[Rock] Kasabian Singer Injured Onstage

From NME.com:

The first date of KASABIAN’s latest UK tour ended in chaos last night (April 22) as guitarist SERGE PIZZORNO was hit by a bottle flung from the audience at GLASGOW’s CARLING ACADEMY and was unable to continue.

The band had already played much of their main set – including ‘Processed Beats’, ‘Test Transmission’ and ‘Reason Is Treason’ – to a high-spirited audience. Although plastic pint cups were being flung amidst the crowd, however, it appeared to be a bottle which struck Pizzorno on his temple during ‘The Night Workers’ and caused him to drop to the floor. The band quickly followed him as he was helped offstage, with singer Tom Meighan assuring the audience they would be back “in two minutes”.

After a heated five-minute wait which saw the crowd directing football chants in the direction of the culprit, however, a member of the production crew took the mic and informed everyone that the bottle had cut Pizzorno’s head, that he was in need of medical treatment, and that the gig was over, before chastising the bottle-thrower. Reports from audience members differ as to exactly what sort of missile was thrown, with one near the front identifying it as a plastic water bottle.

Despite the crowd’s disappointment, they left the venue peacefully and in high spirits, although fan favourite ‘LSF’ and a three-song encore which included ‘Club Foot’ remained unplayed. At time of writing it was unclear whether these events would have any effect on the rest of the tour, due to continue tonight (Saturday 23) at the same venue.