wouldn’t put it past the writers to pull something like a time warp, though.

When Locke’s mother first appraoches him in the toy department she asks for the location of the footballs. Locke answers Aisle 8 for regulation and 15 for Nerf…

There are those pesky numbers again.

It seems like the island has a give/take relationship with its inhabitants. It showed Locke the the location of the radio (although im not sure he ever found out that there was a working radio onboard the plane) but he had to sacrifice something (Boone).

There is also talk about the literal meaning of the title of the episode Deux ex Machina, which when translated literally from latin means God in the Machine.

I’m wondering if there isnt some similarity in Locke’s explaination of the Mousetrap game to the kid, and there existance on the island. Like they are all in some cosmic Rube Goldberg device.

Didn’t notice the aisle numbers until I had done my regular checking of TVtome.com after the episode. As for the Deus ex Machina connection, I think it’s somewhat feasible that Locke is doing so well on the island because he knows the Mouse Trap game inside out, knowing how to survive when the traps are set (unlike Hurley, who almost got destroyed trying to find the Frenchwoman).

Quickly now, on with the recap!

Previously, on Lost: Locke and Boone are uncovering a hatch, but Locke doesn’t want to share this with the other castaways. Locke and Boone come to find a downed plane stuck in a rock wall in the jungle, and as Boone tries to make radio contact, the plane falls and seriously injures Boone, leaving his chest a bloody mess as Boone is carried back to the cave by Locke so that Dr. Jack can care for him, but Locke doesn’t stick around. What they don’t show is Locke running to the hatch, so angry at the deception that he has been put through in life and then looking face down into the hatch…as a light turns on.

At the cave, Jack is caring for Boone, getting the other cavedwellers to fetch the supplies he needs to work on Boone. Everyone is in shock, but manages to follow the barking orders from Dr. Jack soon enough. However, Boone’s lung eventually collapses and Dr. Jack needs to do something about it, driving a thin metal pipe into his lung that seems to fix Boone’s breathing. Not quite sure what the Good Doctor did, but it seemed to work, for now. Kate’s mission seems to be the most dangerous one of them all: Raid Sawyer’s stash and find any kind of alcohol that he’s got. Dr. Jack tries to remain calm himself as he works over Boone…

…and we flashback to Jack tying a bowtie for a friend, as it seems that this friend is getting ready to be married. The friend is visibly nervous, but says that he’ll be fine after eight or so beers. Dr. Jack thinks that that is a bad idea, since she’ll bust the friend on that. Dr. Jack tells him that he can still back out, but the friend can handle it. It’s just some speech. As it turns out, this person is not the one getting married: He’s the best man, and Dr. Jack’s the groom. Huh.

Back to the “operating table” as Jack and Sun watch over Boone, with Jack ripping open Boone’s pant leg to get a look at the fractured leg, which Dr. Jack thinks that he can set. Sun asks him if he can also sew Boone’s chest back together again, but Jack says that he’s lost a lot of blood and wonders just how long Locke had to carry him. Boone is thrashing his head about in pain, but Dr. Jack gets him under control and tells him that he’s not gonna die. “I am gonna save you.” And if he can’t, Boone’s life will be…


And now, a word from our sponsors… The flashback makes me think that it’s going to be a stretch to try and connect this to the story currently going on in the cave. But if anyone can find a way, I guess the writers of LOST can. And you just have to figure that there’s something demented about this whole marriage thing that Dr. Jack is going through.

Back and now we’re on the beach with Claire, as she walks up on Michael, Sawyer and Walt cooking some fish by the fire. Claire asks about how long it’ll take for Michael’s Ark II to finish, and Michael gives it about a week, maybe less. Michael is concerned about Claire though, but Claire’s fine and she just walks off past them, as Sawyer gloats that Claire likes him. Michael turns his attention to Jin, asking him to take a break for a moment and have some fish, but Jin wants to keep working. Sawyer knows that Jin is a workhorse, but Michael knows that Jin is just desperate to get off the island. Can’t blame him, since Sawyer mentions the Sun ordeal, and is surprised that Jin didn’t try to swim off the island when he learned that his wife had spoken English all this time. Here comes Kate suddenly, as she asks for Sawyer’s alcohol. I’m almost shocked to see Sawyer not spit out a smartass comment, as they immediately go to Sawyer’s humble abode, gathering all the alcohol together and putting it in Kate’s bag. Kate explains how Boone “fell off the cliff” hunting boar, as Sawyer gets a sour tone when he mentions that they never seem to get the boars, a nice call back to the Sawyer-centric episode not to long ago. Kate has all the alcohol now, and she’s off.

