[RAW] Heat Taping Results and RAW Off-Air Notes (SPOILERS)


From Adam Martin:

– Here is a quick rundown of the events at RAW last night in Moline, IL:

Dark Match:
– I understand a match between Johnny Nitro & Joey Matthews took place. I attempted to ask around for those who saw it, but getting information from anyone was like trying to get a pro-Matt Hardy sign in last tonight.

WWE Sunday Night Heat Tapings (Air Date – 4/17):

– Viscera defeated Val Venis. This was actually a pretty good match and the crowd was very into it (although it might have been because they were the first real “stars” to appear in front of the crowd). Viscera got the win with his sitdown choke powerbomb.

– Maven & Simon Dean defeated CM Punk & unknown wrestler. Punk actually got a very good reaction from the crowd when he came walking down the ramp. His tag team partner was nameless as Lilian Garcia only said Punk’s name on the mic. Before the match got underway, Maven & Simon Dean showed footage of what Steve Austin did to them last week on RAW. Fairly quick match that saw Punk get dumped to the outside and Maven pin the nameless wrestler for the win.

– William Regal & Tajiri defeated La Resistance to retain the World Tag Team Titles. La Resistance got lots of heat, while Regal & Tajiri got a very good pop. The first ending saw La Resistance pick up the win to win the World Tag Team Titles. The referee then ordered the match to be restarted when he realized the legal man did not make the pinfall. When the match restarted, Tajiri got in the green mist and his kicks to pick up the pinfall. After the match, Regal got on the mic and said they have beaten just about any tag team around currently in the WWE. He issued a challenge to any other team that wanted a shot at them (I was expecting The Shane Twins to possibly be brought out, but then again it was Heat).

Side Notes and After RAW went off the Air:

– The arena was close to 80% full. The entire upper deck on the camera side was tarped off.

– I wasn’t exactly sure if a mishap took place involving the pyro as they have in the past just started off shows without it. Many people around me were bracing for the loud display and when the two streamers went off over our heads and nothing else happened, many were left scratching their heads. After going back and viewing the open, it clearly showed that pyro was suppose to take place in the opening.

– Kane’s pyro during the first segment following the women’s tag match caught many by surprise, including myself.

– Shawn Michaels was the most over of anyone, with Batista coming in at a close second (I will get to that later). Triple H unquestionably got the most heat of anyone else.

– After RAW went off the air, JR left the ring and Batista proceeded to celebrate with the crowd for a good 10 minutes. He seemed genuinely touched about the response the crowd gave him in Moline. He saluted everyone in all four corners, went around the ring a bit and then made sure to acknowledge everyone in every part of the arena. It was a great way to close the show.

– Adam Martin

Credit: www.WrestleView.com

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