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Welcome to InsidePulses Live TNA Impact! Coverage. I am your host Jeremy Lambert. Today we get a preview of the Lethal Lockdown cage match because Sean Waltman and Diamond Dallas Page take on Monty Brown and The Outlaw. Aslo…KID KASH IN ACTION!!!!

-The Jarrett interview from last week rolls. They also show DDPs attack after the interview.

-Now we go to the Impact! Zone

-Michael Shane, Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt vs Chris Sabin, Sonny Siaki & Apolo: Why is Siaki and not Shocker? Bad booking. Everyone jaws for about 20 seconds and Shane and Sabin start the bout. Sabin goes for a lock up but Shane ducks outside the ring. Sabin goes for a lockup, Shane ducks and slaps Sabin. Sabin chases Shane around the ring before Shane tags in Kash. Hoyt yells at Shane for being scared. Drop toe hold by Sabin. Shoulder block by Kash. Dropkick by Sabin followed by an arm drag and a tag to Siaki. Double arm drag on Kash. Siaki arm drags Kash then works on the arm. Thumb poke to the eyes by Kash and he tags in Shane. Dropkick by Siaki on Shane. Flapjack powerslam for 2 by Shane. Siaki springs off the ropes by Kash hits the Siaki in the back. Shane tags in Hoyt. Hoyt pounds on Siaki. Sidewalk slam by Hoyt and we go to commercial.


-We are back and Hoyt goes for a moonsault but misses. Hoyt tags in Kash and Siaki tags in Apolo. Apolo hits everything that moves. Sabin clothelines Shane over the top. Apolo tries a springboard arm drag on Hoyt but it turns into nothing. Kash goes up top and Apolo crothes him. Apolo tries a superplex on Kash but Hoyt powerbombs Apolo to save Kash. Kash hits a frog splash from the top for the win.
Winners – Kid Kash, Lance Hoyt & Michael Shane

-Candido comes out and hes in a wheel chair, man he looks bad. The evil lawyer chews out Nash for doing this to Candido. If Nash shows up, security will beat him up and arrest him


-We are back and Trinity is telling Shane how good the X Division belt will look on him. Traci interupts and shills Dusty Rhode’s new book.

-Petey Williams & Al Ralphz vs Killings & BG James: James gets on the mic but Petey attacks him. James knocks fown Petey. Killings dropkicks Al. Double dancing punche and stomp by 3LK on Petey. Petey tags in Al. Tilt o whirl head scissors by Killings. 10 punch by Killings until Petey hits him with the snake eyes. AL tags in Petey. Snapmare followed by a dropkick to the back by Petey. Tag in to Al. Al pounds on Killings. Rope choke by Al. Killings fights back until Al hits him with a spine buster and covers for 2. Al puts Killings in the tree of woe and stomps away. Petey comes in and stands on Killings crotch. Petey reels in Killings. He goes to the destroyer but Killings back drops him. Double cross body by Petey and Killings. Al and James are tagged in. James hits everything that moves. Shake rattle and roll on Petey. Hart attack side kick by 3LK on Al and thats the match
Winner – Ron Killings & BG James


-Elix Skipper joins us on commentary and Dustys book sits in the middle of the screen.

-Mikey Batts vs Christopher Daniels: Lock up to start. Snap mare by Daniels followed by a leg trip and an arm drag. Arm drag and side leg kick by Batts. Batts goes for a spingboard something by Daniels just slaps him away. Tilt o whirl back breaker on Batts. STO by Daniels. Daniels just tosses Batts into the turnbuckle. Batts throws some punches on Daniels then hits a clothesline. Roll up by Batts and gets 2. Ref bumb, Batts Meter (Stunner) by Batts, he covers Daniels and Elix slides into the ring and counts the 3. Daniels gets up and hits the shining wizard on Skipper then he hits the Angels Wings on Batts for the real win
Winner – Christopher Daniels


-3LK meets up backstage. Konnan wants to know what The Outlaw has been telling BG. BG says nothing is going on. Konnan is still upset about being hit with the guitar at Destination X

-Eric Young vs Konnan: Why didnt they just make this a 6 man and gives somebody like…AJ Styles some air time. Corner clothesline by Konnan to start. Konnan whips Young over the top rope. Young pulls Konnan to the outside but Konnan hits him. Konnan goes after D’Amore and Young attacks him from behind. Back in the ring Young drops elbows on Konnan. Tenay explains the rules for Ultimate Xcape and says “the last man left inside the cage in the loser” ok…but whos the winner? Back to the match Young chokes Konnan. Young whips Konnan into the corner. Rope choke by Young. D’Amore hits Konnan while Young distracts the ref. Scoop slam by Young. Young goes to the top. He jumps off but Konnan gets the leg up. Rolling clothesline by Konnan. Young tries a tornado DDT but Konnan shrugs him off. They trade pin attempts for 2. Alabama slam by Konnan followed by a powerbomb and that gets the win
Winner – Konnan

-Shane Douglas is standing next to AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. Ok so AJ does get air time. A match would have been better though. AJ is not afraid of Abyss but he is afraid of what Abyss can do. The old Jeff Hardy was reborn at Destination X. So he hit 1 spot? Next week, Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles vs Raven & Abyss. Raven comes out of nowhere and hits Hardy with a trash can and then he walks away. AJ stands there and looks dumb before he checks on Hardy. What a stupid ending.


-Jeff Jarrett comes out and joins us on commentary. Jarrett throws Dusty’s book out of the way to make room for his title on the announce table. Thank god. Nash comes outta nowhere and security holds him back. I thought they were gonna beat him up and arrest him. After about 2 minutes of Jarrett saying “get him outta here” Nash just leaves.

-The Outlaw & Monty Brown vs Sean Waltman & Diamond Dallas Page: Jawing to start and DDP and Outlaw start it off. Lock up to start before Outlaw backs DDP into the corner. DDP ducks a punch then hits the arm shoulder blocks. DDP tries a diamond cutter but Outlaw shoves it off. Shoulder block by DDP followed by a clothesline. Waltman tags in. Back elbow by Outlaw and Brown tags in as we go to commercials


-We are back and Monty Brown is stomping on Page. Gunn rope chokes DDP while Brown distracts the ref. Brown tags Outlaw in. Hanging supex by Outlaw and then he cover for 2. Outlaw rams DDP into Browns boot then he tags in Brown. DDP tries to fight back by Brown stops that. Jaw jacker by DDP then a double shoulder block. DDP falls face first into Montys downstairs. Outlaw tags in as does Waltman. Spin kick by Waltman followed by a jumping spin kick. Dropkick by Waltman. X-Factor by Waltman and he covers Outlaw but Monty breaks it up. DDP hits the Diamond Cutter on Monty. Outlaw hits the Fame-ass-er on DDP. Waltman whips Outlaw to the corner then hits the bronce buster. JJ leaves the announce table. Jarrett slides into the ring and hits Waltman with the guitar. Outlaw covers Waltman for the win. DDP goes to the outside and throws Jarrett into the railing and then into the table. Jarrett and DDP battle to the outside. Outlaw hits DDP from behind. Nash breaks through security as the show fades out.
Winners – The Outlaw & Monty Brown

Thats all for this week everyone. Join me next time for some more Live iMPACT! coverage. CyA