[RAW] Matt and Lita Sex Tape Rumor-Killer


Some recent posts from Matt Hardy on his official Web site, THEMattHardy.com, explaining the storyline he proposed to WWE for his comeback from injury, the “sex tape” discussed on Opie & Anthony, and the recent RAW crowd reactions:

“THE SCAR WILL BECOME A SYMBOL” — Around the board and the ‘net, it has been incorrectly phrased, but this is the correct line, and the concept.

“THE SCAR WILL BECOME A SYMBOL”, a symbol of truth, justice, retribution, and punishment. I became a martyr because I stood up for what I believed in and for what was right. I lost everything important to me, my health, my career, the love of my life, and the family that claimed they loved me. The scar on my knee is very symbolic because it represents the physical point where this all began. The emotional scar is what drives me to annihilate those who are guilty and deserving. I have resurrected myself and will not allow this to happen to other innocent, undeserving people. If you hurt the innocent, or do wrong where it is not justified, I will destroy you and make you miserable.


It’s scary how close to my real life this is.


Just so this doesn’t get out of control, Opie and Anthony jokingly asked about having sex tapes and I jokingly replied, “you never know what’s floating around”. Nothing to get all worked up about guys. Take care…



Just like last Monday in MSG on Raw, Birmingham showed their support in the Matt Hardy movement. My Birmingham friends let Edge know I was there in spirit as chants of “WE WANT MATT”, “YOU SCREWED MATT”, AND “HARDY” rang out. We refuse to be denied, we know what is right, and we call bullsh*t when we see it. Thanks for the love and respect…

I will not die

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Credit: THEMattHardy.com

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