TN-Analysis # 6


Silence, my young followers, your great inspiration has returned for yet another week of TN-Analysis. Two weeks ago I asked a question to test the knowledge of my readers; the question was, “How many former NWO members have been in TNA?” Quite frankly, I screwed up by asking that question without doing the research, because I got varied answers from each email. However, I promised to deliver the true answer this week, so I did some research and this is what I came up with. Here is the correct answer according to a collaboration between and my own memory:

Hulk Hogan
Kevin Nash
Dusty Rhodes
Buff Bagwell
Curt Hennig
David Flair
Dennis Rodman
Disco Inferno
Don Harris
Jeff Jarrett
Lex Lugar
Randy Savage
Ron Harris
Scott Hall
Scott Steiner

18 Members…

Nobody mentioned Scott Steiner but he did have a brief run in TNA towards the begining of the promotion. Also, nobody mentioned David Flair…and honestly, I didn’t remember him being in TNA, but I read a column here on Inside Pulse recently that mentioned him as being a former member of S.E.X (Sports Entertainment Xtreme). There may be more members that weren’t added, but I really don’t think that I excluded anybody. If I DID, however, not list somebody that should’ve been listed, your welcome to drop me an informative email telling me who I forgot, and refreshing my memory as well (also, a link to a site that confirms this would be nice).

Ok, now we’re moving on to this weeks columns. The 3 questions I asked were

1. What happened to D’lo Brown?

2. How many weekly TNA ppvs were there, before TNA switched to the monthly ppv format?

3. How do you think that the recent WWE releases will affect TNA?

Our first email comes from Joe Selders.

1) I really think D-Lo went to Japan. The last time I remeber seeing him is when he and Apollo had the tag titles. After that he just kind of fell off the face of the earth. It’s too bad I kinda like the ‘ol bobble head.

2) I have no freakin clue here. I know there were a few hiatusus in there. I’m just going to throw out a guess and say around 75ish.

3) Ahh an opionion question. Can’t really be wrong here. Ok honestly the recent cuts probably won’t have that big of effect on TNA. Matt will probably show up and either feud with Jeff or reunite with Jeff. I’m hoping for the former although a Hardy/AMW match or a Hardy/XXX match at some point could be fun. If Molly comes to TNA it’s not going to make that much of an Impact because TNA really doesn’t have a womens division. Bring in a few more women and give us a respectable division and who knows, but with only a one hour show each week I don’t think the fans even want to waste time a womens division right now even if it was a good womens division. Finally Rhyno. Here’s the big question mark. Rhyno could easily be a respectable worker for TNA. With that being said Rhyno also has a lot of personal problems he needs to deal with right now from the sounds of things. I’d love to see him show up but not until he gets his life straightened out.

Beyond this there are some not so recent firing that TNA could also snatch up. If TNA really does want to start a womens division then Nidia and Gail Kim would both be good aquisitions. Next is Test. Test lives in Florida so there wouldn’t be any travel and he’s not a horrible worker. Might as well pick him up he wouldn’t be any worse then Dallas/Lance Hoyt. Big ‘ol Albert. Not my favorite at all but the hairy mofo can move pretty good for a big man and TNA really doesn’t have that many big men. He could be a decent mid-carder if you give him a decent enough story. Finally the one I’d really like to see them sign is Sean O’Haire. IMO the WWE dropped the ball here. His “I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know” gimmick was great. It seems like he kind of got punished for Pipers problems. O’Haire is a big guy that can wrestle and do it pretty well and previous gimmick showed he has some carisma. Bring this guy in and give him a push. He could probably wind up being a main event calibre guy.

P.S. I totally forgot about Hogan on that NWO list from last week. Of course I don’t really count him as part of TNA he never even really showed up. All we got was a clip of him from a press conference in Japan. You know if TNA was smart they would really play up the fact that Jarrett laid out Hogan and Hogan hasn’t had the balls to ever come do anything about it.

