At Ringside Presents: TNA Turning Point 04 Review

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-Another good opening video by TNA, some comedy mixed with emotion

-FakeMcMahon and FakeHHH arrive at the building. Abyss brings them baloons. How sweet

-Team Canada vs 3 Live Kru(c) for the Tag Team Titles: Killings replaces Konnan in this one. James and Young start. Young start with a kick and punch and tires to ram james’ head into the buckle but BG reverses it. BG then rams Young into two other buckles. Young tries the Shake Rattle and Roll but BG gets the final punch. Scoop slam on Young followed by a Wuz-Up Leg Drop by 3LK. Killings and Roode in now. Shoulder block by Roode who then tells Killings “You Suck” Hip toss followed by a arm drag by Killings. side kick by Killings and a cover for 2. Tag in to BG. double dance punch by BG follwed by a shakey knee drop for 2. Tag back into Killings. Scoop slam by Killings and he goes up top but Roode hits the ropes which crotches Killings. Young tags in. Side backbreaker by Young. Young tags Roode back in. Double backbreaker by Team Canada and Roode covers for 2. They trade punches until Roode hits some knee to the guts followed by a side suplex for 2. Young tags in. Young stomps away on Killings in the corner. Young turns around and poses and Killings goes to the 2nd rope and hits a missle dropkick when Young turns around. Young tags in Roode and Killings tries to tag in BG but Roode knocks BG off the ropes. Team Canada goes for a Wuz-Up but Killings pushes Roode away and gets his feet up on Young as he jumps. Killings tags in BG and he hits everything that moves. Big boot on Roode followed by a back drop on Young. BG knocks Roode to the outside. Shake Rattle and Roll on Young. Roode goes to the top but BG hits him at he jumps. He covers Roode but Young breaks it up as he moves. Young goes to the top and Killings crotches him Killings then hits the axe kick on Young while he hangs on the top rope. Roode hits a spine buster on BG and then covers for 2. Hart Attack Side Kick by 3LK. BG goes for the pump handle slam but Johnny Devine hits BG with the hockey stick while D’Amore distracts the ref. Roode covers BG for the win.
Winners – New Tag Team Champions Team Canada
Rating – *1/2
IP – Good opener but I didnt like such a quick title change as 3LK won them last month

-Dusty Rhodes says that TNA must show the tape tonight. He calls it Cookie Gate….ooook

-Kid Kash, Michael Shane & Kazarian vs Sonny Siaki, Sonjay Dutt & Hector Garza: Kash and Dutt start things out. Slugfest to start followed by some mat wrestling. Trips and quick covrs for 1 follow. Shining wizard then a dropkick followed by a tilt a whirl head scissors by Dutt. Springboard sunset flip by Kash but Dutt rolls through and hits a dropkick. Garza tags in and they hit a double suplex on Kash. Kash eye pokes Garza and tags in Shane. Shoulder block by Garza. Garza whips Shane into the corner and follows but Shane meets him with a boot to the face. Garza tries a monkey flip out of the corner but screws it up nicely. Shane leg drops Garza then tags in Kazarian. The fans chant “You Fucked Up” and Tenay says they are for Shane. Some professor. Garza tags in Siaki. jumping neckbreaker by Siaki. Blind tag by Dutt. Kazarian goes to the top but Siaki elevates Dutt who hits a hurricanrana on Kazarian. Arm bar DDT by Kazarian. Kazarian tags in Shane. Shane works over the arm of Dutt. Arm scissors now by Shane. Kash comes in to no tag but the ever famous hand clap makes it legal. Dutt hits a springboard cross body on Kash. Kash fires back with chops, punches, and upper cuts. Arm by Kash. Garza comes in but the ref stops him. Another hand clap brings in Shane. Shane goes back to work on the arm. Jumping arm bar by Shane. Shane tags in Kazarian. Side backbreaker by Shane followed by a spingboard leg drop by Kazarian. Kazarian covers but Siaki breaks it up. Triple team in the corner by the heels. More work on the arm by Kazarian. Kazarian tags in Kash. Perfect Plex arm breaker by Kash. Kash then hammerlock picks up Dutt and rams his arm into the corner. Kash covers by Garza saves. Hand clap tag into Shane. Shane works over on Dutts arm some more. Dutts fires off right hands on Shane until Shane yanks on Dutts arm. Shane tags in Kazarian. Arm bar pick up and drop by Kazarian. Dutts hits a springboard hurricanrana and both men are down. Dutt makes the hot tag to Garza. Garza hits everything that moves. Scoop slam on Kazarian followed by a moonsault for 2 as Kash breaks it up. Kash and Shane throw Garza to the outside. Siaki clotheslines Shane and Kash to the outside. Siaki propels Dutt to the floor and Dutt hits a front flip on Shane and Kash. Traci goes to the top and Kazarian holds Siaki. Siaki moves and Traci sits on Kazarian. Why did Siaki move? Garza hits the Tornado on Kazarian for the win
Winners – Sonny Siaki, Sonjay Dutt & Hector Garza
Rating – **3/4
IP – Very good match with some good spots

