[WWE] Hogan’s Final Match, Lance Storm, Rhyno, Bischoff, Cena, FBI, Orndorff News


– Lance Storm has updated his Web site with a Q&A here.

– For a full tracklisting of John Cena’s upcoming CD, including some explicit song titles, click here.

– Eric Bischoff’s wife is part of a “Real Life Desperate Housewives” pictorial in this month’s Playboy.

– The release of Rhyno (Terry Gerin) will likely cause some backstage strife at RAW, as he is going through a tough time in his personal life, and is now jobless (he and his wife are breaking up, and she is planning to move their young daughter with her to Germany — the reason given for the main cause of Rhyno’s post-Mania blow-up in the hotel lobby). [Credit: PWTorch.com]

– On WWE.com, WWE has that tonight Batista will give his first TV interview since winning the World Title at Wrestlemania 21; additionally announced for tonight are Shawn Michaels vs. Muhammad Hassan and Trish Stratus & Molly Holly vs. Christy Hemme & Victoria.

– Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke will be reforming their FBI tag team for the WWE One Night Stand PPV on June 12. Guido, as Nunzio, is on the WWE SD roster, while Mamaluke has worked recent indy events. [Credit: PWTorch.com]

– Paul Orndorff has legitimate heat with Hulk Hogan, who he feels didn’t protect him well during their final run at WCW, and in turn Paul refused to stand up for Hogan at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and was outwardly bitter. [Credit: PWTorch.com]

– Hogan is not currently scheduled for any more WWE appearances at this point, but there’s talk that there will be a final WWE bout, possibly at Wrestlemania 22 either vs. Shawn Michaels (who has showed great interest) or Steve Austin (who has hinted at it, but been hesitant, especially because of how Rock got booed vs. Hogan a few years back). [Credit: PWTorch.com]

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