TN-Analysis # 5


Hello everybody, I’m Scott “not-ty 2 hotty” Sumner welcoming you to the 5th addition of TN-Analysis. I’ve got a few lengthy emails to reply to, so let’s get started. Our first email comes from the Phenominal Philipino. You know…that really should be the name of a pepper or something.

The Phenominal Philipino is back yo! Now for my “half” of the column.

1. AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn and Low-Ki vs. Eric Estrada, Jimmy Yang and Sonny Siaki; The first official TNA match and X-Division match.

2. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sting, Syxx-Pac, Jeff Jarrett(I think), Lex Luger, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan(Technically) and Curt Hennig

3. My Favorite TNA match of all time: Chris Sabin vs. Juvi Guerrera, Super X Cup Finals. Probably the best pure wrestling match in their history. Styles/Daniels comes close, but this one had the better pace. In my opinion, this put Sabin in the top elite of the X-Division with the win over a highly respected and popular wrestler like Juvi. If you look at the highest rated TNA matches by Scott Keith:

Ultimate X 1- ****1/2
AMW vs. XXX Cage 1-****1/2
Ultimate X VI- ****1/2
AMW vs. XXX Cage 2-****1/2
Chris Sabin vs. Juvi Guerrera; X-Cup Finals-****1/2

This match is the highest rated singles match in TNA history by mister Scott “Rant” Keith himself. To me its a ***** classic.

Anyway……..Now for my opinion part. Dusty Rhodes has gone crazy. All the matches at Lockdown inside Six Sides of Steel!!! This is insane in the membrane booking. The only way this ppv can have a lasting effect is if they don’t have anymore Six Sides of Steel until next year’s Lockdown PPV. And AJ getting a title shot at Jarrett, if AJ wins against Abyss, and goes on to Hard Justice, he might lose, becuase he is scheduled to win the title at Slamiversary. So expect the next couple of months to have shotty booking in the main events. Anyway, that’s all for this this week.

The Three Faces of Pinoy: The Phenominal Philipino, Puma, Brian

Well…I don’t think that took up HALF of the column, but it was a decent sized email none-the-less. Well, you seem to be correct with your answer to my 1st question. For those who are wondering, the question I asked was “What was TNA’s first match?”. I got a number of emails giving me the same answer, and just so this column won’t get repetitive, I’m going to edit this answer out of the rest of my emails. You named off a few NWO guys, but you missed alot as well. I’m not going to name them all yet, we’re going to wait until the end of this column to do that, just because I love to make you people squirm. I’ve never seen the Sabin vs. Guerrera match, and it’s a shame because I only missed the Super X Cup because I was out of town. It sounds great though. With all due respect to Mr. Keith, I’m not sure that he should be the yardstick that all matches are measured by however. He gave ECW’s Raven/Stevie Richards vs. The Pitbulls’ 2/3 falls dog collar match a ***** rating (the only ECW match he ever gave that to), so I watched the match with decent hopes…in my opinion the match was nothing better half of the stuff ECW put out, but we all have our own opinions. And no…Dusty didn’t go crazy, he’s BEEN crazy. The man is in his 50’s (or is it 60’s?) and he talks with a lisp…and expects people to be intimidated by him? WHAT THE FUCK?

Our next email comes from Joe Halveson.

Great Column!
2. I believe 9, don’t feel like naming them.

3. My favorite match is gonna be the Fallen Angel’s debut. Six man elimination match for a shot at X champ Styles. Lynn, Low Ki, Daniels, Tony Mamaluke, Skipper, and Kid Romeo. Low Ki was hot and the last elimination was Ki pinning Daniels with I believe a Ki Crusher. This got me thinking, Christopher Daniels doesn’t use his best finisher in TNA these days; the Last Rites. Here’s to Low Ki showing up again in TNA!

Your answer to my first question was indeed correct, but like I said, I edited it out of your email. There are more than 9 former NWO members that have been in TNA. I never saw this match either (damn…I need to start watching some old TNA!!) but it sounds awesome. Yes, the Last Rites is awesome..and yes Low Ki is even more awesome. I’d love to see him in TNA again.

This one comes from Steven P…I wonder if the P stands for penis? Ha, I’m just messin with you man…

2. How many former NWO members in TNA? 12(13) Curt Hennig Buff Bagwell Scott Hall Kevin Nash Sting Syxx-Pac Konnan Jeff Jarrett Randy Savage Disco Inferno Lex Luger Dusty Rhodes(it did happen) (Hulk Hogan) if he counts

3. My favorite TNA match was the first X-Division match ever: X-Title Double Elimination Match: A.J. Styles vs. Psicosis, Jerry Lynn, & Low Ki to crown the first X-Division champion. The match itself was innovative, and it marked my first experience with seeing AJ Styles and what he can do in the ring.

By George I think you may be right!!!! Well, our Philipino friend may disagree with that match being the first X-Division match, but that WAS a great match. I was already a huge fan of Jerry Lynn, AJ, and Psicosis when I saw this match…and it introduced me to Low Ki. 4 great workers and the fact that we may never see those 4 in the same company again, really makes the match special.