-Savage cuts an interview, I dont know what he said

-Scott D’Amore only backs winners

-Abyss vs Monty Brown in a Seringeti Survival Match: Brawl on the outside to start. Monty throws Abyss into the steps. Then he throws Abyss into the railing. Abyss reverses a whip and Monty hits the ring post. Abyss rams Montys back into the ring apron. Then he throws him into the rail. Abyss pounds on the back of Monty. Abyss pulls a table out from under the ring. Abyss slides the table into the ring and sets it up in the corner. Abyss grabs the bag of tacks and poses until Monty attacks him from behind. Monty clotheslines Abyss. Big boot on Monty as he charges Abyss. Abyss covers for 2. Abyss once again looks under the ring and finds a chair. Abyss rings the chair into Montys gut then hits him in the back with the chair. Abyss puts the chair on Montys chest then Abyss hits the Earthquake. Abyss covers but Monty kicks out at 2. Abyss continues to pound the back of Monty. Abyss once again puts the chair on Montys chest and he again goes for the Earthquake but Monty turns the chair sideways and sticks it straight up Abyss’ candy ass. Monty clocks Abyss with the chair. Running powerslam on Abyss onto the chair. I love how after the move, the ref slides the chair away. Monty goes for the Pounce but Abyss turns it into the Black Hole Slam. Monty kicks out at 2. Abyss wedges the chair between the corner ropes. Monty throws Abyss face first into the chair and then hits the Pounce on Abyss. Abyss falls to the outside. Monty gets Abyss and rolls him into the ring. Monty covers but only gets 2. Monty goes for another Pounce but Abyss ducks and Monty crashes into the table. Abyss covers but Monty kicks out at 2. Abyss gets the bag of tacks now. Monty has his own bag of tacks. Monty lays his bag of tacks onto the floor. Abyss goes for a chokeslam on the tacks but Monty kicks him low. Monty tacks the shirt off Abyss off then they trade chops. Monty goes for a powerbomb but Abyss rams him into the corner. Abyss goes for a powerbomb bu Monty picks him up and hits the Alpha Bomb(Alabama Slam) on Abyss onto the tacks giving Monty the win
Winner – Monty Brown
Rating – **
IP – Dumb way to finish a match and Abyss’ head only hit the tacks. Decent enough brawl to earn the rating though

-FakeMcMahon fires some guy for wearing blue jeans. FakeHHH smashes a Best Of D-Ray 3000 tape. I hope that wasnt my copy

-The NYC vs Pat Kenney & Johnny B Badd with Jacqueline as the Special Guest Referee: I think Badd and Gilberti should have a dance off. DISCO INFERNO BABY! Kenney and Swinger start us off. My Torrent skips here and the next thing I see is Badd hitting a tilt o whirl head scissors on Swinger. Jaw jacker by Swinger. Swinger tags in Gilberti and hes met with two arm drags by Badd. Badd works on the arm. Dropkick by Badd and another arm drag. More arm working by Badd. Badd tags in Kenney. Punches followed by a Northern light suplex by Kenney for two. Kenney hits Swinger then Gilberti pushes Kenney to the outside. Swinger rams Kenneys back into the ringpost then rolls him into the ring. Gilberti stomps away on Kenney then tags in Swinger. Inverted atomic drop by Gilberti and Swinger just forearms Kenney from behind. Knee to the back by Swinger and he stomps away on Kenney. Gilberti tags in. Girlberti throws a couple of punches and Swinger tags in. Clothesline by Swinger and he covers for 2. Swinger chokes Kenney. Whip into the turnbuckles by Swinger and he tags in Girlberti. The NYC whip each other into the back of Kenney. Gilberti knocks Badd off the apron. Swinger holds Kenney and Gilberti looks to hit him but Kenney ducks and Gilberti hits Swinger. Kenney rols up Gilberti for two. Kenney tries a suplex but his back gives. Dropkick to the back by Gilberti and he tags in Swinger. Elbow drop to the back and Swinger covers for 2. They trade punches. Swinger bounces off the ropes but Kenney hits him with a spine buster. Badd and Gilberti tag in. Badd hits everything that moves. High knee lifts to both NYC members. Meeting of the minds to the NYC. Middle rope double axe handle by Badd. Badd goes for the TKO on Gilberti but Swinger stops that. Sleeper russian leg sweep by Swinger. Gilberti shoves Jackie out of the way so he can hit the Chart Buster (Stunner) on Kenney. Gilberti goes for another Chart Buster but Badd shoves him off. Jackie scoop slams Gilberti. Gilberti gets up and is met with the TKO by Badd for the win
Winners – Johnny B Badd & Pat Kenney
Rating – 3/4*
IP – Nothing special about this match

