En Francais: TNA Impact Report


TNA Impact Report

Last week: Elix Skipper wins a match for the #1 contender for the X title, even though TNA ruined the surprise by showing Skipper vs Daniels video package before the match.

In the RDS studios, Marc Blondin and Michel Letourneur introduce us to this week’s Impact edition. They hype some book and tell the fans to e-mail them questions, because they will be at Lockdown, interviewing wrestlers. And as usual, Dusty has an announcement.

Michael Shane (no typo) vs Chris Sabin: Back and forth ends in a headlock by Sabin. Sabin is thrown to the outside. Outside, forearm and a whip to the railing. Back in the ring, slap by Shane. Sabin slaps back. Sabin with rights, whip, reverse, Sabin going for something, but lands on Shane’s knee for 2. Dropkick gets deux. Resthold. Sabin fights out it with an atomic drop and an enziguri. Powerslam by Sabin gets 2. Whip to the corner, boot by Shane, shoulder first goes Sabin to the post and that gets 2. Right hand and two clotheslines puts Sabin down. Back up, Chris gets a cool pin attempt and that gets trrrrrrrrois. Shane attacks Sabin after the match with the sweet chin music. Why doesn’t WWE hire him?


Dusty Rhodes comes out with Trinity and Traci. He says he is going to revolutionize at how we see PPVs. At Lockdown, the matches will have stipulations. All 8 matches will be in a cage! If that’s the whole theme, it’d pretty cool of the announcers were in a little cage.

Chase Stevens (w. Chris Candido & Andy Douglas) vs AJ Styles: They both exchange armbars for awhile. Two armdrags by Styles and sweet dropkick. Rake by Stevens. AJ puts Stevens out of the ring as we go to


Stevens has AJ in a resthold. Two reverse DDTs on the knee and a flatliner by Chase for deux. After a few kicks, Stevens gets a suplex. Wasting time, AJ gets a few punches. Spinkick and a neck breaker by AJ. Andy is on apron, so AJ slides under and drops him on the apron. Styles also sends Candido to the railing. AJ going for something, but Douglas holds his leg. Chase going for a suplex, no, elbow by Chase. Steven gets an Alabama Jam for 2. Steven going for a powerbomb, no, Styles Clash by AJ, for the 1, 2, 3. While Styles is leaving, Abyss comes to the ring with a chair. AJ tries to come back, but security prevents him.


For some reason, Benoit Cossette replaces Marc Blondin.

David Young & Lex Lovett vs Dustin Rhodes & Cassidy Riley: Dustin and Young start it off. After a slap, Dustin punches Young. Whip, reverse, atomic drop by Dustin. Tag to Lovett. Armdrag by Dustin and tag to Riley. Handspring elbow gets 2. Young in the ring now. Dustin with the shattered dreams to Young! Lex whipped into Young! Michinoku Driver by Riley. Young trips Riley as he was going for a Lionsault. Tag to Young and the beating to Riley continues. Riley fights back with tornado DDT. David goes in the ring to punch Rhodes. Dustin in now and beats both men. Young is outside with Rhodes. Lex going for a powerbomb on Riley, no, hurrincarana into a sunset flip for trois.


JF Kelly gives an interview with Quebec’s own, Pierre Carl Ouellett. Kelly mentions that PCO is a former 3 time WWE tag team champion, as well as WCW Hardcore champion. First question: what was his enrollment in Quebec wrestling until now. He says there were two periods: one before WWE and another where he perfected his techniques in organization like…well why should I give them free press? These organizations have great talent like the American wrestlers, as well as the X division wrestlers. How does he compare American wrestlers with Quebec ones? He tells the fans to go to different shows and to see how great the talent in Quebec is. PCO says we will see them in TNA for sure.


Christopher Daniels meets Elix Skipper backstage. Daniels asks him if really wants to have a match, considering the fact that Daniels was the better partner in XXX. Sure, says Elix. Well, this is a cage match now and last time they were in one, Elix was the one that lost it. Daniels keeps pointing his finger in Elix’s chest and keeps asking him again. Elix says he’ll the take the chance. So, why not do it right now? Elix says he will do it in front of the whole world, at Lockdown.

Kid Kash (w. Lance Hoyt) vs Apolo: Kid Kash and Apolo push each other for like a minute. Kick to the knee by Kash, Apolo with a press slam. Clothesline and Kash regroups on the outside. Kash ducks a few clotheslines and goes back outside.


Apolo has an armbar and Kash gets in some rights. Apolo tries to get a bodydrop, but Kash lands on the apron. After a few punches by Apolo, Hoyt drags Apolo out, but Apolo punches him. Hurricarana by Kash and then throws a chair at him. Lance gets some kicks too. Back in, Kash gets deux. Kicks to the knee. Chops by Apolo, rake by Kash and more punches from Apolo. Dropkick to Apolo’s knee gets 2. A resthold on the knee. After a few kicks, they trade punches and chops. Whip to the corner by Kash, boot to the face on Kash. Back to the knee. Dusty Rhodes is on commentary. Kash with a kick down south. Kash going for a moonsault, Apolo catches him for a powerslam. Right hands, whip, head down, kick, hurrincana by Kash. Tornado DDT by Kash coming up, no, two clotheslines by Apolo. Back body drop and some kind of powerbomb on Kash. Lance drags the referee out of there and the ref rings the bell for the DQ. Sonny Siaki shows up and a brawl errupts. There’s another thing that TNA does better than WWE and that’s brawls.

Backstage, Kevin Nash beats up Chris Candido and Naturals.

We end it in the RDS studios. Once again, send them questions and they may be asked to wrestlers.

TNA Lockdown (each match in a cage):

Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman and DDP vs Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown and Outlaw
Abyss vs AJ Styles
Christopher Daniels vs Elix Skipper
Jeff Hardy vs Raven
AMW vs Team Canada
Dustin Rhodes vs Bobby Roode
Michael Shane vs Chris Sabin vs Shocker vs Kid Kash
Lance Hoyt vs Apolo

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