[WWE] Update on Vince McMahon’s Recovery


Before fans were let into the Staples Center before WrestleMania 21, Vince was walking around ringside, watching some of the wrestlers work out. He wasn’t overly active, however, if you didn’t know he was previously in a wheelchair, you would think that there was nothing wrong with him. However, he wasn’t around backstage as he usually is.

Vince does not like showing pain in front of people, even going as far once to tell Shane McMahon not to wear a coat in the middle of winter, as it shows weakness. This mentality actually lead to him tearing his second quad, as he did not want to sell his first quad tearing in the middle of the ring at the Royal Rumble, and his ignorance of the injury actually lead to him tearing his other one.

However, this does make HHH & Nash look bad for taking so long to recovery from tearing their quads, although, keep in mind, walking around and actually wrestling is two completely different things.

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