Some New Info from the Set of Superman

Apparently, a few weeks ago rumors began to surface that casting was going on for a potential “death scene” in Superman Returns. According to a scooper for Moviehole, a scene was going to be filmed that seemed very much like a death scene, and he guessed it could wind up being Superman’s. Extras on the set were being told to wear raincoats and jackets, as it would be a wet scene.

This past weekend in Sydney they apparently filmed such a scene: a cold, wet, rainy scene that apparently serves as close-enough to a death scene.

‘Steve’ from Superman Homepage was on the set of the film, and saw the scene being filmed. Surprisingly enough, the original scooper might be right, and it may actually be Superman who will be slipping away.

“They were filming a scene outside a building which they converted into Metropolis General Hospital. This was reportedly the largest scene they’d be shooting for the movie, with around 1,300 extras being employed for the scene. The extras were used as crowd, standing around outside the Hospital, holding banners and waving flags. The banners read, “Save Our Superman”, “I love Superman”, “Superman Don’t Die!”, “God Speed Superman”. There were also dozens and dozens of flower arrangements lying in the park (as if in tribute for someone who was sick or dying)”, he says, confirming the scoop that a Superman death scene may be in the works. “I’m assuming this means Superman gets very badly injured (or possibly killed) during the movie, making it necessary for him to be taken to hospital”.

Well, if that wasn’t interesting enough, there is another rumor floating around. Apparently, Bryan Singer wants to explain why Superman no longer looks like Christopher Reeve, and our hero will die…and come back looking like Brandon Routh.

It’ll be…interesting to see how they manage to make that work on screen.