[RAW] Second Report of Matt Hardy on Opie & Anthony, Letter from Hyatte


– InsidePulse.com’s Chris Hyatte reported on some Matt Hardy rumors that supposedly give an updated, detailed account of how Matt found out about Lita and Edge, and addresses a great letter to Matt here that hopefully the Sensai of Mattitude will check out.

– Matt Hardy’s Web site THEMattHardy.com is still down due to bandwidth issues.

– Matt Hardy appeared on Opie & Anthony’s radio show on XMRadio this morning. The following is a recap of the show according to PWInsider.com and Mike Johnson:

They recapped the Edge-Hardy-Lita situation. Hardy said that he had suspicions but his relationship with Lita was always great. He said that Lita was out with a broken neck for 16 months and never compromised his integrity. He said that there was a point where her head wasn’t straight and she told him so. He said that at one point she had told Edge she didn’t want to see him anymore but it was too late because Hardy had already found out about the messages. He said that in a few weeks, “I lost my dream girl and my dream job, over bullsh** reasons.”

Hardy said that there “might be” a few tapes of he and Lita having sex “floating around.” Opie & Anthony offered to host them on the Internet.

Hardy said that he’s at a point where there are other places to wrestle. He says that he loves WWE and his experiences there but wishes it had ended differently.

He said that his brother Jeff wrestled for TNA on PPV last night and was burned out by the WWE schedule, so he left WWE several years back. He said that Jeff likes to be home all day and now just wrestles a few days a month for TNA.

Hardy said Edge was his “least favorite” person in the world and if he saw him in the street, it wouldn’t “be pretty.” Hardy noted that Edge had just been married a few months when he started seeing Lita. Hardy buried Edge big time, saying Edge admitted he had cheated on both of his wives, admitted to using steroids on “Off the Record” and poured a drink on “one of the diva girls” on a flight. He said Edge doesn’t have a lot of friends in WWE.

Hardy said that it’s time for him to promote himself. He said that fans should chant “We want Matt” and “You Screwed Matt” whenever they see Lita and Edge live at shows, comparing it to how fans never let WWE forget about the Bret Hart screwjob. This led to a discussion of the Montreal screw job situation.

Hardy said he’s at a point where he has to worry about Matt Hardy and the story “is what it is.” They asked him if he’s seeing other women since Lita and he broke up and he said, “I’ve been making the most of my time.” Hardy said that a company contacted him about he and Jeff sitting down to discuss a documentary on their careers and a number of companies have contacted him about making appearances.

Opie & Anthony discussed attending WrestleMania several years ago and the TLC match with the Hardy Boyz. Hardy said that everyone thought that they were going to kill each other and they nearly did.

A fan called in and said that the word is Triple H claimed Matt Hardy never drew money. Hardy said that he doesn’t know if that was actually said but when the Hardyz were together, no tag team ever moved as much merchandise as they did ever in WWE history. He said that even when he was doing Matt Hardy Version 1 and Mattitude, he was the hottest thing on Smackdown. He said that even though he wasn’t pushed hard, he always makes the most of his situation and moves merchandise.

The caller brought up Triple H controlling everything in the company and asked Matt to comment on it. The caller said that whenever there is a new champion, the focus is all about Triple H getting the belt back, not the new champion. The caller said that Triple H is all about stroking his own ego. Hardy said that it’s no secret the show revolves around Triple H and whenever there’s a new champion, they need to focus on him.

A caller called in and complained that Hardy’s appearance ruined the show. Opie and Anthony both said that what they are discussing now is better than anything that WWE has scripted. They pointed out this is behind the scenes, not a wrestling storyline. Hardy thanked them for letting him come on the show and said he doesn’t know what’s going to happen next but “this is my life.”

Credit: PWInsider.com, Mike Johnson, Thomas A. Donnelly

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