[SD] Taping Results for Smackdown & Velocity (SPOILERS)


*Rene Dupree defeated Mark Jindrak.

*Chavo Guerrero (returning from his broken orbital bone) defeated Shannon Moore (returning from injuries from the car accident as well).
*Scotty Too Hotty defeated Nunzio.
*Luther Reigns defeated Funaki.
*Charlie Haas & Hardcore Holly b Akio & Spike Dudley.

*WWE United States champion Orlando Jordan vs. Booker T. The Bashams and Big Show got involved, setting up General Manager Teddy Long decreeing they would have a handicap match right now….
*Big Show & Booker T defeated WWE United States champion Orlando Jordan & The Bashams.
*Torrie Wilson pinned Dawn Marie.
*Carlito’s Cabana: MNM, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury (Joey Matthews), managed by Melina debuted, challenging Rey Mysterio for a shot at the WWE Tag Team championship before laying him out.
*Backstage, John Bradshaw Layfield blamed his cabinet for his losing the WWE title to John Cena. JBL walks out and runs into a UPS deliveryman who has a package for John Cena. JBL takes the package for him, believing its a new championship belt.
*Backstage, Rey Misterio is being checked out by the doctor when Eddie Guerrero comes on the scene, saying he just heard what happened and was late to the building because of a problem with his ride. Rey tells Guerrero he just wants to be alone after everything that happened last week.
*WWE champion John Cena comes out for a title belt presentation. They plug Wrestlemania 22 will be in Chicago. JBL comes out with the box and when he goes into the box, but when he goes into it, there’s nothing in it but meat guts. Cena says that he got JBL the one thing that he didn’t have – guts – and dumps it over JBL’s head. They lower a new WWE championship belt that spins from the ceiling. Cena celebrates and shows it off to the crowd.
*Heidenreich defeated an unnamed opponent and reads the beaten opponent a poem about “Breaking Wind in the Windy City.” Heidenreich actually got a big pop for the poem
*Backstage, Booker T is doing promotional photos while Sharmell psyche him up. Kurt Angle shows up and talks down to T. Sharmell gets in Angle’s face and Angle mocks Booker for having a woman defend him.
*WWE Cruiserweight champion Paul London cuts a promo saying that he has 18 staples in his head from last week and isn’t cleared to wrestle, but he’s there for a fight and calls out Chavo Guerrero. Guerrero came to the ring and tells London that he stole the title and never defeated Guerrero. Guerrero says that he’s a man of honor and won’t go after London while he’s hurt. Billy Kidman attacked London, and they brawled. London got the better of him and hit the 450 splash, then showed off the belt to infuriate Guerrero.
*They plugged Big Show vs. Booker T for next week.
*Kurt Angle pinned Eddie Guerrero in about 20 minutes of a good match. There was a ref bump. Angle went to grab a chair but Rey Misterio came out and hit the West Coast Pop. Rey grabs the chair, and Guerrero sees him with the chair, so they have words. Angle hits Rey, who knocks into Guerrero with the chair. Angle scores the pin. Rey and Eddie face off after the match.
*JBL comes out and demands a rematch against John Cena. Teddy Long comes out, setting up John Cena coming out. They have a quick match with Cena defeating Bradshaw with the F-U.

Credit- Ashley Colton & PWInsider.com