-Backstage the Kings Of Wrestling throw Savage into a car and the car speeds off

-Raven vs Diamond Dallas Page: Erik Watts joins us on commentary. DDP attacks Raven right away. DDP throws punches and thats about all. They trade kicks. Raven catches a kick from DDP and spins him around but is met with a clothesline. Stomp and a boot choke by DDP. DDP hits the ref with a big boot. They go to the outside where DDP hits a russian leg sweep into the railing on Raven. DDP throws Raven into the crowd and he continues to punch Raven around the arena. DDP grabs a crutch and hits Raven with it, then he grabs a trash can and hits Raven. Another trash can shot by DDP. DDP throws Raven over the railing back to ringside.Back into the ring. Another boot choke by DDP. DDP whips Raven into the turnbuckles and charges but Raven gets a boot up. DDP charges again and ducks the boot of Raven and slides to the outside. DDP trips Raven and crotches him on the ringpost. DDP slides back in the ring and goes for the Diamond Cutter but Raven holds onto the ropes. Raven covers but only gets 2. Raven slides to the outside and searches under the ring for his Raven Helmet. He levels DDP with the helmet twice and then covers but only gets 2. DDP rolls up Raven for 2. Raven stomps away and boot chokes DDP. Somebody hands Raven a chair from the outside. Boot rakes in the corner by Raven then he charges and knee DDP in the face. Raven sets up the chair in the middle of the ring. Drop toe hold onto the chair by Raven and he covers for 2. DDP fights back with the only moves he hit all night, punches and clothesline. DDp goes for the Cutter but Raven turns it into a low blow. Raven covers for 2. A roll up by DDP gets 2. Clothesline, bulldog combo by Raven and he covers for 2. Belly to belly suplex by DDP and that gets 2. Whoa, DDP hit a move that wasnt a punch or a clothesline. Raven ducks a clothesline and superkicks DDP for 2. How come Michaels can win with that move? I guess Raven didnt tune up the band Clothesline by Raven. Diamond Cutter outta nowhere from DDP but Raven kicks out at 2. More covers and more kick outs by Raven. Low blow and then an Even Flow DDT by Raven, he covers and only gets 2. There are 2 druids at ringside (I hear thats a good column.) Watts leaves the booth and slides into the ring. The druids slide into the ring and they are both chokeslammed by Watts. Watts hugs DDP then clotheslines him. DDP sells the clothesline like hes dead. Watts goes for the chokeslam but DDP low blows him and hits the Diamond Cutter. Raven hits a russian leg sweep into the turnbuckles. Raven goes for the Even Flow DDT but DDP shoves him off and hits the Diamond Cutter for the win.
Winner – Diamond Dallas Page
Rating – *1/2
IP – DDP has about 3 moves in his book. This match also suffered because the turn by Watts didnt mean much since Raven still lost and the turn didnt even last a full month

-We go backstage and Traci brings cookies to FakeMcMahon and FakeHHH. Another sweet gesture

-Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams(c) for the X Division Title: Lock up and arm wrench by Sabin but Petey uses the ropes to springboard and reverse the arm wrench. Sabin gets backed into the corner and Petey charges. Sabin lifts Petey and goes for the Cradle Shock but Petey gets out and rolls to the outside. Back in the right another lock up. Snapmare by Petey but Sabin rolls back and kicks Petey in the face. They trade forearms. Sabin gets whipped into the ropes but he flaots over the top rope and lands on the apron. Petey charges and misses. Sabin hits a springboard dropkick to the back of Petey. Petey rolls out to the floor. Petey jumps onto the apron and shoulders Sabin in the gut. Petey tries for a slingshot sunset flip but Sabin counters with a Cradle Shock attempt. Petey fights out of it and arm drags Sabin over the top to the floor. Petey stomps on Sabin on the outside. Petey charges sabin but Sabin lifts him onto the apron. Kick by Petey. Petey gets into the ring then hits a slingshot hurricanrana. Back kick by Sabin followed by chops Petey tries another hurricanrana but Sabin powerbombs him into the railing. Sabin goes into the crowd and climbs up onto a barricade type thing. Sabin leaps over the crowd and catches Petey with a clothesline on the arena floor. Back inside the ring Petey hits a stun gun over the top rope. Petey knees Sabin to the outside and D’Amore stomps and chokes Sabin. D’Amore rolls Sabin inside and Petey covers for 2. Chops and punches by Petey. Petey hangs Sabin in the tree of woe and hits the what I’m now calling The National Anthem (he stands on the guys crotch and puts his hand over his heart.) D’Amore chokes Sabin who is still in the tree of woe. Sabin falls and Petey covers for 2. Petey ducks a clothesline and hits a standing neckbreaker comoed with a swinging DDT. Nows its DUELING CHANTS! by the crowd (since they seem to do that in a lot of matches, ive named it.) Snapmare by Petey followed by a dropkick to the back. Necktie submission by Petey. Sabin fights out and rolls up Petey for 2. Petey comes up and hits a quick dropkick for 2. Sabin tries to fight back but Petey stomps that with kicks. Back elbow by Petey. Snap suplex he holds the move and brings Sabin up, he goes behind Sabin and hits a back suplex. DUELING CHANTS! once again. Scoop slame followed by a leg drop and a cover for 2 by Petey. Petey throws Sabin into the turnbuckle then chokes him using the turnbuckle. D’Amore slaps Sabin. Both men trade chops until Petey hits a jaw breaker. Petey goes to the top but Sabin leaps to the middle rope and hits a northern lights throw on Petey. They trade punches and forearms now. Petey catches a kick by Sabin and spins him around but Sabin hits an enzuguri. Running power bomb by Sabin and he covers for 2. Sabin climbs the top rope but Petey crotches him into another tree of woe. Petey goes from a baseball slide but Sabin lifts up and Petey slides to the outside. Sabin front flips off the top rope to the floor onto Petey. Sabin rolls Petey into the ring and covers but Petey kicks out at 2. Thumb poke by Petey. Petey goes for a tilt o whirl but he rolls through and hits a russian leg sweep. Petey reels Sabin in and goes for the Destroyer but Sabin counters with an attempted Cradle Shock, Petey counters the Cradle Shock with a sunset flip that he turns into a sharpshooter. Petey drags Sabin to the middle of the ring. Sabin crawls over to the ropes and that breaks the hold. Sabin backdrops Petey onto the apron. Sabin goes to the top and he drags Petey up with him. Petey goes for a top rope powerbomb but Sabin holds on. Sabin grabs Peteys head from behind with his feet. Sabin rolls in front of Petey then hits a powerbomb throw behind. Sabin picks up Petey and hits a piledriver. Sabin cover but only gets 2. DUELING CHANTS! Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but Petey escapes and goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Sabin escapes and goes for the Cradle Shock. D’Amore grabs Petey and pulls him off of Sabins shoulders. Petey pulls brass knucks out of his trunks and hits Sabin with them as the ref is distracted with D’Amore. Petey covers Sabin after the knuck shot and wins it
Winner – Still X Division Champion Petey Williams
Rating – ****
IP – Very awesome match and would have been higher but the finish kinda ruined it. I wanted to see the Canadian Destroyer damnit