Cut to the cave, as Jack stitches up Boone, but Boone is still in a bad way and Dr. Jack realizes that he has to find a way to get a blood transfusion to Boone. He wants to set the leg first, but Sun volunteers do it and tells the Good Doctor to get some air. Dr. Jack’s airspace is quickly used up by Charlie, however, as Dr. Jack doesn’t have answers to Charlie’s questions such as where Shannon is, where Locke ran off to, and if Boone’s going to make it. Dr. Jack gets snippy with Charlie, and Charlie seems hurt by his tone…

…as we flashback to a Pre-Wedding Reception with Dr. Jack and his buddy, as the buddy introduces the future wife-to-be. “Can I get another microphone, I think this one’s been drinking.” Sure enough, she busted him on it. The future wife explains a car crash that left her with a broken back, as we get our connection to the main story. Turns out Dr. Jack managed to fix her and make her all better, which led to her marrying Jack, her hero. She will now dance at their wedding thanks to Jack, who everyone salutes with a toast.

Jack is setting the leg in the cave, as Sun arrives with a stick, telling Dr. Jack to give it to him for the pain. Dr. Jack assumes that it’s some kind of herbal remedy, but Sun is just going to use the stick to have Boone bite down on it. Jack tells Sun to hold down Boone’s shoulders, and after a crescendo in the music, the music goes down and Dr. Jack gives the go sign, popping the leg back as Boone yells out in excruciating pain, not showing his pain but instead showing Hurley outside of the tent, deeply disturbed at what’s going on.

Kate is running with alcohol in the jungle, but she trips and falls, breaking at least one bottle of alcohol. Kate then hears noises in the distance and carefully walks towards them, turning the corner to see Claire hiding, but obviously in pain. Claire wants Kate to go away, but Kate knows that Claire’s about to have the baby. Papa don’t preach.

And now, a word from our sponsors… Well, there’s only one Dr. Jack on this island, and it seems he’s more determined to save Boone than care about the well-being of Claire’s baby. If the flashbacks are any indication, Dr. Jack has a knack for saving people after they’ve been in horrible accidents, so Boone might actually make it through. Maybe Claire will die giving birth. Who knows?

Kate is still in shock over the baby in Claire’s belly, but Claire refuses help numerous times and then reveals that she can’t really go to the beach or the cave to get help. So Kate, unsure of what to do, just simply screams for help in the middle of the jungle. Should get SOME KIND OF MONSTURRRRRRRR to deliver the baby.

Jin is banging on the Ark, but he hears the screams of Kate in the distance and immediately takes off running through the jungle, trying to find the direction of the screams. And he arrives just in time to see Kate and Claire, a little stunned at Claire’s pain. Kate goes up to him and tries to convey to him the message to give to Jack in the caves, and Jin understands(!) as Kate gives him something to run over to Jack.

Jack wants Sun to ask something to Boone again, as Sun points out Boone is in shock. “That’s why you need to ask him again.” The question is what his blood type. Jack is trying to draw blood with a bamboo needle, but that’s not going to work. Finally, Boone mutters his blood type: “A-negative”. Boone then asks for his sister, and Jack sends Sun to a) Find Charlie to quiz everyone on their bloodtype and b) find Shannon.

Shannon is hangin’ with Mr. Sayid in the jungle, but Shannon does not know where she’s going, and doesn’t think Sayid knows either. But he finds his way, as it’s a picnic on an unexplored part of the beach. Well isn’t that just wonderful.

