Remote Destination

I’ve been catching Tom & Jerry on Boomerang the last couple of days, and I’ve been loving it. I really wish I had been able to see them on the big screen like they’d been intended be shown, but not too much is lost in the translation to the small screen.

What is lost is “Mammy” character. I’ve got to admit; I think I’m more offended that her dialogue has been redubbed in order to make it “less offensive.” I’m mostly offended at the attempt to clean up the past. I’m old enough to remember how she originally sounded, and I can appreciate how my parents would have been offended and not wanted me to watch the cartoons.

But I think it’s important that future generations be aware of how prevalent and accepted those images were. But then I realize that this is a country that wishes to pretend it’s a melting pot and ignore that it’s been simmering for decades.

What I Watched Last Week

Real Time With Bill Maher – Entertaining as always. And after watching this week I’m happier than ever that I don’t drive. And I think it’s safe to say that Alan Simpson never disappoints when he appears on the show.

Deadwood – How dope is this show that it’s able to derive humor from a character who viscously slit three throats a couple weeks back? Seth really needs to learn how to juggle, because his women are bumping into each other like crazy. Jane is getting less and less entertaining and more and more pitiful, in a difficult to witness manner.

Grey’s Anatomy – I spoke to friend who’s graduated from Mayo and she says this show is absurd. That’s basically the same conclusion my roommate and I came to as we watched the last three week’s worth of episodes. The residents are too headstrong and don’t get reprimanded harshly enough. The storylines are equally absurd. But since I’m not the doctor, the show is mildly entertaining (in a soap opera-ish suspension of disbelief kind of way) and the music on the show has been pretty good thus far, I’ll keep watching. Or will I? More on that later.

Desperate Housewives – Ugh, I watch this show for my roommate. I hate all of the characters. I hate Susan the most. I barely even care about the storylines anymore. Ugh.

24 – You know what I realized? The acting president is what would happen if Buster from Arrested Development was placed in that situation. I’m serious. If you get a chance peep the last couple of episodes and pretend Buster is delivering those lines. It’s hilarious.

Audrey is getting on my nerves. At this point I wish Jack had never saved her life. Chloe on the other hand is hysterical. Her bluntness has always been a charm, but when she remarked that she wasn’t a “field agent” and tried to walk away from an assignment, she became a classic character. (In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t take this show too seriously.)

Scrubs – I love this show. And so does my doctor friend, but she digs it mostly because it doesn’t try to be a real medical show.

The Office – This show better come back. My mom and I both agree that it’s more “uncomfortable” funny than “hysterical” funny. But even with that, it’s still one of the funniest shows on TV today.

Project Greenlight – Yet anther uncomfortably funny show. What’s cool about this show is that since I’ve meet Balthazar Getty I can gauge how tall everyone else is compared to me. It’s like Six Degrees of Separation, with an emphasis on which celebrities I’m taller than. But back to the show; it rocks.

Intervention – For some reason I actually watched two episodes of this program this week. I watched the pilot and the one with the agoraphobic actress. I actually watched the latter first and it was highly enjoyable. The pilot was also a good watch. Say what you will, but I think there’s something inherently entertaining about seeing someone at their lowest point. Here’s to hoping that some episodes don’t have happy endings.

The Shield – Antoine is a viable villain. Rollins is grating on me. Julian is growing on me. But I don’t know who is more tortured; Julian or Shane? Shane is in over his head, but Julian is torn between his dual roles in the community. Julian does get major props for his balancing of the scales.

I really applaud this show for dealing with the racial aspect this season. And I’ve got to side with Aceveda and Julian. Rollins isn’t really thinking about the ramifications of her actions. Vic gets props for doing the vigilante thing. And it was nice to have an “in-show” explanation for the “new tamer Vic Mackey.” Poor Vic thought he was having a bad day, if only he know that Dutch was making moves with his ex.

Greatest Show Ever”¦this week – Jack & Bobby

I caught up on the last two week’s worth of episodes and this show has returned with a vengeance. The level of drama has been turned up a few notches. Abortion, devious females, religion and drinking have been dealt with the last couple of episodes in a very solid manner.

I applaud WB for sticking with this fine example of television. Hopefully it will grow in the ratings and give networks a reason to stick with other show as well.

Rant on Grey’s Anatomy

My roommate and I had our marathon session of the show this week. When were watching the episode from two weeks ago (the one with the house party) there was the scene with Christina and Dr. Burke after the veteran nurse died, when they are in a stairwell and he’s telling her to “let her go.” Well there was a moment in that scene that rubbed me the wrong way. It also rubbed my roommate the wrong way, but neither of us openly acknowledged it but that was warning sign #1

Fast-forward to this weeks’ episode and Dr. Burke brings Christina a coffee. Now since I was still trying to ignore warning sign #1, hoping beyond hope that what part of me know was true, wasn’t really true, I pretended that he was just playing the “mentor” role. Both of them were kind of headstrong, maybe he was just taking her under his wing. Would that be implausible? But no matter how hard I tried to avoid it, this was warning sign #2.

The episode ends with Christina and Dr. Burke hooking up. And by “hooking up” I mean shagging. Disgusting.

I had such high hopes for Dr. Burke. It sucks that those hopes were dashed so early on.

A Completely Lost Cause

Last week I posed the following scenario;

Good News; you’re a robust adventurer. Bad News; your penchant for adventure takes into some pretty dangerous locales. Maybe it’s out space. Perhaps it’s unmapped parts of the globe. Or maybe it’s even other dimensions. The point is; you’ve got a nose for adventure. Good News; you’re about to set out on another trip. Bad News; you’re about to be lost.

So would you rather be Lost In Space or in The Land of the Lost?

The first to reply was none other than Patrick P who offered;

There are actually three entries here — Land of The Lost, Lost In Space (TV), and
Lost In Space (Movie).

So Lost In Space is the play-in game, with the LIS winner taking on Land of The Lost. The Lost In Space Movie wins for a multitude of factors. First, as hard as this is to believe, Lost In Space was actually the movie that ended Titanic’s run as box office number one. I hate Titanic and I hate that goddamn Celine Dion song. This alone should end the debate. But what else would make an impact? Heather
Graham versus Angela Cartwright. Angela Cartwright was a singing von Trapp kid. Heather Graham was a porn star on wheels. Heather Graham wins this going away, even if you throw Lassie’s mom (well, the mom from Lassie…Lassie’s mom is a bitch) into the fray. But what really clinches this and makes the movie advance to the championship is that there is no way in hell I would want to be stranded somewhere with creepy-ass Billy Mumy. Dude, that kid talks to his dead grandma on a plastic toy phone. Plus, if you piss him off in the slightest, you get shipped off to a cornfield, or turned into a jack in the box. I’ll take my chances with Joey Tribiani trying to navigate my way back home.

Now for Land of The Lost. First, it was them versus dinosaurs with the help of a famous L.A. tagger…oh, wait, it was a different Chaka. I think the L.A. tagger might have been more help than Chewbacca Lite. