[RAW] Second Matt Hardy Interview

Summary of Matt Hardy’s recent Pain Clinic interview, according to T-Bone and PWTorch.com:

The Pain Clinic
WHTK 1280 AM Rochester, NY
Hosts: The Cashman, J-Lo, Danger Boy
Guest: The Matt Hardy

Matt says that he is flattered that there are so many people who care about what happened to Matt in his personal life, and he appreciates the online petitions and other internet support.

His knee is back to normal, and Matt is “good to go” and ready to return to the ring.

V1 was Matt’s favorite character because the ideas were mostly his, and he took his character further than anyone expected. Had people gotten behind it, he said, he could have gone even further. It was a lot of fun for him, because it was the first time he had a chance to be a singles wrestler and to prove his worth on his own. He had a great time behind the scenes working with Shannon Moore.

While his no-compete expires on July 11, Matt is available for autograph signings and personal appearances.

Because of the popularity of the site www.thematthardy.com, his Webmaster Kirby is looking for a new web server and the site should be up in a few days.

Matt said that the WWE never asked him to remove his website. While he said he didn’t think they had a problem with him because he’s an “internet guy,” he believes that the WWE does not utilize the net to their advantage.

“If you don’t believe in the power of the internet all you have to do is to go back to last week’s Raw, where Amy Dumas was in the ring and the crowd was chanting ‘You screwed Matt.,’ ‘We want Matt.’ Over 20,000 people in MSG. That’s a definite sign of the power of the internet because that’s where the story got started “

Matt then discussed how he was loyal to the WWE, and even honored an appearance a week after his surgery despite the pain. When he was rehabbing his knew all of the drama unfolded.

On the Matt-Amy-Adam bizarre love triangle:

“Then there’s a situation where you’ve got a guy – Adam Copeland – who’s married already and he’s committing adultery with my girlfriend. And this situation isn’t reprimanded and I’m the one sitting at home and they end up taking the cheap way out by getting rid of me.”

“The situation was going to get out regardless, I mean we are all in the public eye. Once it started coming out in bits and pieces on the internet I went ahead and addressed it because I was not going to look like the bad guy. Especially with my situation with Amy because Amy and I never had any problems in our relationship at all. It always was just smooth sailing ’till the day that I found out about this and she was asked to leave the house. Everything was smooth sailing, there was never a problem, never a fight, never an argument, never anything.”

On the WWE’s decision to release him:

“For those guy’s to take the cheap way out and release we while I’m sitting at home, coming off such terrible circumstances is just really bad business.”

Matt said that WWE management never addressed the Lita/Edge situation with him, but once they found out about the story they wanted it to be worked out between the three of them. When Matt was released he was at the point where he was social with Amy, and could did not care about Adam. If he had gone to back to Smackdown, there would have never been a problem. However, WWE management never contacted him and tried to work things out; instead, when they did get a hold of him, it was to notify him of the release.

Matt discussed he’s not going to leave the wrestling scene and that TNA is an option and there are other companies out there that he would like to work for and that he has heard from “almost everybody you can think of” about wrestling for them. He is excited about working in the six-sided ring.

Matt was brief when asked about the job of John Laurenaitis taking over for Jim Ross as VP of Talent Relations:

“I’ll just say that JR brought me in, and I loved working with JR. And I really missed JR [working] in his position.

Matt said that the Hardy Boyz were not the most dominating tag-team, but that they did help make tag team wrestling “cool” again. They also sold more merchandise that any other tag-team.

He said that he was with Shannon on the night of his accident in South Carolina, and that he was lucky that he wasn’t driving his sports car because they could have been injured even worse. He also cleared up the rumor that he slashed Edge’s tires in Columbia were slashed, stating that he was in Fayetteville with Shannon and Edge was three hours away. It would not surprise Matt if Edge slashed his own tires.

The alleged comments making the rounds by Triple H did not hurt Matt’s feelings. Matt called the comments “petty” and mentioned that drew money both as a tag team with Jeff, and as well as a singles wrestler. He always had one of the loudest reactions, and sold more merchandise than any other WWE tag team. Plus he was never put in a position to draw money as a World Champion, so he thinks the comments are ridiculous.

Matt closed the interview plugging his appearance and mentioned that he is working on a comprehensive DVD to chronicle The Hardy Boyz’s career.

Credit: PWTorch.com, FeelThePain.net