Toronto, Canada – April 26, 2005 – Two new Original Graphic Novels lead the way from Speakeasy Comics in July!

Featured in the pages of the new Previews, and available now for PRE-ORDER from your local specialty retailer, CHOCOLATE THUNDER and PARTING WAYS continue the publisher’s dedication to publishing new talent and offering diverse formats.

Art and information can be found at the links provided for each title. Look for them in July!


Peter Orbach wants to live. It’s too bad he didn’t realize this earlier; it won’t do him much good now that he’s in Hell…

Peter isn’t the first person to believe he shouldn’t be damned, but he may be the first that’s objectively correct. Somehow, his soulless body still lives…and from all appearances, it’s doing great without him…

Written by Andrew Foley (Jeremiah: The Last Empire), with Art by Scott Mooney (Diaries of a Moon-Man) and Nick Craine (X-Statix), PARTING WAYS follows one man’s journey down two separate paths.

Look for the Black and White, 152-page PARTING WAYS (MAY052941) in July at a suggested retail price of $12.99; For art and more information please visit: http://www.speakeasycomics.com/partingways.html

CHOCOLATE THUNDER by The Love Brothers

KEVIN KING, a government agent presumed dad, returns to his city of origin and finds a barren wasteland of drugs, poverty and crime. Using the skills he learned as a government operative, he takes on the persona of a soulful street avenger. The local graffiti artists pay tribute to him in their murals. They call him CHOCOLATE THUNDER.

Old school ’70s action collides with hip-hop attitude in this brutal, funny and action packed Blaxploitation Epic. Employing their encyclopedic knowledge of ’70s Blaxploitation films, the Love Brothers have crafted the ultimate tribute to the genre.

THE LOVE BROTHERS (Jeremy, Maurice and Robert) started Gettosake out of their homes, while working full time jobs. Founded in 1998, they soon expanded into animation. In less than five years, Gettosake has grown into a full fledged illustration and animation studio with a wide array of projects in development. All self taught artists and animators, the Love Brothers are living their dream, creating works of visual art featuring diverse characters of all races.

Look for the Black and White, 200 page CHOCOLATE THUNDER (MAY052936) in July at a suggested retail price of $17.99; For art and more information please visit:

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Formed in 2004 by Adam Fortier, Speakeasy Comics offers a new option for creators to publish their projects and is the new premier publishing house for all graphic literature.

Adam Fortier started his comics career working in retail at the young age of 15. After attending University, he spent time as a programmer for Xerox, starting a multimedia company with some friends, and moving from Multimedia to computer animation. From there, he met Dreamwave Productions, where he helped the company launch Transformers as a new comics project. Early in 2003 he stopped working with Dreamwave, and started working with such diverse publishers as Devil’s Due, UDON, and IDW Publishing.