[Misc] Rob Feinstein comments on Candido’s death


Rob Feinstein, of RF Video says:

“This business sucks it really does.
The first time I ever saw Chris was in 1988 and 1989 backstage at the NWA Philly shows. He was backstage with Tammy as he was just setting up the rings. I would also see him on most of Dennis Corlouzzo’s NWA shows around NJ. I never got to know Chris until 1993 when he came into ECW. I was lucky enough to travel with ECW but I still never got to know Chris. He was just one of the guys I would talk to in passing. In ECW he was always one of the more entertaining workers of the crew. He was also one of the best workers in the company. He knew how to bump his ass off and you would see so many other personalities mixed in with Chris like Funk and Flair. But most of all what made him so special is that well Chris Candido threw away the mould and he was so special.

He had his demons but the man changed his life around and it truly showed in the last few months the most. We went to NJ to conduct our shoot with him a few months back and that was the first time we ever really connected. After the interview we would talk at all the shows that he was at like USA Pro, JAPW, and Cyber Space. I made it a point to make sure that I would be the first to go up to him after his match and I would always say “Your Back”. He was always happy when I would say that and he would smile and say he found his working boots again. I never knew we had so much in common with each other.

I just had him at my house like a few weeks back when Sabu was here. We talked a lot and he had a lot of future goals. He was truly making his comeback. He wanted to make a go one more time. I just saw him wrestle in one of the best comedy matches ever seen with Matt Striker at Cyberspace. I just saw him cut one of the best promos at the arena with JAPW. Chris will be missed, and there was probably not a bigger fan of the wrestling business than Chris. He was just like you a fan of wrestling who lived his dream. When you saw a Candido match you knew he would work his ass off for you and never have a shitty match. RIP Chris you will be missed in a big way.”

Rob Feinstein has expressed interest in giving the profits of his upcoming Chris Candido/Sabu roundtable shoot interview to Tammy Sytch. RF video was set to release the tape/DVD anytime now, and it now looks like RF Video will donate the money to Tammy Sytch.

Many people believe that Candido was truly the standout of the U.S. Indy scene over the last year, and that he had turned his life around.

Credit – www.declarationofindependents.net