[OVW] OVW TV Report for April 16, 2005


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04/16/2005 – DAVIS ARENA


REF: Ray Ramsey

A week which saw some major surprise match results for OVW fans started off right from the start with Brent Albright once again defending his status as TV Champion. Ken Anderson was already in the ring as the show began, with Brent Albright coming out to the roar of the fans assembled that night.

A lockup to start off the match turned into a series of takedowns by Albright, with Anderson frantically struggling to get away. After finally escaping Albright’s clutches, Anderson headed towards the exit, ready to give up on the match. Albright, however, would have none of that, running out of the ring and forcing Anderson back with a series of punches, and then slamming Anderson’s head into the apron before tossing Ken back into the ring.

Appearing dazed on the mat, Anderson allowed Albright to come over before grabbing Brent by the trunks and throwing him through the ropes to the outside. Albright did not appear happy with that little stunt, reaching into the ring to grab Anderson by the head and dragging him half-way out of the ring, face-up so that he could repeatedly slam his elbows into Ken’s chest before finally letting him go.

Coming back in, Albright dropped an elbow on Ken’s head. A whip of Anderson into the corner was followed by Anderson countering with a broad shoulder to Albright. Brent backed off, but matched his shoulder against Ken’s when Anderson attempted to run at Anderson from out of the corner.

A whip of Anderson to the ropes gave Albright a chance to backdrop Ken, followed by an elbow to Ken’s back and then another whip into the corner. Anderson managed to move out of the corner at the last split-second, leading to Albright driving his head into the turnbuckle. With a chance, Anderson attacked with a series of kicks, some stomps to the body and then a few elbows as well on to Albright. Albright fought back with a couple of elbows to Anderson’s head, which brought Ken to a kneeling position. From there, Anderson was able to compensate with a punch to Albright’s gut, followed by a knee to the stomach. With Brent bent over, Ken was able to get a suplex and a near-pin.

The two began to trade blows back and forth, with Anderson doing quite well; until a whip to the corner found Albright with enough momentum to knock Anderson down with a shoulder tackle. Brent continued the assault with two clotheslines and a backdrop. An attempt at another takedown by Albright found Anderson trying to get out of reach, but Albright turned the move into a German Suplex and got two in a pin attempt for his troubles. Anderson got up, only to find himself in an armbreaker by Albright and then down on the mat for the crowbar. Anderson tapped out in pain, allowing Albright another win in his long-running role as TV Champion. As Brent took the mic to tell Anderson how he had lost to the best wrestler in OVW, the whole audience joined Albright in telling Ken, “YOU – TAPPED – OUT!!”


Jim Cornette is joined in the ring by Hollywood Dale Duncan, the promoter of a houseshow in Elizabethtown, KY on April 22 (a day after my birthday, folks). The big news about the event is that it would be the first match-up between the new Southern Tag Team Champions, the Blonde Bombers, and the team they defeated with the help of Jillian Hall last week, The Thrillseekers.

Their discussion of the upcoming event is interrupted by the unscheduled appearance of The Blonde Bombers who report that, while no one cared about seeing Hollywood Dale Duncan, the houseshow was sure to be sold out thanks to their participation and their promise to drop “the bomb on the Thrillseekers.”

Since they are there, Jim Cornette asked them what Jillian Hall had to do with their match last week. Tank stated that they wanted a bombshell to go with the team, but all the women in Kentuckiana were “fat skanks,” and that they needed a real woman to fight the “skanks” off. Well, as anyone who remembers their OVW history knows, Jillian may be real, but she pointed out a while back how she wasn’t 100% natural. Nevertheless, Jillian Hall is their new bombshell. She was introduced by the Blonde Bombers, and she came out with her guided missiles nearly falling out of her top.

Hall announced that she was the luckiest girl ever, as her beauty inspired the Bombers to win the belts. Her joy turned to disgust, however, as she looked upon Hollywood Dale Duncan and despaired. She then asked why such a “sorry excuse for a man” was in HER ring. With that, a simmering Duncan boiled over with the statement that he hoped the Bombers get their “ass beat on Friday.” With that, Tank grabbed Duncan and shoved him to the ropes, ready to knock some Blonde Bomber sense into him.

