[SD] Smackdown Taping Results (Spoilers)


Courtesy of Inside Pulse’s own Matthew Michael

PulseMM [8:53 PM]: if I IM you short spoilers you wanna post ’em?

KROMADAS13 [8:53 PM]: sure

PulseMM [8:54 PM]: ok

PulseMM [8:54 PM]: I was THERE. Great show, but loooong.

PulseMM [8:55 PM]: Widro and PK and Hevia were also, and one of them will likely post more complete spoilers, but here you go:

PulseMM [8:55 PM]: No Heat matches were taped, and the only thing that happened after RAW went off the air was Batista signing a lot of autographs and shaking a LOT of hands. He even accepted a few hugs … and a Yankee hat from a fan, that he wore as he went around the ring.

PulseMM [8:56 PM]: The opening match was Paul London and Nunzio over Spike and Kidman, it what was either a dark or Velocity match. Then they went right into SD.

PulseMM [8:57 PM]: Big Show and Booker T opened up the show with Kurt and JBL on commentary. Winner faces Kurt and JBL in a three-way for the title shot. BUT Kurt and JBL interfere, there’s a double DQ, and Teddy makes it a fatal four way next week for the title shot.

PulseMM [8:58 PM]: Carlito’s Cabana featured Eddie, who apologized to Rey for not helping him when MNM beat him up last week. He swears he was stuck in traffic, and he’s sorry for being selfish WRT the WWE Title. MNM interrupts, spraypaints “MNM” on Eddie’s car offscreen, and gets their match for later today.

PulseMM [9:00 PM]: Matt Morgan “debuts” even though he was never really taken off Smackdown a year or so ago when he went down to OVW. He now has a stutter but a charismatic one, and after an interview, he beats a jobber.

PulseMM [9:00 PM]: There are some backstage segments with the cabinet.

PulseMM [9:02 PM]: Booker and Show beat JBL and Angle when Angle walks out.

PulseMM [9:03 PM]: MNM beat Rey and Eddie for the WWE Tag Team Titles, then celebate backstage.

PulseMM [9:03 PM]: Heidenreich reads a poem to his new “friend” Brooklyn Brawler. Brawler hates it, becomes the “BOSTON Brawler” and Heidenreich beats him up to a huge face pop. What?

PulseMM [9:04 PM]: And Cena beats OJ in Champ vs. Champ non-title match despite attempted interference from the Bashams.

PulseMM [9:05 PM]: Pretty sweet SD and I’m looking forward to it on Thursday … I may have some things out of order. Cena was over huge, as was Carlito, as they kept Carlito’s music playing loud and longer than usual in what seemed to be an attempt to drown out the cheers and “Car-Li-To! Car-Li-To!” chants.

PulseMM [9:05 PM]: EOSpoilers.