WWE Sunday Night Heat 10/4/05


WWE Sunday Night Heat

Credits. Coach says hi. Todd Grishom says something garbled. Welcome to Heat!

Tyson Tomko VS Val Venis ~ It’s the battle of alliteration! Apparently this years Wrestlemania was the most watched of all time, which is a complete lie since they won’t know that until later this month at the very least. Val gets hurt right away, on his way to the ring, Lockup. Todd mentions that he lost 40 pounds and most of his hair partying at Wrestlemania. Tomko goes after the knee with some power shots. He rams it against the post. Val pulls Tomko into the ropes to counter. Val gets two, but Tomko kicks out and does his high kick. Standing half crab by Tomko. Val gets the rope eventually. Val fights back, but Tomko again takes him down with the knee. Val trips Tomko, does his best Hulkster impression, goes up top, Tomko catches him but Val rolls through and gets the three!

Winner: Val Venis


Later, La Resistance takes on Hurricane and Rosey and Regal and Tajiri in an elimination triple threat match.

They do a video about the 2005 induction ceremony. I still can’t see why Coach was the host for that.

And then they show a video of Stone Cold on Raw doing, what I thought anyway, was probably the funniest sketch on Raw in quite some time. “Sure, I’ll have a beer, so long as it’s low carb beer.” Classic.

Still, they could have taken something else from Raw. Like, say, some wrestling.


Chris Masters VS Sean Evans ~ Grishom mentions that Masters will have a big match coming up at Wrestlemania 22. That’s some advanced booking right there. Is Masters ever going to fight a wrestler that’s on the WWE roster? Master takes the mic ~ “Look at you, you’re scared. As you know, nobody has broken out of my masterlock submission. And I’m sure you’ve seen what I’ve done to all my opponents in the WWE. And hey, I’m in my hometown, and I’m feeling lucky. So I’m going to be generous and give you the night off. Everybody in this arena would do the same thing (what, give Sean Evans the night off?)” Sean Evans says no, and Masters goes to work. Fisherman suplex. Stomps. Evans reverses an irish whip and gets a sunset flip, almost. It’s rudimentary from here. Polish hammer. Full nelson. Done and done.

Winner: Chris Masters

A look back at Wrestlemania 21. Same video as all week.


Randy Orton challenged Batista last Monday…and got creamed but good. Grishom mentions that he doesn’t know when the HHH rematch will take place, even though they’ve got those Backlash commercials all over the place already.


La Resistance VS Hurricane and Rosey VS Tajiri and Regal, Elimination triple threat ~ I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help but wait for the day Bischoff books Batista and HHH to win the tag title straps, and they bitch about it for weeks. Hurricane gets a quick 2 on Conway, and Conway responds with a clothesline. They get back up and Hurricane gets an eye poke. Conway tags in Regal, who immediately tags in Grenier. Hurricane takes down Grenier with a forearm shot. Irish whip shot to the corner by Grenier and takes Hurricane down. Grenier tags in Conway and they work on Hurricane in the corner. Side slam and a two count on Hurricane. Double back elbow by La Resistance. Hurricane surprise rollups Grenier and gets the three!


We’re back and Tajiri is kicking Hurricane. Hurricane reverses one with a rana, but then Tajiri counters an Irish whip attempt with his own rana. Irish whip and a clothesline on Tajiri. Tag to Rosey. Sunset flip attempt by Tajiri. It misses, and he gets a tag to Regal. Tajiri quickly tags back in, gets some kicks on Rosey, but gets shoved off. Tag back to Regal, who gets some knees to the head. Irish whip reversed into a big back body drop on Regal. Tag back to Tajiri, who gets some more kicks on Rosey. Firemans carry slam on Tajiri from both Hurricane and Rosey and Regal breaks up the count. A pier four brawl almost starts, but La Resistance comes in and cleans house, causing a disqualification.

Winner: Absolutely nobody, but Regal and Tajiri retain.

They’ve got nothing planned for Raw tomorrow, but I’m gonna assume it has something to do with promoting Backlash in three weeks. See ya later!

K Sawyer Paul is the author of This is Sports Entertainment: The Secret Diary of Vince McMahon, co-editor of Fair to Flair, and curator at Aggressive Art.