April 27, 2005, Runnemede, NJ – Dynamite Entertainment is unveiling its latest creation as well as restarting a fan favorite series in July as the publisher launches an all-new Army Of Darkness ongoing series! And this time around, Ash comes face to face with a new nemesis – Herbert West, The Re-Animator!

Following the exciting conclusion of Shop ‘Til You Drop (Dead), this first issue of an all-new AOD ongoing series finds Ash committed to Arkham Asylum. It’s here that he runs afoul of a rather ghoulish and creepy Herbert West… and the battle of the century begins!

This new series launch is packed with extras for both fans and retailers, including: variant covers by the best of the best, chase covers by fan favorites, RRP Editions that will blow your mind and a special, Incentive Re-Animator #0 issue featuring an all-original tale and the very first appearance of Dynamite’s Re-Animator!

“When we decided to relaunch AOD as an ongoing, we new we had to make it both the BIGGEST and the BEST thing going,” explained Dynamite Spokesperson J. Allen. “With the Re-Animator #0 AND the titanic teaming of Ash Williams and Herbert West, we think we’ve done just that. That’s right, Williams faces off with West! “

It all begins with Army Of Darkness (MAY052663) #1 in July, check it out:

  • #1 Written by James Kuhoric and features Sanford Greene on art and Scott Kester on color art.
  • Cover art (Shipping in equal increments) includes: J.G. (Wanted) Jones, Sanford (Army of Darkness) Greene, Nick (Army of Darkness) Bradshaw, and Gabrielle (Secret War) Dell’Otto,
  • Specially inserted 1-in-25 chase cover by Nick Bradshaw featuring an “homage” to classic slasher and monster films!
  • For every 25 copies of AOD/Re-Animator #1 ordered, retailers will receive free Re-Animator #0’s at no cost! The Re-Animator #0 is a stand-alone, original story that leads into Dynamite’s all-new Re-Animator series! NOTE: Re-Animator #0 is a free retailer incentive based on qualifying orders, fans should consult with their local retailer about securing a copy.
  • Other Retailer Incentives include: Retailers will also get the opportunity to receive even MORE Re-Animator #0’s, depending on their initial orders, AND qualifying retailers will also receive a rare RRP Edition of AOD/Re-Animator #1 featuring the JG Jones cover with spot colors on it — in black, white, and grays — Very similar to the Ultimate Spider-Man #1 Ultra-Hot white background cover that’s been o top of the “Ultimate” Fan chart for years! NOTE: Re-Animator #0 is a free retailer incentive based on qualifying orders, fans should consult with their local retailer about securing a copy.
  • Upcoming covers of AOD by: Esad (Loki) Ribic, Adam Hughes, Billy (X-23) Tan, John (Wolverine) Romita Jr., John Romita Sr., and more!

The action, excitement and undead fun all begin in July! Be there!

About Dynamite Entertainment
Dynamite Entertainment, is a premier licensor and innovative publisher of the comic industry’s key and most popular comics including the Army of Darkness, Jim Starlin’s Cosmic Guard, The Re-Animator, Eduardo Risso’s Borderline, and the #1 selling title in April of ’05, Red Sonja. More information about the company can be found online at