Fortunately, for Duncan, The Thrillseekers ran into the ring and drove the Blonde Bombers and their Bombshell out. As the blonde trio edged back to the back, the Thrillseekers got on the microphone and promised them that they had a surprise for the Bombers next week – a surprise they are not going to like.

REF: Robert Brisko

While some of the OVW wrestlers, including the ever-active and attractive Alexis Laree came out to the audience to get Crusade for Children donations, Jim Cornette took viewers back to the past week where OVW Champion Elijah Burke agreed to a match with The Blueprint, who had finally revealed himself to be Matt Morgan.

After the brief look back, the camera cut back to the audience who was clearly in support of Burke, with a slew of signs bearing the letter “E” for Elijah (okay, and one guy with a sign that said “F” as well, but you’re going to find one joker in every crowd, no matter what), along with a huge banner in the corner by the entrance marking the fans as “The Elijah Experience.” Even with the audience against him, The Blueprint confidently made his way out to the ring, having little use for the “Morgan Sucks” chants that filled the air. If those cries against Morgan were loud, the sound of the fans was then quite deafening as Burke appeared from out of the back, with the audience cheering him on.

Burke teased Morgan for a time by rallying the audience to continue their taunts of Morgan before the two finally locked up in the center of the ring. The Blueprint shoved Elijah down, and when Burke tried to come back with a takedown attempt of Morgan, The Blueprint elbowed him in the head. A whip to the ropes by Morgan turned into a swing and a miss, allowing them to head to the corner, whereupon Elijah went for a rollup attempt. The Blueprint avoided the move by holding on to the ropes, and showed his dissatisfaction by attempting to stomp Burke in the face with both boots.

Ramming his legs into the mat turned into minor discomfort for The Blueprint, as Morgan limped a little on one leg. Noting the limp, Burke kicked at Morgan’s leg three times before punching Matt in the head. A whip attempt was reversed by The Blueprint, although Elijah managed to baseball slide through Morgan’s legs and then drove Morgan to a corner with a series of punches. Another whip reverse found Burke in another corner, where he fought off Morgan with a boot to the face. A shoulder-tackle did little more than make The Blueprint slightly stagger. Elijah attempted another, ending in similar results. A third attempt off of the second ropes finally brought The Blueprint down, but a pin-attempt was very short-lived.

Heading to a corner, Burke got on the top rope, only to find himself facing The Blueprint up on the ropes as well. The two clashed for a bit until Elijah managed to shove Morgan backwards into the ring. Elijah leapt from the ropes for an elbow drop, but Morgan twisted out of the way, and Elijah hit his arm hard on the mat. In pain, Burke managed to raise himself from the mat, only to face a powerful clothesline from The Blueprint that sends him head over heels and facedown in the ring. Morgan then grabbed Elijah’s head and rubbed his face into the mat; getting up only after punching Burke in the back a few times.

Picking Burke up by the hair, The Blueprint whipped Elijah into the corner. Burke collapsed, and Morgan decided to continue his abuse by standing on Elijah’s chest with both feet. Still, a pin was foiled by Burke at the last second. Morgan stomped Burke’s head, and then went outside to put Elijah’s head on the apron and then dropped all his weight on Burke’s head. Feeling waves of pain, Burke still fought off another pin-attempt, drawing the ire of Morgan, who choked Elijah and then put Burke into a sleeper hold. Burke appeared to be in danger of losing consciousness, but he managed to pull out enough punches to get out of the hold and DDT Morgan.

With both down, it took some time before the two managed to get back on their feet. Burke got of a series of punches, whereupon he knocked Morgan’s legs out from under him. Going to the corner, Burke proceeded to jump from the ropes to send The Blueprint to the mat by flying a couple of boots at Morgan’s face. Getting back up on the corner, Elijah then threw a flying shoulderblock at Morgan for a near-pin. Finding the corner to work well, Burke went back one last time only to see Morgan coming into the corner. Performing a sunset flip over his large adversary, Burke got another near-pin before Morgan managed to break it.

Burke was ready to wrap things up with a facebuster to The Blueprint, but Morgan managed to break out of the pin. Morgan then caught Elijah and slammed him hard into the mat for a near-pin. The Blueprint also felt things were wrapping up as he chokeslammed Elijah, but still a pin-attempt went nowhere.

