Kevin Smith Returning to Acting

Kevin Smith (Chasing Amy, Dogma) has won a big role in Jennifer Garner’s latest comedy Catch and Release, according to his View Askew website.

“They’ve still gotta make the deal (the money stuff), but the part’s officially mine”, Smith tells readers. “I can’t tell you how unaccustomed to being “chosen” I am at this point in my career. I never have moments like this, because every script I’ve written to direct myself that I’ve turned in since “Clerks” has been greenlit, not selected. Granted, it’s validation; but it’s not the kind of validation you feel when someone says “I want you.” This was up there with Schwalbach letting me into her body seven years back; not as physically gratifying of course, but up there nonetheless. For ten years, I’ve been the guy telling actors and actresses “I want you”, and now, all the sudden, this person I have no connection to and have only met less than an hour before feels that a character she wrote without me in mind is me. It was one of the top ten best and most surprising moments of my life”.

Susanah Grant is the writer/director of the film, which tells of a woman struggling to accept the death of her husband and the secrets he kept from her as she rebuilds her life. Smith and star Garner previously appeared in “Daredevil” together.

Apparently Smith’s new acting role means his next film Clerks 2: Passion of the Clerks has to be pushed back a little bit.