[WWE] New Faces, Draft Possibilities, Hardy Reaction


– WWE’s recent call-ups from OVW include:

*Matt Morgan, who won the OVW Heavyweight Championship on Saturday, who dropped out of Tough Enough due to injury a few years back, and was part of Team Lesnar along with Nathan Jones, A-Train and Brock in late 2003, managed by Paul Heyman. He will be back on SD with a stuttering gimmick.

*Jillian Hall will also be called up soon, with a prosthetic mole gimmick.

*MNM (“it” guys and girl) is using their OVW gimmick as are the Heart Throbs (“ambiguously gay” team, formerly the Heartbreakers), although some in OVW are pessimistic that the latter team will lose some steam.

– As announced by Vince at MSG, the Draft Lottery will be held next Month. WWE wants to do this after Backlash so current RAW storylines can play out, especially those with Michaels and Hogan.

– Rumors are spreading quickly that Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle may switch brands at the draft. This would be interesting to many due to backstage politics, as Angle and HHH aren’t close and Michaels has major political clout due to his years of closeness to Vince McMahon and HHH. A Michaels switch would imply a heel turn so he could face Cena, and Angle vs. Batista would be in the cards should he move to RAW.

– Except for HHH, wrestlers drafted last year were not notified until the draft itself. PWTorch.com is hinting that Angle, Michaels and others of their stature would be notified, while others at Jericho’s level would not.

– Backstage at MSG last night, many were anticipating the NYC reaction to Lita. Many resent her and Edge, blaming them for Hardy losing his job, and one wrestler is quoted on PWTorch.com as saying: “Vince McMahon considers MSG his gauge for what’s over in his company … I wonder what he was thinking during that segment.” For Matt’s reaction, and all posts by him on his site, click here.

Credit: PWTorch.com

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.