SmackDown! – LIVE – 04.28.05


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The loyal WWE fans in Birmingham, England will be part of a huge match as a Fatal Fourway will be on tap when SmackDown! visits the United Kingdom.

General Manager Theodore Long announced last week that Kurt Angle, JBL, Booker T & Big Show would have a match to decide who gets the first chance to face WWE Champion John Cena.

With four ultra-talented competitors in the ring at the same time and the stakes so high, there’s no telling what might unfold.

Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero will get a rematch with MNM for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Will Mysterio and Guerrero be able to co-exist after their problems last week when they lost the championship to the cocky newcomers?

Plus, Carlito’s Cabana will welcome Kurt Angle. The Cabana has been the site of some crazy happenings lately. What could possibly be in store for this week with the Olympic Champion as the guest?

Also, WWE Champion John Cena will be in action, taking on Rene Dupree, as he prepares for his first championship defense against the winner of the much-anticipated Fatal Fourway.

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Show: WWE SmackDown! – Thursday, April 28, 2005 – UPN
Arena: Birmingham, England, UK
Hosts: Michael Cole & Tazz

Quarter Hour 1

We are TAPED from the UK, and tonight, it’s the fatal four way!

Carlito comes out for the Cabana. Carlito gets a plug for the new SD! mag. Again, Carlito gets the pops. He’d invite the queen down, and have some tea, buscuits, and some apple in the eye. He gets a solid boo, but a Carlito chant right after. God save Carlito a seat on the plane to get out of hear! But his guest is VERY cool, Kurt Angle! Angle gets a good pop; they LOVE Angle in the UK. Angle agrees on the comments about Great Britain; there’s nothing Great about it! Or cool. Cool is beating HBK, Eddy, and winning tonight and going on to face Cena and become a 5 time WWE Champion. Some guy interupts, Kurt asks who he is. He is Steve Lewington, and he is from Great Britain. He challenges Angle to an Invitational match. Angle responds with and English tone: “Sorry old chap, but you and your country are a joke. Perhaps you can come back in ten years or so, when you hit puberty.” Angle lays out Steve and tells the other three contestants that he will be the winner. Steve interrupts with rights and a dropkick, but Angle hits a low blow, the Angle Slam, and the ankle lock. Angle is sending a message. Meanwhile, Carlito spits the apple at the fallen Steve.

Tonight, a rematch of the tag title match from last week, plus Cena vs Dupree!


Quarter Hour 2

Torrie Wilson comes out to be the special guest ring announcer.

Paul London vs Chavo Guerrero. Chavo has the early advantage, but London comes back with a forearm, so Chavo shuts him down. London gets a two count, but Chavo takes over before eating a dropsault for two. London gets an eyeble and a kick to the face. London goes up, but Chavo knocks him onto the STEEL ring post and London crashes to the floor. London gets counted out and Chavo celebrates, but Torrie reminds him (and us) that titles only change hands on a pinfall or submission. So London is still the champ. Chavo Gory bombs London and leaves.

WINNER(S): Chavo Guerrero

Replay-O-Matic shows us the latest chapter in the Rey/Eddy saga, from Carlito’s Cabana to the loss to MNM, to the shoving match they had last week.

Tonight: WWE Tag Team Championship – MNM vs Eddy & Rey!


Quarter Hour 3

The Page 3 Daily Star Girls say hi.

Tonight, Cena vs Dupree!

Backstage, Booker gets a pep talk from his wife. Heidenreich drops by with a poem for Booker. Heidy gets a good response from Booker and his wife, SUCKA! Heidy has TWO friends tonight! Meanwhile…

Eddy and Rey chat, and Rey isn’t too upbeat. Eddy gets a chant right in the middle of a heart to heart with Rey, when Chavo jumps in and brags about beating London. He tries to stir thing up, but Eddy says he and everyone else are jealous. Rey is family, but Chavo reminds him that he and Eddy are BLOOD. Eddy says Rey has been around for him like no other. Eddy pleads his case and Chavo interrupts again, and this time Rey tells him to shove off. After, Rey says that Eddy may not always be 100% in the mind, but he is always 100% in the heart. Tonight, they’re going to get the belts back! Ode lay!


Quarter Hour 4

Cole and Tazz pimp the new X-Box game, WrestleMania 21.