Morgan began to argue with Brisco, allowing Burke enough time to pull Morgan back for a roll-up. The Blueprint will have none of that, and proceeded to boot Elijah and then performed a forward vertical suplex, swinging Burke around and slamming him on to his back. With Elijah out of breath, The Blueprint managed to hold Burke down for the three-count and the win.

As Morgan was awarded the belt, Elijah Burke looked up to see his dreams of being the OVW Champion shattered. He attempted to crawl towards The Blueprint to grasp at the prize, but his strength gave out on him. Now The Blueprint, Matt Morgan, was once again OVW Champion. With it, as promised, he could now proudly claim that he had been held back by Jim Cornette from entering WWE. The ramifications for Burke are clear, but what will The Blueprint’s win mean to OVW in the weeks to come? A stunned crowd watched as Morgan left the ring in victory.


Before bringing Inferno out to the ring for an interview, Jim Cornette invites viewers to watch some footage filmed the previous week at the Davis Arena. In the midst of setting up a promo, the camera caught a commotion in the background that turned out to be Beth Phoenix and Aaron “The Idol” Stevens tearing through the OVW offices to the parking lot, with Danny Inferno in hot pursuit. Following the action occurring, the cameraman arrived outside in time to see Stevens and Phoenix driving away as Inferno struggled to get into the car. The car sped away, leaving Inferno in frustration.

With that, Cornette introduced Inferno to the ring. Inferno asked about the bad blood between him and the flashy Phoenix and Stevens over Stevens’ piledriving of Trudi a couple of weeks ago. Inferno called Stevens a woman-beater, a coward, and a spoiled brat. Inferno mentioned that Stevens cracked Trudi’s neck with the illegal move and is not sure when Trudi will be back. Saying that, he promised Beth Phoenix that “the next time you get in my business, I’ll treat you like a man.” He then directed his next comment to Stevens, telling him that he will fight The Idol the next time they met, whether it is in the parking lot, the locker room, or even a Denny’s. In conclusion, Inferno promised to kick Aaron’s ass for every person who hates his guts.

As obvious from Danny Inferno’s statement, the feud between Inferno and Stevens is far, far from over.

REF: Chris Kay

M-N-M come out in their traditional manner, ready to give the Smackdown to Mac Johnson and Seth Skyfire in a grudge match that goes back to Johnson being laid-up for weeks due to M-N-M’s abuse in the ring. Now it was time for payback, and while M-N-M avoided them the week before, Johnson and Skyfire were going to make sure that Matthews and Nitro get what is coming to them as they dove into the ring to take on the posing fur-clad, blonde-streaked, pop-ravaged mercenaries.

Nitro and Matthews scurried out of the ring, with Matthews holding his nose as if he was bleeding. Although Nitro and Melina showed concern, Joey entered the ring to face-off with Mac Johnson. As Johnson got close, however, Joey surprised him with a slap to the face. Matthews was all smiles before dodging the fury of Johnson heading back down to the floor.

Johnson ran out of the ring and chased Matthews nearly completely around before Joey slid back in. Mac followed, only for Matthews to attack with a series of elbows to the back and then slammed Johnson’s head into a turnbuckle. After another blow to the head, Mac turned the tables with a series of punches and elbows to Matthews. Joey attempted to change course by reversing a whip attempt of Mac’s, but Mac used the whip to come back with a shoulder-tackle then threw in some more punches on top of that.

Nitro came in to help Matthews out against the wild man that was Johnson by trying to set up the snapshot, only to find himself on the mat with Mac slamming him in the head with a series of punches. Nitro decided it was not time to come in and scrambled out of the ring, which just allowed Johnson to go back to beating up on Matthews.

Mac then performed an Atomic Drop on Matthews and it appeared that Joey won’t be birthing no babies for a while after that. Knocking Joey down with a punch to the head, Johnson went for the pin, but Joey managed to kick out of it. Needing someone to help him in his Raw streak of anger, Mac then tagged in Seth Skyfire for a double clothesline of Matthews.

After foiling a pin-attempt by Skyfire, Matthews managed to elbow his way up and then slammed Seth’s head into the turnbuckle. Locking Skyfire’s head into his shoulder, Joey then ran Seth’s face down the top rope and then over to the corner to tag in Johnny Nitro. From there, Seth fought back with a series of punches, whips, a monkey flip out of the corner and even slamming both boots into Nitro’s face. Still, a pin went nowhere and Skyfire dragged Nitro over to his corner for a tag-in to Johnson.

