[TNA] Tons Of TNA News


Monty Brown was backstage at the TNA iMPACT! tapings yesterday, but for some reason was not used. Also at the tapings and not used was Sean Waltman It seems they had no plans on how to use Waltman during the tapings and no reason is known at this time why Brown wasn’t used for anything. AJ Styles also did not wrestle at the tapings due to his wife being due to give birth soon. Styles filmed promos before the tapings took place on Tuesday and it is said that there will be a big video package set up promoting Styles on the final iMPACT! before Hard Justice on May 15.

Don’t expect to see Kevin Nash around TNA anytime over the next couple of months. Nash has landed a part in a movie with Eric Roberts that will begin shooting in China soon. It is being reported that producers from “The Longest Yard” remake suggested Nash for this role and even went so far as to show people involved in the new project footage of Nash that didn’t make the final cut of “The Longest Yard”.

Though the way he is currently conducting himself seems the opposite,
Dusty Rhodes is still in charge of creative in TNA. It seems Dusty was just following orders and going along with what other officials wanted out of the shows. Make of this what you will.

Credit- PWInsider.com