Lucas Speaks on Indiana Jones 4, and more Star Wars

George Lucas recently appeared at the Celebration III event, and the official Star Wars site has posted a transcript of his appearance.

While they had him (and his right-hand man Rick McCallum) on the spot, the fans asked where Indiana Jones is right now.

“As a matter of fact, I just received the new script two days ago. I have yet to read it,” McCallum said. “I’d like to be able to read it this weekend. I’ll be talking to Steven [Spielberg] on Monday, and then we’ll figure out what we’re going to do. So, it’s definitely in the works.”

Apparently Spielberg has one more film to do before turning his attention to Indiana Jones 4

As for rumours that Harrison Ford’s going to be recast due to age, those were officially shot down.

Also, Lucas also confirmed the long running rumors of a Star Wars television show. In fact there are two Star Wars based T.V. series in the works.

One of them will be a half hour 3-D CG animated series, the other will be a live action regular show, featuring characters from the film series, though not necessarily the main ones. Mark Hamill has long been rumoured to play an older, wiser Luke Skywalker in the new series, but the latest rumours circling around the net indicate that the show may fill in the gaps between Revenge Of The Sith & A New Hope.