InsidePULSE Indy Report 4.13.5: Results & SUN Shows


4/9 – IWA MS – Highland, IN
CCW – Harrisburg, PA
4/10 – PWW – Santa Monica, CA
NEPW – Painesville, OH
SUN SHOWS – 4/17:
PWU/SCM – Philadelphia, PA
AWA NJ – Union City, NJ
MPW – Maple Grove, MN
FWA – Portsmouth, England

IWA Mid-South results
Sat, 4/9 – Highland, IN

IWA MS Simply the Best VI Tournament:
*M-Dogg 20 def. Jigsaw
*Josh Abercrombie def. Jonny Storm
*El Generico def. Emil Sitoci
*Larry Sweeney def. Sonny Rogers
*Sonjay Dutt def. Jay Fury

*Mickie Knuckles def. Chandler McClure
*IWA MS Heavyweight Title Contender Match: Arik Cannon def. Claudio Castignoli & Danny Daniels
*Eric Priest/Silas Young def. Joey Envy/Tyler Black, Adam Jacobs/Shane Tempers, & BJ Whitmer/Eddie Kingston
*Tank def. Ryan Boz
*Chris Candido def. Ian Rotten
*CM Punk def. Delirious
*Samoa Joe def. Brad Bradley

*Simply the Best VI Finals: Josh Abercrombie def. M-Dogg 20, El Generico, & Sonjay Dutt
*TLC: The Iron Saints (Sal & Vito Thomaselli) def. Brandon Thomaselli/Trik Davis
*IWA MS Heavyweight Title Match: champion Jimmy Jacobs retained against Chris Hero

Classic Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 4/9 – Harrisburg, PA

*Damien Destruction def. Teddy Fine
*Troy Mest (w/ JR Manitoba) def. Hyjinx Troy
*Big Hink/Mikey Wrath def. Loco Lobo/J-Money
*CCW Heavyweight Title Match: D-Licious def. “Mean” Mark Mest after interference from Rob Noxious
*CCW Cruiserweight Ladder Match: Ryan Loot def. Lucky
*Retirement Match: Rico Suave def. Max Havoc
*The Saint def. Rob Noxious after interference from Damien Destruction

Pro Wrestling War results
Sun, 4/10 – Santa Monica, CA

*Charles Murcury def. Yoshida
*Super Dragon def. Davey Richards
*No DQ Match: Team EPIC def. Scorpio Sky/Markus Riot
*Street Fight: Trent Acid def. Jack Evans
*Human Tornado def, Scott Lost
*Austin Aries def. Adam Pearce

North East Pro Wrestling results
Sun, 4/10 – Painesville, OH

*Justin Idol def. Bobby Shields
*NEPW US Tag Titles Match: champions Extreme Violence retained over Aero/JT Lightning
*NEPW Ladies Title Match: champion Lady Victoria retained over Stacy Hunter
*Marty Jannetty/J-Rocc/The Deviant def. Ray Rowe/Adam Kage/Carlton Kaz
*Doink def. Tracy Smothers
*Real Smooth def. Robby Chance/Ian Roth
*Glenn Spectre/Olsen Twins def. Chris Hamrick/Ring Crew Express (Dunn/Marcos)
*Christopher Daniels def. Fabulous
*April Fools Match: Dick Trimmins def. Rod the Bod

Pro Wrestling Unplugged presents “Super Circus Maximum”
Sun, 4/17 – 5 pm
3230 Collins ST, Philadelphia, PA

(pre-show matches at 4:15 pm)
*Four Corners of Hell: Mana, The Polynesian Warrior vs. Balls Mahoney
*Alere Little Feather/Debbie Sue vs. Nikki Roxx/Talia
*Allison Danger vs. Mercedes Martinez vs. Cindy Rogers
*(ref: Dr. Spider) Supreme Lee Great vs. “Downtown” Mike Brown
*Eddie Guapo vs. Bryan Wenzel vs. Trent Acid
*Four Corners of Hell Match: Balls Mahoney vs. Mana
*”The Reverend” John Cabbie (w/ Crappy the Clown) vs. HiJinx
*The Highwaymen (Leslie Leatherman/Jake “The Machine” Davis) vs. Rockin’ Rebel/Greg Matthews
*Super Circus Women’s Title Battle Rumble including Mercedes Martinez , Talia , Alere Little Feather, Nikki Roxx, Cindy Rogers, Allison Danger, Alicia, Psycho, & more
*Also featuring The Grungers & more
Tickets: $10

American Wrestling Alliance New Jersey presents “Hellbound”
Sun, 4/17 – 5 pm
725 Sip ST, 3rd Floor, Union City, NJ

*AWA NJ Heavyweight Title Match: champion Jay Lethal vs. “Cold Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto
*AWA Lightweight Title Match: champion “Suicidal Demon” Azrieal vs. Archadia
*Rob Vegas vs. Joe Hardway (w/ The NBC)
*”Outlaw” Mike Donovan vs. “Untouchable” Neeno Capone
*The Idol (w/ Peter Perry) vs. Pinkie Sanchez
*Also featuring AWA NJ Tag champions All Money Is Legal, Eric Cooper, Ozzie NV, The Infernal Chapel of “Disturbed” Damian Dragon, J-Kronic, and Manslaughter, The return of the “Dirty Rotten Scoundrel” E.C. Negro, CJ O’Doyle, Bobby Vee, El Chapuline Negro, & more

Midwest Pro Wrestling
MPW Arena, 11760 Justen Circle Ste F, Maple Grove, MN
Sun, 4/17

FWA Academy
Sun, 4/17 – 1 pm
Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth, England

*Mark Underwood vs. Doug Williams vs. Dan Head
*Max Voltage vs. Jody Fleisch
*Aviv Maayan vs. Jonny Storm
*Rajah Ghosh vs. Jack Xavier
*Mark Sloan/Ollie Burns vs. James Tighe/Justin Richards
*Dan James vs. Simmons
*Also featuring Alex Shane & more