[WWE] Full Weekly Ratings, ECW, London Injury, Cena CD, Cruiserweight Push?


– As previously reported, RAW scored a 2005 high 4.3 cable rating this week, with a 6.2 share. The show did hours of 4.0 and 4.5. For comparison, the hours of CSI leading into RAW did a 1.7 and 2.5 cable rating, respectively, and The Ultimate Fighter did a 1.7.

– The Hall of Fame special did 1.3 cable rating, with a 2.6 share on Saturday night, with the Sunday replay getting a 0.6/1.3. Heat on Sunday did a 0.7/1.4, and Experience got a 0.5/1.2. There was no Velocity this week.

– The final rating for Smackdown was a 3.4 broadcast rating, with a 5.4 share. The show had previously gotten a 3.7 overnight rating, and 3.3 fast national rating.

– WWE will be holding a Raw & Smackdown double taping “supershows” at MSG April 18 and then in Anaheim, California on June 27th, the day after the Vengeance PPV. Tickets for the Anaheim show go on sale May 21st.

– WWE is now listing the June 12 ECW PPV on upcoming show advertisements and mentioning it in company magazines: Nunzio is interviewed about it in the most recent Smackdown Magazine. Additionally, WWE.com’s Canada site has now confirmed the event.

– According to World Screen News, WWE has named Goa Geneva Trading as their new free television agent for German-speaking Europe.

– By all accounts, Paul London’s “injury” at the Melbourne house show during WWE’s current tour of Austrailia was not legit, but rather a work planned by agent Fit Finley.

HipHopSite.com is giving legit praise to the recent single from John Cena, currently being used as his entrance music, and available on his upcoming CD.

– The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that, on top of recent signees Kazarian, Psicosis and Super Crazy, WWE is close to signing cruiserweight Juventud Guerrera, with only some visa problems holding off negotiations. Can the cruiserweight division be on the rise, with those four plus the eventual return of injured Shannon Moore? Time will tell. For information on subscribing to the WO newsletter, click here.

Credit: PWInsider.com, WWE.com, HipHopSite.com, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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