[WWE] Hogan on WWE Philosophy, Gewirtz Off RAW, New Hires


According to WrestlingObserver.com, Hulk Hogan has been doing a lot of promotional work for Backlash, including several radio appearances. Aside from this, WWE is pushing Hogan and Michaels’ first ever teaming (and HHH/Batista 2 secondarily) in radio ads.

Hogan has recently said:

– In Toronto when he wrestled Rock, Rock was all intimidated wrestling before a crowd that large, so he assured him not to worry.

– His back is all messed up from body slamming Andre at Wrestlemania III because Andre was 700 pounds, even though most people say he was really around 500.

– During the 80s, he made a Billion dollars a year just from his merchandise.

– WWE is going to launch a new Hogan merchandise line in red and yellow.

– WWE is going to bring back the entertainment in wrestling, instead of wrestlers who wrestle like robots who plan everything in advance for each match.

– Wrestling isn’t a sport and it’s not competition, so the steroid issue should be left alone.

Also reported on WrestlingObserver as well as PWInsider, RAW head writer (who also writes vignettes for Smackdown) Brian Gewirtz is taking a leave of absense to work on WWE Films. According to PWInsider, this should last about three months, and some sources tell them that this will in part give him a break from the wrestling business. Additionally, WWE recently hired a new writer, Larry Mollin. He has a ton of TV writing experience, according to IMDB.com including 10 story credits on “Beverly Hills 90210” from 1995-97, 25 writing credits on the show from 1993-97, as well as on episodes of “The Practice,” “Knight Rider,” “CHiPS” and most recently several Spanish series.

Also, Joan Aceste was just added as as Head of Legal Affairs for WWE.

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