Charlie is done asking everyone on the island, but the report is grim. No one seems to know their blood type. “I don’t even know my bloody blood type.” Sun arrives as well, as she didn’t find Shannon, but she was able to recover a sea urchin, whose needles are hollow enough to pierce skin. Charlie interrupts as he thought that this is not a big deal since no one can match Boone’s blood type…but Jack can. Oh man, this has gone into all sorts of weird connections that I can’t even describe until later. Jack is O-negative, a universal donor. It could send Boone into shock, but he is still insistent that he will not die.

Flashback to Jack playing the piano, as his wife joins him…although Jack isn’t quite ready for the vows just yet. He notices a car arriving in the distance, and his girl assures him that he’ll be here (I assume that this is a reference to Jack’s father). The girl can’t wait to marry Jack, and then she walks off as Jack smiles. Weird flashbacks, man.

Jin is looking for a Jack-in-the-Cave, and Hurley points him in the right direction, as Jin rushes over to the tent just in time to see Sun setting up the blood transfusion to Boone. Jack looks like he’s off in another world, as Jin explains the entire situation to Sun, who translates it for Jack. Jack then tells Jin to take Charlie back to where Kate and Claire are, and Charlie has to tell Kate several instructions, because she’s the one who’s going to be delivering the baby, not Jack. Smart move by the Doctor, as he’d probably be too woozy to make a good call in his state.

And now, a word from our sponsors… Okay, the whole thing about Jack giving Boone blood: This goes along with the whole idea that the island will soon be splitting into two very unique factions, one led by Locke and the other by Jack. Now, Locke has had Boone by his side for quite some time, especially through the days of the hatch. I’ve always mentioned that it’s like Obi-Locke Kenobi and Boone Skywalker. But now, if Dr. Jack finds a way to save Boone, Boone will owe his life to both of these men, as Locke was the one who was able to overcome his disability relapse and deliver him to the caves, but Jack was the one who kept him alive. Boone’s loyalty to either man is about to get torn, I fear.

Claire’s contractions have stopped, as it is nighttime, and Claire seems happy to be walking around. But when she stands up, her water breaks and Claire breaks with it, sobbing as Kate tries to calm her down by telling her that Jack is coming. Well, that’s a mistake.

Because Jack is still with Boone, as Boone wakes up and is able to have a conversation with Jack, but he immediately starts spilling the beans about being in the plane and making radio contact, and also about the hatch. But Dr. Jack is barely able to understand any of it, but I think he gets the message that he needs to talk to Locke now. Boone then falls into a rut, calling Shannon’s name over and over.

But Shannon is kissing Sayid, and Shannon breaks the kiss long enough to share that Boone is her step-brother. And he’s kinda in love with her. Sayid seems to find that silly, but Shannon makes sure to make it clear that she doesn’t feel that way about Boone. Sayid suggests going back, but Shannon wants to stay. All she asks is to take it slow. Sayid is fine with that, though.

Claire’s still in pain, and here comes Charlie. Kate gets the news that Jack isn’t coming, and then Charlie tells her that she has to be the one to deliver the baby. Jin is sitting with Claire, and he’s scared that for that week she was gone, something might have happened to the baby. Kate is scared as well as Claire, and Charlie looks pretty mortified himself.

Boone is still having trouble recovering, and Sun thinks the blood transfusion isn’t working, but Jack says that his leg was crushed, not broken from a fall, and thus Boone is unable to really get the blood where it needs to go. Sun rips the needle from Jack’s arm, telling him that he’s given enough. And he goes over to Hurley, telling him to go get Michael as Hurley mentions how Jack looks kinda goth.

Flashback to poolside with Jack, and here comes Father Jack, as he sits by the pool with him and shares a drink. Jack tells his dad that they’re working on their own wedding vows. The Good Doctor can’t think of the vows that he needs to write, and her vows aren’t helping much. Jack loves Sara, but he can’t answer the question of why he’s still sitting at the pool instead of sleeping in bed with her. He questions whether or not he could be a good husband or…even a father, and he also wonders if he would ask because he saved her life, or is there something more? Jack asks if he should marry her: “Commitment is what makes you tick, Jack.” But the problem is that he can’t let go.