This one comes from Curtis McLean. I’m leaving his answer to my first question in his email, because he made a great point at the end of it.

1. Great match, just look at it, AJ Styles, Low Ki and Jerry Lynn, the guys that would be the pinnacle of the X-Division for a year. On the same side! They face Jorge Estrada, Jimmy Yang(Akio) and Sonny Siaki. It was a good match, too quick though, but a very surprise ending, Low Ki misses a Tidal Crush and nails AJ, to which Yang follows up with a Yangtime and pins AJ! Akio pinned the TNA poster boy in the 1st ever TNA match!

2. I can think of 14 nWo members to be in TNA, Nash, Hall, Savage, Waltman, Bagwell, Henning, Dusty, Hogan, Sting, Luger, Konnan, Ron and Don Harris and Jarrett.

3. My favorite match in TNA was on May 5, 2004. Team Canada vs Team TNA. This match was off the charts, great spot after great spot. The battle of the moonsaults as the BME takes on the Devine Intervention. A Tower of Doom, a Canadian Destroyer (I think), a Spiral Powerbomb, a hockey stick over the back. It was missing very little, I would have liked to see a Showstoppa and Last Rights in there, but It was one match I just loved and it built well to the World’s X Cup and I got to see my Team Canada in full force!

To think, Akio beat AJ Styles in TNA’s first match…A WWE Jobber (sad but true) beat TNA’s “poster boy” in the first TNA match…Irony rears it’s ugly head doesn’t it? Jesus! 14 nWo members that have been in TNA? I really think you may be correct here…Team Canada vs. Team TNA….Great match, but forgotten about these days. It’s a pity, because the match was good, but you don’t hear much about it anymore.

Joe Selders sends in his answers next.

So questions and answers huh? Pretty cool gimmick and a lot of fun for the people that read and like that kind of a challenge.

2)Hmmm NWO in TNA Hall and Nash obviosly, Stick Fuck (X-pac, 6-pac, Syxxx whatever you want to call him), Macho Man, Konan, Buff Bagwell, Sting (Black and Red), Lex Lugar (Black and Red), Dennis Rodman, Curt Henning, Jeff Jarrett (Black and Silver), Dusty Rhodes, Disco Inferno (was he official can’t remember?), Harris Brothers (Black and Silver). I think I got them all but I might have missed some the NWO was so f’d up after awhile.

3) My favorite match was the 6 sides of steel. AMW v. XXX to great tag teams with a bit of rivalry that put on an outstanding match. TNA gives me the things I don’t get with WWE/F. Good tag team wrestling and good cruiser/X division wrestling.

Keep up the good work bro. It’s nice to have some TNA columns out there.

Thanks, I like having a gimmick…it makes me feel like a WWF wrestler from 1990. *Jumps with joy*. YES! Nobody else included Rodman…(Rod-man…what an odd name…do you agree?) I really don’t believe that Disco was official…wow I may have bitten off more than I could chew by assuming that I really knew the answer to this question lol. AMW v. XXX GREAT match, and I knew that SOMEBODY would have to pick it, the “tight cage” walking of Elix Skipper was f’in insane…
This one is from Mike Sharn.

First off, yes I was complimenting your column because I thought it was an interesting read while I sit at my rather linear job.

Answer #1: The first match in TNA history was the Flying Elvis Impersonators consisting of Jimmy Yang, Sonny Siaki, and Jorge Estrada vs. Low Ki, AJ Styles, and Jerry Lynn ended with Yang pinning Styles at 6:26 with a twisting senton (Credit to Scott Keith for match time and finish)

Answer #2: Too many to name however here goes; Hogan (in a vignette), Hall, Nash, Jarrett, Savage, Bagwell, Sting, Luger, Syxx-Pac, Curt Hennig, Dusty Rhodes, Konnan, Disco Inferno, Harris Brothers. So 14. Answer #3: Best match in TNA… Probably the first steel cage match between Triple X vs. AMW on June 25, 2003.

Thank you for calling me interesting. I’m leaving your question # 1 answer in your email too, since you had so much info in it. I’m puzzled as to the Disco Inferno thing…I have no clue whether or not he was actually an nWo member, but I intend on answering that in next week’s column. Ahh yes…XXX vs. AMW in the FIRST Steel Cage match in TNA history (I believe.) The AMW finisher from the cage was amazing…very cool visual. It was outdone in my opinion by the 6 sides of steel match, but it’s still good and stands the test of time well.
Well guys, that’s it for this week. I’m not exactly sure about the nWo question that I asked, and I really feel like a dumbass for asking it when I wasn’t SURE of the answer. I forgot all about Disco, and I was really trying to go by memory. Next week’s column will feature a well-researched answer to this dillema though, so don’t worry your little heads off. Now, for 3 more questions.

1. (Because I have no f*ckin’ clue) – What happened to D’lo Brown?

2. (To test your knowledge) – How many weekly PPV’s did TNA show, before changing to the monthly PPV format?

3. (Voice your opinion) – How do you think that the recent WWE releases will affect TNA’s future?