[RAW] Chris Jericho interview on XM Radio


Chris Jericho was on the Opie and Anthony Show yesterday, here are a few highlights:

On Macho Man’s rap album: Here’s the secret. If you’re a wrestling guy and you want to make a record, don’t sing about wrestling, or rap about wrestling. It’s terrible. That is F***ing terrible.

A caller asked: “…What the hell is the deal with HHH?. Come on, you’ve got a new champion with Batista and HHH is all over saying how wonderful he is. Booking 101 says that’s not how you promote a new champion, it’s ridiculous. I know you’re unhappy there and you talked about not renewing your contract.”

Jericho responded: HHH is, I mean he’s the star of the show on our show, and that’s how he’s promoted as, and that’s how he’s pushed, and that’s kind of the guy they’re going with similar to how Hulk Hogan was 10 years ago, and maybe some day HHH will have his own record – HHH in Triple Heaven, I’m not sure.

On renewing his contract: Well my contract is up in about 8 months and if you asked me today I’d say absolutely not. We just got back from Australia on Sunday and you can hear the funk in my voice. I’m dead sick. I’m home for 6 days and then we have to wing over to England for 7 days.á 

On the internet: The kids are controlling the world, and the guys read it and believe it. Some guys don’t know if they’ve had a good match or not until they read the internet to tell them

A person called in: “Ask Chris about Lita banging Edge behind Matt Hardy’s back.á  Watch him squirm.” To which Jericho responded: Watch who squirm, me? I’m not squirming about s*** man. That’s a s****y situation and it’s wrong and shouldn’t have happened. You know, I’m not squirming about it. I got nothing to be ashamed of. But it’s bad business man. They fired Matt Hardy as a result and how could you be sitting at home rehabbing your knee and a month later you lose your girlfriend and your job for doing nothing wrong, you know what I mean? So. Yeah, it’s the s***s.

On the Joanie Laurer/Sean Waltman sex tape: First of all I haven’t watched that. I can’t watch it. But it’s bad when Chyna’s c*** is bigger than X-pac’s penis.

Credit: PWInsider.com