The Simpsons – \"Future Drama\" Review


Just to let you know, yes I’m still alive, and sorry for not being around the past few weeks. Been busy with school, watched Wrestlemania, not to mention two weeks have been repeats.

Anyway, as I have done many Sundays, I watched my weekly dose of Andy Rooney, poured a big glass of soda, and sat down at the computer to review the latest installment of the show. But halfway through, a visceral reaction began to churn within me.

Maybe it was seeing a double dose of schlock on Friday, catching Sahara in the afternoon and Amtityville Horror at night. I may have the excuse of being with friends both times, but the combined awfunless of thse mvoies might have given me a low level of tolerance for the rest of the weekend.

Suffice it to say, I did get through all of this week’s episode. But I was frozen much of the time, unable to write in the speedy fashion I’m used to.

So, disregarding the usual formula with which I go about writing my reviews, I’ll say this: Without a doubt in my mind, the show has jumped the shark. Some fans have said this years ago, and some will never say it, but after tonight, there’s no denying it.

We were treated(bad verb), with the third “future episode” tonight. The first, “Lisa’s Wedding” was brilliant, placing Bart and Lisa around their early 20’s. Just about every joke worked. The flashing Big Ben, The American/British culture differences, and my favorite gag from that episode, Martin as the Phantom of the school playing “A Fifth of Beethoven” on his organ.

The second was “Bart of the Future”, one of the worst episodes ever. Bart and Lisa were in their thirties, with Bart as a drunk and Lisa as president. Just about every joke misfired, and thankfully, I’ve only allowed myself to see this abomination twice.

Tonight’s “The Future Drama”, place Bart and Lisa in their mid to late teens. And yet it was the most futuristic of them all, with Homer living underwater and having a flying car. Milhouse, for some reason was muscular, and Chief Wiggum was a robot with an oven for a chest. It’s even more inane than it sounds.

And not inane in the funny way the show has often been in the past. More of like a “what the hell was that” type of feeling, if anything.

There was no reason to do another future episode. And besides, it contradicted many things that were established in the other two future episodes. Not that I’m a continuity stickler on a show that’s never had it much, but c’mon!

And it’s almost made me doubt my own credibility as a writer and a reviewer. I think i gave out a few unjustified high-scores as a means to prove that there still are quality episodes being made. And yes, some of them were, but looking back, I don’t think anything should have squaked past a 7.0 at the most.

It’s tough to admit the truth sometimes, but once it gets as ugly as it was tonight, there’s no denying it.

I’ll continue to watch the show out of habit, because it’s been around most of the life, and I still do love the characters.But the enthusiasm I used to hold on to right until 7:59 on Sunday night’s is gone.