More Superman Returns Rumors

The scooper that dropped the “Superman dies” bombshell a few weeks back with the guys at Moviehole is back this week, with some more juicy news. Since he was so right about the last scoop he gave them, the site is running with another one:

“This weekend (Saturday) more filming will take place in the city of the same sequence from last weekend….with a lot less extras…like 200…not 1000 like they had last time. Singer needs reshoots and better coverage I’m being told”, he says. “Did you see that new S? It’s exactly the same silver one that was used in the doomsday death of superman black superman suit…and what would you like to bet, considering the last scene being filmed was superman ‘dying’…. hmmm…sure looks possible to me, considering Latino review spoke of Superman having a kid and a black suit months ago”.

Also, a couple of days ago rumors were being reported that Brandon Routh might be filming all his scenes in L.A. The scooper shoots that down too.

“Many of his scenes are being filmed in the fox studio backlot – which was the whole point they chose fox (among budget concerns), was because they needed extensive greenscreen area for the flying sequences. Some of his major scenes have already been filmed and they include the Branson scene where superman saves the shuttle in space. Think green screen”.

And even more talk of space shuttles, “…there were some space flight signs on the bustops during last week’s filming that give hints about the whole theme of space travel in this film. Lex Luthor is a not only a man with many resources (including financial) but has a stake in space travel….It’s a major plot point in the film and part of what lures superman into trouble…. so I’m being told”.

Finally, the scooper apparently told them the look of the flick’s going to be quite slick – it’s being filmed on a HDCAM-SR with newly debuted ‘Genesis’ Panavision camera and lenses. All digital, in other words.