WWE Tag Team Championship: MNM vs Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. Eddy gets a MASSIVE pop coming in. MNM gets the red carpet entrance again, and Tazz points out Malina’s ring entrance. Eddy and Nitro start out, and Eddy takes over early. Tag to Rey and he works over Nitro a bit. Tag to Eddy, but he eats an eyeble. Mercury comes over, but Eddy hits him, then Nitro, but Mercury pulls Eddy off the apron. He shoots Eddy back in and Nitro gets a two count. Mercury tags in and punches Eddy in the corner. Nitro gets a two count as an Eddy chant fires up. Mercury back in but reverses Rey into Eddy, who falls out of the ring. MNM try the double team, but Rey keeps firing back. Rey gets two off the spingboard moonsault. Nitro breaks up another cover, and Eddy is walking to the back. Rey and the crowd plead with Eddy, but he’s undecided. Nitro hits Rey with a powerbomb, and Rey kicks out at two. Eddy finally turns back and hits the apron. We go to…


Quarter Hour 5

We’re back and Rey is taking a pounding, escaping a pair of covers. Rey rolls through a sunset flip and drop kicks Mercury, but MNM keep Rey from the tag. Nitro has a seated surfboard as Eddy broods in the corner. Nitro hits a backbreaker for two. Rey comes back with a multi-spin head scissors. Eddy won’t reach for the tag, so MNM gets a clue and do the double DDT and get the three. Post match, MNM destroy Rey as Eddy watches. Eddy walks away to an EDDY SUCKS chant as Rey calls out to him.



Cole and Tazz reminisce about moments ago with Eddy and Rey.

Quarter Hour 6

Rene Dupree vs John Cena. This is non-title. Rene cuts a promo – at last, a European has arrived! Cena’s music interrupts. Dupree with some stomps and a spinebuster. Rene with some rights, but Cena rights back. Dupree takes over with a face to the turnbuckle, and a grapevined rear chin lock. Cena fights out, but Rene hits a high knee. He boots Cena in the back, then puts him in a rear chinlock. Cena punches out, and makes the comeback. He hits the dropping hiptoss, followed by the sideslam and five knuckle shuffle. FU gets the three.

WINNER(S): John Cena
ANGLE ADVANCEMENT: Um, Cena can beat mid carders?

Still to come, the fatal four way!


Matt Morgan vs Mikey Whiplash. Morgan says the last week was the first time he stuttered, and he does it again. He takes out his frustraction on the kid, s squash, much like last week. He wins with the suplex/clothesline move again.

WINNER(S): Matt Morgan
ANGLE ADVANCEMENT: Well, it’s something.

Backstage, JBL rants and raves, but Big Show interrupts. He tells JBL the losing streak will continue.

The fatal four way is next!


Quarter Hour 7

Christina Aguleria is on the set of Cena’s new video, which will premiere next week on SmackDown!

Championship Series Fatal Four-Way Finals: Booker T. vs The Big Show vs Kurt Angle vs John Bradshaw Layfield. Show dominates everyone early. Show stacks up all three in the corner and does the butt bounce. Angle sneaks in an Angle Slam for two. Axe kick by Booker gets two on Show. Clothesline from hell gets two. They triple team Show out of the ring, and an Angle Slam on the table! Show gets eliminated via count out as we head to some…


Quarter Hour 8

We’re back and JBL and Angle are working Booker over. Booker with the comeback, but JBL moves and Booker is hung up on the ropes. Booker reverses JBL into the STEEL steps. Booker is back in and Angle works on him. Angle with a suplex on Booker for two. Angle takes a leg lariat, but JBL is all over Booker again. Booker set up for the clothesline, but he counters into a Bookend for two. Angle with a German suplex on Booker for two. Angle and Booker do a nice reversal sequence into an ankle lock. Booker counters out, but Angle gets the Angle Slam for two. Angle goes to work on JBL. Booker gets a two off a boot on Angle when Orlando Jordan slips a chair into the ring. The referee sends OJ to the back, but Angle gets the chair and waffles Booker for the three. JBL works over Angle in the corner as we head for our last set of…


We’re back again, and Angle takes over on JBL. Angle goes after the leg of JBL as we look at Booker T’s elimination. Angle turns JBL over into the ankle lock, but JBL kicks out. Angle gets a big right and is reversed on the whip in, but he jumps into a JBL fallaway slam. Angle ducks the clothesline as JBL knocks the ref out of the ring. Angle with the ankle lock again, but JBL waves out the Bashams. Angle hits a German for each Basham, then three for JBL. Angle with the ankle lock again and JBL taps, but no ref. Booker T comes back out and waffles Angle with a chair as payback. The Bashams put the ref in the ring as JBL covers for the three.

ANGLE ADVANCEMENT: Was the world REALLY clamoring for Cena/JBL II?

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