Sunday HEAT Wave


Welcome to the debut of the Sunday Heat Wave… Just to give a brief background, my name’s Carlos Zarur, I’ve been an avid Inside Pulse reader since the debut of the site. I’m a current college student for three years now and have been a long time wrestling fan. So now I get a chance to prove my writing ground on a site with already so many great writers on a topic that I’ve grown to love.

You’ll find my recaps of HEAT not all that difficult to follow as I’ll try to make it as easy as possible to cover. I’ll be giving full reviews of each match as well as letting you all know what goes on in between and any special coverage the show will be covering from the past RAW to next RAW. And I’ll also add my own sense of humor… laugh at your own risk!

Unfortunately, my debut wont start off as good as we get a “Special Coverage” of HEAT tonight, and will basically be a review of the past few RAW’s which gets us started. Even though this isn’t an ‘official’ HEAT recap, I’ll be looking forward to any tips and feedback!

Our special host of the night is Todd Grisham as he lets us know that Coach is off on his way to merry old England for RAW that’ll take place tomorrow night in Birmingham, England. His job off the night for our special HEAT show will be to cover the events of WrestleMania 21 all the way up to now. This quickly gets us to the Highlights of HHH vs. Batista I.

Batista/ HHH segment:
We get a video package of Pre-Mania action between Batista and HHH leading up to the main event, chalk full of the thumbs down and my personal favorite; the Batista Bomb of HHH through the table! (Guess you know where my bias lies towards the Game.) Which Todd sets up as nicely to the photo stills of the WrestleMania match as Batista gets the ‘audio’ three count to end HHH’s tenth title reign. From there on out, we’re given another short video package of leading up to HHH challenging JR to a match for last weeks RAW.

Shelton Benjamin/ Chris Jericho segment:
Cutting back from commercial, we began again with highlights from WrestleMania and the extraordinary ladder climb courtesy of Mr. Benjamin. This gets Todd’s approval as he lets us all now how Benjamin captured the IC title from Jericho at Taboo Tuesday. While we also get a very unimpressive impersonation from Todd himself of Y2J. But hey, I guess you get what you pay for right? We cut over to RAW from two weeks ago as Benjamin is a guest over on the Highlight Reel, taking a few shots at Fozzy while Jericho fires back as the interview goes into a brawl. The segment then jumps forward to last Monday night, right before Shelton was scheduled to take on Simon Dean, before Jericho also makes an appearance to sing Fozzy’s latest hit single… “Shelton’s a little B***H!” Great to see that Benjamin’s finally getting a feud going here over his title and he couldn’t have been paired with a better performer to elevate him than Chris Jericho.

Edge/ Chris Benoit segment:
We’re treated to another WrestleMania 21 highlight of the “Money in the Bank” Ladder match, ending with the shot of Edge pulling down the briefcase for the win. But before we go any further, Todd wants to proudly announce that this is ‘his’ show for the night. As he’s been in charge of everything and anything, ranging from make up, hair, and uh-oh scripts!? Let’s just hope that he hasn’t been in charge writing the scripts for some of the recent storylines and feuds, cuz if so… then we now know were to put the blame. Anyway, back to the task at hand we go back two weeks ago on RAW during the match of Chris Benoit and Christian with Edge on commentary. Edge rambles on as to how Benoit stole his spotlight when he got injured and that it should have been him wrestling for the title all those times Benoit did. The match however continues with Benoit reversing an Unprettier into a solid Crossface right before Edge decides to interfere with the match, but gets a mouth full of chair tossed into him as Benoit hits a dropkick into Edge with the steel hair in hand. But unfortunately gives Christian the advantage as he hits the Unprettier for the three count! Now going back to last week, we review the Benoit and Edge match that ended in a no contest as both fighters head out through the crowd and into the back arena in a no- holds brawl. That is until Uncle Eric gets between the two and announces a Last Man Standing match for Backlash.

Shawn Michaels segment:
Todd welcomes us back from commercial as he announces the match that stole the show at WrestleMania; Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle. And from the photo stills of the match, its shows Michaels putting up a fight, but ultimately tapping the Angle’s ankle lock. And three weeks ago on RAW, during a Michaels interview, we get the Arab Americans coming out to make sure Shawn knows he lost the match. Which doesn’t sit well with either side as it ends up being a two on one beat down over Michaels. Jumping over to two weeks ago on Monday night, Shawn steps up to Eric Bischoff demanding a handicap match between Hassan and Daivari at Backlash. But because of strict orders, Shawn must get a tag partner to team up against the duo as he pleads in front of the camera for the return of the “Hall of Famer” Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Back from commercial, we get the repeat of last weeks RAW match between Shawn Michaels and Hassan which ends up being a DQ as Hassan and Daivari continue the beatings over Shawn. And something that you can see coming from a few miles away, “Real American” hits and out comes Hogan! (Even though I’m sure there are more than a few of us who would have preferred it to be Jenetty, where I’m still trying to figure out where he is at this point. Didn’t he sign a contract with WWE not to long ago!?) Anyway, Hogan cleans out the ring of Hassan and Daivari, leading to an insanely long celebration between him and Michaels, which I’m guessing is an agreement to come back and wrestle at Backlash.

HHH/ JR segment:
We come back from out final commercial break as Todd once again props the Backlash main event of HHH vs. Batista II as we go to last weeks video package of HHH vs. JR. Showing the typical beat down you would expect HHH to give, including a pedigree over Lawler. But to save the day, Batista comes running to the ring for the rescue as he takes out Flair and HHH to give the pin to JR! So live next Sunday is Backlash on Pay- Per- View from the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH. With the HHH Batista II match headlining the event. But before then another reminder to not miss RAW tomorrow night live from Birmingham, England with the main event of Batista vs. Christian.

And that’s the show for the week folks as Todd lets us know he’ll do better next week. As that wraps things up for me as well on my debut, letting you know I’ll be doing the same as Todd will. Thanks for reading and I’ll be looking for the feedback to make each new column all that much better. Next up… Sunday Night Heat live from Backlash!! Peace!