Boone is still shaking, as Michael is there with this cargo compartment. Michael wonders if they can’t just use an axe…oh my god. Sun asks what they’re doing, and Jack explains that the leg has to go, or Boone won’t be able to be saved. So Jack puts a piece of wood at the base of the compartment to see if it’ll work. And slamming the door certainly does the trick. “There’s no other choice.”

And now, a word from our sponsors… Well, Boone can now join the Chase Edmunds Club for Amputees, as he’s going to be a one-legged man in an asskicking contest very soon. Now I can see that Boone’s loyalties will be leaning towards Locke, as he will now feel what Locke went through for so long in his life, what it was like to be without the use of his legs. Except Boone will never get this back.

Claire is still having contractions, and Kate directs her to start pushing. Claire tries to hold the baby back, because he doesn’t think the baby will want her, since she was going to give the baby away. Kate convinces her that the baby belongs to the island, but she needs Claire to push. Both Kate and Claire are going through quite a bit of pain, and Charlie tries to go help, but Jin holds him back.

Boone can’t even swallow water, but he’s gonna need it. But first, Sun shows a cloth with blood on it, proving that Boone is bleeding internally and he’s beyond help. “DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO.” Oh my god, Jack and Locke are just so alike in their stubbornness. Michael continues to help the Good Doctor over to the cargo compartment, where Boone’s right leg will soon meet its end. A little bit of rubbing alcohol and tying off the wound…and Dr. Jack asks Michael to turn away. Sun can’t help but watch, though, wondering if Jack would really do something. Finally, Sun can only turn away in horror, as Jack raises the compartment high…

And we flashback to the wedding. Sara delivers her vows, and then it’s Jack’s turn: “I didn’t write any vows.” He’s been trying to, but he couldn’t. After wondering why that was, he realized that he wasn’t good at letting go, and he’s afraid of what will happen in his possible failure. He knows one thing, though, and that is he couldn’t top her vows. But he didn’t fix her after that accident. Sara was doing the fixing. The minister doesn’t have to prononounce them man and wife, as it is official.

The compartment is RAISED! Jack is about ready to bring the hammer down…”Wait.” Boone’s last gasp tries to reason with Dr. Jack. Boone tries to give up, but Jack won’t have that. Boone lets Jack off the hook, however, as Boone admits to being all messed up inside. Jack lets the compartment go, and kneels down to Boone to apologize. “I’m sorry.” “Don’t be.”

Claire is screaming hard, as Kate directs her to push as hard as she can, and Claire is finally able to clear the baby out of her, as Charlie and Jin look on, rather underwhelmed with the whole thing. Kate holds the baby, handing it to Claire, umbilical cord and all. Charlie and Jin join to watch the baby’s birth, and then they share a hug, as well as Claire and her newborn son…

Which turns into Dr. Jack and Boone hugging, as Jack lets Boone down into his final resting place. Boone tries to tell Jack something to tell Shannon, but he doesn’t get it out in time, as Boone becomes the first major character to die.

And now, a word from our sponsors… Wow. It’d be pretty weird if Claire decided to name the boy Boone.

The survivors have gathered around the newborn, and they all look happy, but Hurley motions to Jack that Sayid and Shannon have arrived from their romantic getaway. Jack walks a long path to them to share the bad news, as Claire couldn’t be happier…

And Shannon couldn’t be sadder, looking at her dead step-brother, not taking long before breaking down in racking sobs.

The Good Doctor is on the beach, and Kate joins him as Dr. Jack compliments Kate on her good job with delivering the baby. Kate asks if Jack wants to talk about the death of Boone. But Dr. Jack corrects Kate:

“He didn’t die. He was murdered.”


“Jack, where are you going?”

“To find John Locke.”


Wow. After last week’s stellar Locke-centric episode, I didn’t know if anything would be able to come close until the season finale. But I was dead wrong. And Boone is dead now.