Matthews ran into the ring to help out Nitro, and it was about as successful as Nitro’s earlier attempt, with Johnson not only kicking Matthews in the gut, but then knocking Nitro’s and Matthews’ heads together, sending Matthews out or the ring. Working Nitro into a corner, Johnson then whipped Johnny across the ring into the opposite corner for a fast and hard spear to the gut.

After kicking Nitro in the ribs, Johnson tagged Skyfire back in and then whipped Nitro into the path of a swinging drop kick by Skyfire for a near-pin. At that point, Nitro fought back with the help of Matthews from the outside with a hair-pull on Skyfire.

Matthews was tagged in and punched Skyfire so hard that he appeared to have hurt his hand on Seth’s face. Joey picked up Skyfire and threw him out; complimenting himself with a bow to the audience for the move, little realizing that Skyfire had recovered and was waiting for him on the top rope in the corner for a crossbody. They go down hard, but not enough to allow a pin for the win to occur.

Skyfire appeared just as ready to tear the head off of Matthews as Mac was, proving his fury with a series of punches and elbows, followed by a rana that came out of a reversed whip, and then even more punches to Matthews’ body. Joey finally got a chance to throw a punch and it connected to Seth’s jaw. Joey whipped Skyfire into a corner and then clotheslined him there. After some punches to the body, Joey whipped Skyfire to the opposite corner, but Seth ducked out through the ropes as Matthews came running in, forcing Joey to hit the corner head-on.

Fighting off Nitro on the apron and Matthews in the ring, Seth could not keep eyes on both at the same time and Joey finally was able to shove Skyfire off the apron whereupon Seth hit the guardrail hard on his head and arm. With Seth being thrown back in, it looked bad for Skyfire, but he still managed to hold off a pin-attempt.

Nitro tagged in, but soon found himself at the mercy of Skyfire, who attempted to force Nitro into a roll-up. Desperately holding on, Nitro managed to tag in Matthews before finding himself in the roll-up. Seth, not knowing that Nitro had tagged in Matthews, did not expect the stomp to the back that he received from Joey. A near-pin led to a suplex by Matthews on Skyfire, followed by another pin-attempt that was stopped by Mac Johnson with a stomp to Joey’s head. Matthews attempted another suplex, but Skyfire blocked it by wrapping a leg around Joey’s leg. Finally, Skyfire rolled Joey up into a nice little package for a pin, but Chris Kay’s attention was diverted by Johnny Nitro in the corner and only spotted the roll-up when it was too late.

Matthews stomped Skyfire and then did a neckbreaker on Seth, but a pin was still not to be. Tagging in Nitro, Johnny did a one-handed twist and a legdrop on Skyfire for another near-pin. Nitro beat on Skyfire for a time, but with another pin still not working, Nitro tagged Matthews back in.

Matthews clobbered Skyfire with a short-arm clothesline for another pin-attempt and then put Skyfire into a cravate, which Seth tried to get out of before finally pulling it off with an elbow. For that, Matthews clotheslined Seth and tagged in Nitro for a snapshot attempt. Seth was ready, however, getting Nitro in the face and kicking Matthews in the head. Although Nitro tried to stop Skyfire, Seth was still able to get to his corner for a tag-in to Johnson.

Mac dropped both Nitro and Matthews with a series of punches, clotheslines and kicks. Matthews tried to stop a pin on Nitro, but Johnson won’t have it. Mac rolled up Johnny, but Joey stopped and Seth came into beat Joey in the corner.

Chris Kay went to the corner to break up Seth and Joey, as Mac got Johnny into a pin. While waiting for Kay to turn around and count, Melina came in and sprayed a can of something into Mac’s face, causing him to be temporarily blind and in pain. As he stumbled around the ring, Matthews managed to throw Skyfire out and then set up the snapshot on Johnson with Nitro for the pin. To the surprise of the audience for the second time that night, M-N-M won the grudge match.

Celebrating the win, the trio beat up on Johnson, Skyfire, and even Kay a bit as the OVW show for April 16, 2005 came to a close. M-N-M was victorious. The Blueprint is now again OVW Champion. The Blonde Bombers are Southern Tag Team Champs. It is a dark day for OVW, but one can only hope that this may soon change in the weeks to come.

From the other side of ringside,
Dale Sherman

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.