NBC Exec Set To Retire In June

The man in charge of newsgathering for the country’s top-rated broadcast news outlet, NBC News Vice President Bill Wheatley, said Wednesday he will retire in June.

Wheatley, 60, said he decied that he needed to step away from the beeper, Blackberry and cell phone.

“After many years of working on a 24-7 basis of phone calls around the clock and always being on duty … I’d really like to be in a situation where my time is much more my own,” he said.

Wheatley worked at NBC News for 30 years, many of them as a producer at “Nightly News.” He organized NBC News coverage for major events and coordinated the network’s relationships with outside news agencies and wrote the company’s standards and practices guidelines.

He said he’s particularly proud of helping organize coverage for some of this decade’s big events, from Sept. 11 to the pope’s death, at a time NBC was usually the most-watched TV news outlet.

Credit: Yahoo/AP