Survivor: Palau – Recap – Episode 10

Koror – Day 25

Caryn marks another day off on the tree.

Janu says she was surprised that Coby was voted off. She felt betrayed because no one had informed her.

Katie says Janu is crazy. She was freaked out at Janu’s smile at TC.

Janu overhears Katie talking about her to Jenn and calls her out on it. She begins to rip on Katie for talking about her.

Katie tries to apologize but Janu says she’s done with the conversation.

Gregg says Janu’s a buzzkill, but they have to put up with her. He says Janu plays too big a role in their strategy to be sent home, and Steph is the one who needs to go.


Challenge: randomly divide into teams of 4. Build a tower in the water. Climb the tower, grab a flag. First team to get the flag wins a trip to a Palauan feast.

Tribes are Steph, Ian, Katie, and Jenn vs. Tom, Janu, Caryn, and Gregg.

They start, and the teams are even. Tom and Gregg line up the pieces from the ocean floor, while the other tribe works together. Janu helps out and they get done with the first piece first.

Tom’s team gets the second piece in ahead of Ian’s team. Tom’s team is way ahead, as Katie is slowing her team down. Tom’s team gets piece 3 in first and heads back. Janu begins to tire, as Tom’s team begins to slow down. Tom’s team gets piece 4 in just ahead of Ian’s team. They get piece 5 in and begin to work on piece 6. Tom’s team gets piece 6 in. Janu grabs the flag and they head back to the beach. Tom’s team makes it to the beach and wins reward!

Steph looks disgusted at losing again. Janu looks happy but exhausted. Tom’s team heads off for a feast.

Tom’s group makes it to the Palauan village.

Tom says that meeting the villagers was a gift to take home with him.

Caryn was moved by the blessing she received.

Gregg says it was cool to experience what life on Palau was really like.

They head into the longhouse for their feast. A procession of food comes in and they begin to gorge. Caryn says they were too busy eating to talk strategy.

In the middle of the meal, Janu gets sick and leaves to throw up. Gregg bitches about Janu not holding her meal.

They make their way back to camp, bearing food. Everyone begins to eat, thanking them for the food.

Tom bitches that Janu tried a piece of dessert. Katie is irritated, but also points out that Caryn took some as well. But it looks as if the focus is on Janu for taking the food after throwing up.

Tree mail. There’s a grate and a note. Steph thinks it will be holding breath underwater. She knows she needs immunity badly.


Tom gives up the necklace. Challenge: stand under a grate in the ocean as the tide comes in. Person who stays in the longest wins immunity. First person to bail will be stranded on a deserted island by themselves with flint, machete, water, and fishing gear..

Challenge begins. Ian begins telling jokes. JP starts talking about first person being stranded, and Tom says he might bail now just to get a vacation from everyone else. Janu says she is getting cold and bails after a scant six minutes. JP asks what happened but Janu is mum. JP asks the others if they’re glad they weren’t the first and they all say yes. JP asks if Janu knows how to make fire and she says she’s not sure. The others begin joking and JP says it looks like there’s no love lost. The rest begin to object, but JP says here he is asking if Janu can make fire and the rest of them make jokes.

Caryn bails after 55 minutes. The water is covering almost all their face. Katie bails. Jenn bails, with Steph right behind her. Gregg bails next. Ian is trying, but he can’t do it and bails. Tom wins immunity for the second time in a row!

A boat shows up for Janu. She is whisked away to the island of solitude. Tom gets the immunity necklace. The tribe heads home.

Note: My mom just called to say she has become disgusted with this Survivor. She says it has become utterly sadistic, and JP has gotten on her last nerve. I’d love to hear what the rest of you think, as my mom is such a big Survivor fan that she makes Murtz look like an amateur, so if she’s upset by what’s going on it makes me wonder how the rest of you feel.

Janu heads to the island. She gets to the beach and tries to make fire. She can get some smoldering but not a full-fledged fire.

Nighttime, and still no fire. She says it’s a challenge, but she needed time away from everyone. She finally gets the fire started, and gives a happy squeal. She says that she’s happier than she’s ever been since the game started.

Koror – Day 27

Tom says the big decision is who to get rid of.

Gregg tells Tom that they need to get rid of Steph. Tom’s not sure what to do.

Ian says it’s time to get rid of Janu. Gregg says Steph is a bigger threat than Janu, and that she lost too much to stay around. He thinks if Janu has quit the game like she has, then it makes it easier to keep her around. Ian says he’ll feel bad, but Gregg is right. Tom still seems conflicted.

Janu returns and everyone greets her. They’re surprised that she seems to have enjoyed herself.

Steph says that she was told that Janu was gone, but she gets the feeling it’s her. She tries to talk to Ian, but he kind of blows it off. Steph says now she’s really worried she’s gone.


Coby comes out, and Janu immediately brightens up.

JP asks Janu how the night on the island was, and she says it was great. She had a great time. JP asks her if she thought everyone’s good wishes were genuine, and Janu says no.

Caryn says if Janu wants to think that, that’s on her, but it’s all in her head.

Tom says the game is on, and eliminating competition is a part of the game.

Gregg says it’s now about threats. It’s better to keep someone around who isn’t trying than someone who is.

Katie says she should be kept because she’s not a threat.

Janu says there’s no reason they should keep her, and they can get rid of her for all she cares. JP says it seems like she wants to go home, and Janu says it doesn’t matter to her.

JP asks Ian if he would vote for someone if they asked him to, and Ian says if someone wants to quit, they can.

Steph says that it kills her that someone could care less if they stay or not. She begins crying as JP asks her how it feels knowing that she may be gone while someone who doesn’t want to be there stays. Steph says she’s not sure if she’s shown too much heart or people think she’s too big a threat, but she just doesn’t think it’s right that she’s fighting to play the game and she’s going home.

JP asks Tom if there is a dilemma between camaraderie and strategy. Tom says there is a dilemma, but it’s not camaraderie, it’s Survivor.

Janu said if she had her way, she would ask the rest to vote her out. JP asks her what’s the difference between asking people to vote her off and quitting, and she thinks for a second, then says not a thing. She says that she would be willing to quit. Steph says she shouldn’t quit on her account, and Janu says if she quits it would be for her, not or Steph. JP asks her if she’s sure, and Janu says yes, she wants to quit. It begins raining as JP asks Janu to bring her torch. The tribe hasn’t spoke on this one, but Janu is now the second member of the jury. As Janu leaves, JP tells Steph she’s dodged another bullet.

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