InsidePulse’s WWE RAW Report 4.18.05


Hey Raven West here, you’re good ol’ RAW recapper. But before we get on to tonight’s show, I’ve decided to start a new thing where I will actually give out the win-loss record of each superstar. Now, from when do these records set back to? Well, they start pretty much after ‘Mania, as that is, in my opinion, the start of the new season. I know, Vince officialy says it’s like sometime in August, but when there is NO off-season, might as well make it after the biggest show of the year. Also, in the win-loss score, I only count RAW shows or ppvs, so no Heats or house shows, as that would be too much work. Here, I just look back at the past couple of weeks, and keep up. Remember, also feel free to send me feedback on how I could approve this report.

On to the show…

Beforhand, JR is seen talking to Bischoff, but Eric won’t budge. Actually, Eric does JR one better by making it a no-DQ match, and puts Batista in JR’s corner to match Flair.

LIVE from Madison Square Garden, New York
Hosts are Jerry Lawler & Johnathan Coachman

Edge(0-1) vs. Chris Benoit(1-1)
Edge jumps him to start, but Benoit fires back with the chops. Edge counters a german, but Benoit still gets 5 of them. Diving Headbutt misses, so Edge sets up the Spear, which misses. Edge gets the Edge-O-Matic however. It gets 2. Benoit gets out of a back suplex, and Benoit hooks on the Crippler Crossface. Edge manages to make the ropes, but Benoit takes him outside for some beatings. They fight all the way to the back, but refs break them up as we go to a…

Commercial break.

We’re back as Benoit and Edge fight all the way back to break up the divas reading. Refs try to seperate them, and Bischoff says if they want it, they got it – at Backlash, it will be a Last Man Standing match.

Trish Stratus comes out to the ring, and apparently wants to start fresh with Lita. Lita comes out, crutch and all. The fans chant “slut”, and Trish tells them to not call Lita that. Trish gives an apology, but Lita doesn’t buy it. Kane storms out as Lita knocks Trish down with her crutch. Trish tries to run, but it looks as Kane is about to get the Chokeslam, until Viscera makes the save. He pretty much demolishes Kane, and it looks like he’s Trish’s new man. Viscera carries Trish to the back, as we cut to a:

Commercial break.

Backstage, Trish looks to be thanking Vis, when Viscera wants some service from her. Apparently, when they go out next week, Trish wants it to be strictly business. Viscera says that he likea to mix business with pleasure. Trish suggests they take it slow, and Viscera agrees. Trish walks off, but not before Viscera gets a kiss.

World Tag Team Champions William Regal & Tajiri vs. The Heart Throbs
Regal and one of the heels start off, and the two gets some quick near falls. Tajiri comes in, and the heel tags in Romeo. Tajiri gets a monkey flip and in comes Regal. The Heart Throbs double team on regal for a quick near fall. One of the dudes get 1, as I can’t really tell them apart. Regal gets out of the corner, and manages to tag in Tajiri. Springboard reverse elbow gets 2 for Tajiri. Regal neck-snaps one of them, allowing Tajiri to get a roll-up for 3.

The Heart Throbs double team on Tajiri aftwerwards.

Commercial break.

Backstage, JR and a ref are apparently talking about Batista not being at the arena.

Meanwhile, Ric is worried about Batista being in JR’s corner, but HHH tells not to worry, he called Dave’s limo company, and won’t be arriving anytime soon.

Grisham is with Hassan and Daivari. Hassan says he’s not worried about HBK tonight, as his manager easily took care of him last week. Grisham asks about the possibility of him/Daivari vs HBK/Hogan at Backlash, but Hassan says that Hogan didn’t hear HBK crying last week, and there will be no one to save Shawn at Backlash, or tonight.

Commercial break.

Muhammad Hassan vs. Shawn Michaels(0-1)
Shawn wastes no time with getting the match started, as the crowd is all HBK. The two slug it out as the crowd chants “Hogan”. Hassan runs into a big boot, but Daivari tries to trip up Shawn. Shawn chases, but Hassan uses the opportunity to ram Shawn’s back into the apron. HBK gets out of a suplex and starts chopping. Shawn dumps out Muhammad, as we go to a…

Commercial break.

We’re back with Hassan driving Shawn’s face into the mat for 2. Backbreaker gets 2, twice. Neckbreaker and an elbow gets 2. Shawn fights out of a chinlock, and eventually gets the flying forearm. Shawn sets up the elbow, hits it, and sets up the Sweet Chin Music, but Daivari interferes, allowing Hassan to get the Modified STO. Daivari, pissed off, attacks Shawn, causing the DQ.

Afterwards the heels double team on Shawn, but Hogan runs out to make the save. He Hulks-up, and gets the boots on both of the heels. Shawn adds a clothesline for good measure. The two celebrate as the crowd goes wild.

Commercial break.

Chris Masters comes out, as I guess it’s time for his $1000 challenge. Masters goes over the rules, and I guess it’s a audience challenge. He picks somebody from the audience, and Chris tells the dude to sit down, and if he can break his Master Lock, he’ll get $1000. Masters puts it on, and the bell gets rung in about 2 seconds.

Commercial break.

Simon Dean’s in the ring, and he would like remind everybody that he’s Simon Dean, and some other things I think, but Shelton Benjamin interrupts.

Simon Dean vs. Shelton Bejamin(1-0)
Y2J interrupts before the bell rangs, and announces Y2J/Benjamin III at Backlash. Y2J has also prepared a new song to be performed tonight, which I think IS titled “Shelton’s a Little Bitch”. Anyways, Dean attacks behind to start, and he gets a top rope clothesline for 2. A normal clothesline gets 2. Shelton fights back, but Dean gets a axe handle, or something of that matter, and gets 2, twice. Shelton comes back with a wristlock bridge for 2. Shelton unleashes on Simon, gets a splash, and a T-bone suplex finishes it.

Smackdown! Rebound.

Commercial break.

Christian walks out with Tomko, and seems to be disappointed with is Christian Coalition in New York. He rants on about not having the proper ovation, when VINCE MCMAHON walks out, to a pop at that. Vince says that he can’t stand it when people talk talk talk, but don’t say a damn thing. Christian says that Vince came out to congratulate him on his win over Benoit last week. McMahon says that he came out here to announce something happening again like it did last year. It is…the draft lottery, which will happen in about a month. Christian goes on the record to say that if he were on SD!, he would kick Marky Mark’s ass(aka John Cena), and take his title. Vince tells Christian that since he thinks he’s main event material, next week Christian will be in the main event. It will be him vs Batista.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is with HHH. Grisham asks if HHH believes that all it takes is the Pedigree to get his world title back. HHH says it’s been proven 10 times before, and then cues a video package of him Pedigreeing everybody worth a damn.

Meanwhile, JR is in what I guess is his wrestling gear, and he’s walking to the ring.

Commercial break.

Triple H(1-0) vs. Jim Ross
Coach mentions that both men weigh the same. HHH offers a hand, but JR wont shake, so he gets sucker punched. HHH gets some more punches, but JR actually fires back. HHH punches the hell out of him in return. JR actually gets busted open, and HHH TEARS the Oklahoma Jersey. HHH takes Ross’ belt and uses that as a weapon. King is fed up, as he tries to plead with HHH. So he gets punched in return, and a Pedigree for good measure. HHH continues the assault on JR, when a limo arrives, driven by Batista. Big Dave comes out, and he’s all over HHH. Ric tries a chair, but gets spinebusted. HHH gets in a chair shot, and goes for the Pedigree, but Batista backdrops out and kills him with a chair. He then drags JR’s arm over HHH, allowing Jim to get 3.