You know, I do believe that I heard something about D’lo going to Japan. Believe it or not, TNA had alot more than 75 weekly PPV’s. Logic would dictate that if you think abuot it however, there are 52 weeks in a year, and TNA was around for over 2 years before switching to monthly PPV’s, if they only had 75 PPV’s, there would have been several weeks that went without a show. Atleast you admitted that you had no clue, and didn’t try to look like you really knew what u were talking about…like some people *points to myself*. I agree with you on Matt Hardy and Molly Holly. Personally, I think Rhyno would do great in TNA. He was a monster in ECW, and TNA has a habit of turning former WWE “rejects” (as some people have referred to them) into main eventers. (See Jarrett, Jeff; Sopp, Monty; Killings, Ron; Hardy, Jeff; etc.) Rhyno in TNA would be great to see in my opinion, and I really don’t think his “personal problems” are as bad as people are making them out to be. He made the comment that he has “nothing to live for” but keep in mind that he was pretty pissed off, and that the severity of that statement all depends on how you interpret it, but I digress. Matt Hardy and Rhyno should definately go to TNA, and on the other hand, I don’t care too much about what Molly does. If she goes to TNA then that’s nice for her, but I can’t ever see myself saying “I miss Molly Holly…I wish she’d come back to wrestling”. I really do think that Jeff Jarrett basically calling Hogan a pussy would be great for TNA to play up, but I really don’t think it will happen. It’s been so long since Jarrett laid out Hogan, not to mention that there may be some sort of legal issue also.
This next one comes from Mike Sharn.

Much shorter e-mail this time:

1. D’Lo I believe is in All Japan, which is much better for him since he used worse in TNA than WWE.

2. TNA I believe showed 125 weekly PPV events before switching to the monthly format.

3. As far as the recent WWE releases goes: Matt Hardy will probably be in TNA, Molly Holly is highly doubtable, and Jesus is also highly doubtable. Thanks again Mike Sharn

I don’t really believe that D’Lo was used very bad in TNA. I remember him having a very successful tag team with AJ Styles, and convincing me that he’s a damn fine wrestler. The latter is an accomplishment in my book, considering that I used to think D’Lo sucked ass. 125 is closer, but you overshot a little bit. Hardy (the good one) going to TNA is very probable, and seeing that alot of people agree with that fact is a good sign. I’m glad to see that you mentioned Jesus, because his release wasn’t very big news, but could still affect TNA. I’ve never seen Jesus work though (I don’t get UPN, therefore I don’t watch Smackdown), so I wouldn’t know anything about him.

Curtis Mclean sent this (very correct) email.

1. I believe D’Lo has Japan commitments, and TNA could not rely on him for stories so they had to drop him, he still freduents BCW and in December lost the BCW Heavyweight Title to…A1! O CANADA!

2. There were 110 weekly PPV’s, I saw about 50 of them. There were also 4 “Best of” shows.

3. Minimal impact i’d say, I would welcome Matt and Rhyno to TNA anyday, as long as we don’t get a Hardy reunion or fued, and Rhyno is booked as the man beast he is! But I don’t see them going to TNA, Molly, Jesus and Chilly Willy are certainly not showing up.

I appreciate the additional info on D’Lo. You’re correct, TNA ran 110 weekly PPV’s. It’s also nice to see that you provided TNA with $500. Seriously, would anybody pay $10 a week to see Raw? Not that it’s a bad show, but I don’t think it would have the addictive power to draw $40 a month from me, just to see it. Matt and Rhyno should definately go to TNA, Molly and Jesus probably won’t, and who gives a shit about Chilly Willy? His name even makes me cringe…

This one is from the *sighs* Phenominal Philipino….

What up G! The Phenominal one is back in the house!!!! For your *questions*:

1) D-Lo Brown is wrestling in Japan.

2) 109-110, somewhere in there.

3) TNA better do right and pick up Matt Hardy, forget Rhyno because he is a liability. Matt Hardy returning and reuniting with Jeff Hardy would certainly shake up the tag and X-Division. Imagine, if he goes there, we could possibly have The Hardyz vs. AMW, The Hardyz vs. The New Age Outlaws(oh you know its coming), 3LK vs. The Hardyz, Team Canada vs. The Hardyz. TNA’s tag division would kick more ass than the WWE’s. And the X-Division, Matt Hardy vs. Chris Daniels, Matt Hardy vs. Petey Williams, Matt Hardy vs. Chris Sabin; the possibilites are freakin’ endless. Rhyno would be a good fit, but after hearing what happened the night of Wrestlemania, he needs some anger manegment classes.