-Backstage, a midg…little person beats up FakeMcMahon

-Jeff Jarret, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles & (Randy Savage): Savage of course was kidnapped in order to attempt to bring up the work rate, although thats a tough task with just having Hall and Nash in the ring. AJ and JJ start things off already starting things off on a good foot. Both men pose and what not for awhile until a lock up. Headlock by JJ and a take over but AJ turns it into a head scissors. Another headlock by JJ but AJ turns it into a headlock of his own. JJ shoots him off into the ropes and AJ hits a tilt o whirl. Another headlock by JJ and AJ shoots him off into the ropes and hits a dropkick. JJ tags in a chubby Scott Hall. Arm wrench by Hall then the ever poplular slap to the back of the head. Eye poke followed by a chop by Hall. Hall goes for a hack drop but AJ rolls over and kicks Hall in the leg then hits another dropkick. AJ throws Hall into his corner and AJ wants a slice of Nash. Hall tags in Nash. Knee to the gut by Nash followed by a forearm to the back. Nash goes for the snake eyes but AJ slides out. Nash goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and hits Nash with a dropkick. AJ dropkicks everything that moves then he tags in Hardy. Hardy goes to the top and hits a double drop kick on Hall and JJ. Hardy clotheslines Nash then hits a leg drop to the crotch. Hardy whips Nash into the corner then dropkicks him into the crotch. Hardy goes off the ropes and Hall hits him from behind. Hardy turns around and decks JJ and Hall off the apron. He turns back around and runs into a big boot from Nash. Nash tags in JJ and JJ stomps away on Hardy. Rope choke by JJ on Hardy followed by the Austin rope splash. What the hell do you call that move? Hall tags in and punches Hardy. Chokeslam by Hall and he covers Hardy for two. Since Hall has hit every move in his book, he tags in Nash. Sidewalk slam by Nash and he covers until AJ breaks it up at 2. Hall tags back in. Abdominal stretch with help by Nash on Hardy. My torrent skips again and the next thing I see is AJ dropkicking Nash off the apron. AJ then punches JJ whos in the ring. Springboard flaot over reverse DDT on JJ. AJ goes for The Clash but JJ picks him up and sets him on the apron. AJ goes for a springboard move but Nash cuts his feet out from under him. JJ throws AJ into the turnbuckle. Hall tags in and slaps AJ in the back of the head. AJ bounces off the ropes and Hall hits the Hallaway Slam and he covers for 2. Nash tags in. Nash backs AJ into the corner and knee him into the get. Picture perfect back elbow by Nash. Nash a few times but gets 2 each time. JJ tags in. Flapjack onto the knee by JJ. JJ goes for the figure four but AJ turns it into a small package for 2. Hall tags in and punches AJ. The heels stomp away on AJ in the corner. Nash tags in. Nash puts AJ in a bear hug. Torrent skips again and the next thing I see is JJ and AJ both down in the middle of the ring. AJ tags in Hardy. Hardy hits the whisper in the wind on JJ. Hall comes in and hes hit with a downward spiral by Hardy. Stun gun by Hardy on Nash. JJ knees Hardy in the gut and goes for The Stroke but Hardy reverses it into a Twist Of Stunner. AJ hits a top rope crossbody block on Hall and the ref counts until Nash pulls the ref out,even though neither man is legal. AJ baseball slides Nash. Hardy goes to the top and Hall hits him with a guitar. Hardy still flips over and its an ugly Swanton Bomb. AJ gets back in the ring only to slingshot himself to the outside onto Hall. HERE COMES THE MACHO MAN!!!!!! Savage goes to the wrong corner and actually waits for the tag. Hardy tags in Savage and Savage hits everything that moves. JJ puts Savage in a sleeper but Savage reverses with a sleeper of his own. AJ puts Nash in a sleeper while Hardy puts Hall in a sleeper. JJ fights out and goes for a sunset flip put Savage punches JJ and sits down on him and the ref counts to 3.
Winners – AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy & Randy Savage
Rating – *1/4
IP – Ummmm yeah. That ending was horrible and the match wasnt great to start with. Atleast Savage wasnt there full time, or the rating could have been a lot worse

-FakeMcMahon gets stretchered into an ambulance. Just think, 1 month later the real Vince McMahon would be injured. TNA predicts the future

-They show “The Tape” Everything is blurred and it looks like nothing special. WWE is pretty under handed, you would think they would let this slide, its only competition. 3LK is pretty funny during the tape though