Now for my famous half of the column…..I have read numerous reports of TNA on a “death watch” and I am not surprised. TNA is paying FSN money per episode to air on TV. They are losing money and the big name talent they are paying for is certainly not helping. If I had a chose, I would kindly ask Kevin Nash to take less or leave. The same for DDP and Sean Waltman. It’s not like these guys are worth the money anyway. They need to push future stars. Monty Brown turning heel didn’t really help them either, because at Final Resolution he could have been given the title and the company would be in a totally different direction.

Dusty Rhodes has had complaints as booker and he frankly deserves them. Dusty needs to realize that its not the 1980’s anymore. If I were running the company, AJ Styles, Monty Brown and the X-Division would be the focus of the company. I want to see some high profile X-Division matches that are not for the title and are not gimmicks. Strait up X-style wrestling. I wouldn’t mind a tournament to see the X-Division get that push. Bring back the Super X Cup. That was one of the best tournaments in the last couple years.

Well, I hope TNA doesn’t die, although I wouldn’t be surprised. If they can last past September, then I think they have a chance. Jarrett needs to drop the title because he should not be the face of the company. He is too old and is a heel. Heels don’t sell companies well, ala HHH. Thank god he dropped the title, again. But anyway, I still have the faith and I’ll watch Impact every week. I encourage you all this week to watch Impact and possibly order the ppv. I’m getting a copy the next day. TNA needs your support.

From the 3 Faces of Pinoy,

The Phenominal Philipino, Puma, Brian

I’m assuming that the “G” stands for “God”, b/c if not, then you’re calling me “gay” and I really, really don’t like that. D’Lo is in Japan…110 PPV’s is right. I agree with your opinion answers, except for where you said “TNA’s tag division would kick more ass than the WWE’s.” TNA’s tag division ALREADY kicks more ass than the WWE’s! That’s not exactly saying alot though. You’re “half of the column” isn’t famous and you know it! Yea, some people think that TNA won’t last long, but it’s been around for near 3 years, I don’t see them going out of business any time soon. The Super X Cup would be great, and like you said, I’d love to see some “straight up X-style wrestling” without any titles on the line. Heels don’t sell companies well, but I believe that TNA is trying to build Jarrett up as the unstoppable force, in order to make the guy who finally beats him. Granted, it’s not the most original idea, and probably won’t pay off well enough to make up for the months of Jarrett being champ, but I don’t think they’re REALLY expecting to sell PPV’s based on “can (insert FORMER big/semi big name) beat Jarrett?” TNA does need our support, and if they can get rid of Dusty as their booker, and focus on the original things more often (the Lockdown PPV seems very original by the way), they’ll win the support of alot of the casual Impact viewers.

Well, that’s it for this week. I encourage EVERYBODY to send in your answers, cuz I know you guys are getting tired of seeing just the same old guys answer my questions. Don’t get me wrong, I want these guys to keep sending emails, but we need more people to send their shit in. I want to make this column BIG. Ok…it won’t be big…ever…but it can atleast get recognition. Hey, you guy’s are the star, all you have to do is answer 3 questions and you’re automatically in this column. Some of you guy’s have really good writing skills too, and I’d encourage you to follow in my footsteps (but watch out for the big hole in the hallway, you might trip in it). Send in your answers, everybody that reads this column will read YOUR opinions. This column, may become as synonymous with you, as it is with me. So step to it bitches! Send me some emails!

This week’s questions:

1. (Because I have no f*ckin’ clue) – What happened to the “extreme” stable that was in TNA for a little while? I remember The Sandman being in it, and I believe Sabu was a part of it too. I also remember Raven teaming with the Sandman against The Gathering once. So what happened to The Sandman? I know that Sabu was injured and should be back soon, but I don’t remember why Sandman left. I’d appreciate as much information on this as possible, and I’d also like to know who else was in the group, and why they’re gone (if they are).
2. (To test your knowledge) – Who won the first Ultimate-X match? (EASY question)
3. (Voice your opinion) – How would you book the angle in which Jeff Jarrett loses his NWA Title? Who would be involved, when would it happen, what kind of match, will it be on PPV? I want a complete booking scenario, filled with details. (not necessarily details regarding the actual match though..I dont’ wanna know what happens 5 minutes into the match lol).

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