-Triple X vs America’s Most Wanted in a 6 Sides Of Steel Cage Match where the Losing Team Must Break Up: This starts off as a normal tag match but that wont last. Daniels and Storm start us off. Storm tries to ram Daniels into the cage but he aint havin that. Daniels tries to throw Storm into the cage but he aint havin that either. Daniels works on the arm. Skipper and Harris tag in. They trade punches until Skipper knees Harris into the gut. Snapmare by Skipper then a kick to the back. Harris catches Skipper with a full nelson slam. Storm tags in and they double back drop Skipper. Daniels comes in and he gets thrown into the cage by both AMW members. Storm clothesline Skipper then throws him into the turnbuckle. Daniels has been busted. Storm throws Daniels into the cage again. Harris tags in. Storm rakes Daniels face into the cage. Harris goes for a suplex but Skipepr breaks that up. Harris is double teamed in the corner by Triple X. Double scoop slam on Harris then Skipper scoop slams Daniels onto Harris. Skipper punches Harris. He tries to throw Harris into the cage but its blocked. Skipper elbows Harris in the gut and tags in Daniels. Triple X double teams Harris. Head butt by Daniels. Followed by another head butt. Blood is pouring from Daniels. Daniels clotheslines Harris then he spits at Storm. Daniels rules. Skipper works on Harris in the corner. Kick to the leg by Skipper. He tries a kick to the head but Harris catches it and catupults Skipper into the cage. Daniels and Storm tag in. Storm hits everything that moves. Powerslam on Daniels followed by an enzuguri on Skipper by Daniels. AMW go for the Death Sentance but Daniels breaks it up. Harris catches Daniels with a cross body block off the top. Skipper elevates Harris into the cage. Skipper hand cuffs Harris on the turnbuckle and then he rubs Harris’ face in the cage. A double team ensues on Storm. Skipper drops elbows on the back of Storm. Daniels grinds the hand cuff key into the head of Storm. Daniels puts the key around his neck. Triple X throws Storm into the cage. More double teaming on Storm. Daniels spits on Harris, Daniels still rules. Daniels goes to the top rope and Skipper pick Storm up into a shoulder breaker position. Daniels elbow drops Storm who was on Skippers shoulders. Skipper covers Storm for two. Daniels once again goes to the top and Skipper holds Storm. Daniels leaps and Storm moves, Daniels hits Skipper with a clothesline. Storm then spears Daniels. The ket falls off on Daniels. Storm gets the key and gives it to Harris. Harris un cuffs himself. Harris hits everything that moves. Spinebuster on Daniels by Harris. Harris rams Daniels into the cage about 5 times. Storm suplexs Skipper into the cage and then Harris suplexs Daniels into the cage. Harris suplexs Daniels and covers for 2. Skipper hits a belly to belly suplex on Harris. Skipper goes to the top and Triple X hits a cross body/suplex combo for 2. Storm hits a swinging neckbreaker on Skipper then he throws Daniels and Skipper into the cage. Hart Attack by AMW and a cover for 2. Daniels hits a downward spiral on Storm. Triple X throw Harris into the cage. Triple X hit the Death Sentance on Harris and cover but Harris kicks out at 2. Skipper goes to the top of the cage. Storm catches him from behind and powerbombs Skipper for the top rope. Storm covers but Skipper kicks out at 2. Angels Wings on Storm by Daniels, he covers but that only gets a 2 count. Daniels tries to go to the top of the cage but Harris catches him. Both men are sitting on top of the cage. Skipper climbs another part of the cage. Uh oh, here it comes. SKIPPER TIGHT ROPE WALKS THE CAGE AND HITS A HURRICANRANA ON HARRIS!!!!!!!!!!! Move Of The Year. Daniels hits an elbow drop off the top of the cage onto Harris. That would have been spectacular but he had a tough act to follow. Daniels once again climbs to the top of the cage. Storm catches him. Skipper catches him. Harris catches him. Harris powerbombs Skipper who back supersuplexs Storm who super superplexs Daniels. Harris tries to scoop slam Skipper but he slides out and goes for the Play Of The Day, Harris slides out of that and goes for the Catatonic but Skipper slides out of that, both men throw each other into the cage. Storm and Daniels trade punches. Head butts by Daniels. Daniels and Storm are up on the top rope now. They tight rope walk the ropes but Daniels shoves Storm down and Harris knocks Daniels down. Harris hand cuffs Daniels to the turnbuckle. Superkick by Storm on Skipper. Powerplex by AMW on Skipper and they cover and get the win.
Winners – America’s Most Wanted
Rating – *****
IP – Yes, I went the full 5 stars here. Why? Simply because it was that good. Its been the best 3 Hour PPV Main Event TNA has put on and it really was an awesome match. Am I over-rating it by giving it 5 stars? Possibly, but oh well.

The Inside Pulse
Much much better PPV than Victory Road. The main event was Runner Up in the MOTY Contest to the WM20 Main Event so you know they did something right. Sabin/Petey was a very good X Division match. Jarrett lost even though it was a bad way to lose and he lost to Savage but hey, he lost.And I gave the crowd a move by introducing DUELING CHANTS! Very good PPV and very tough to follow up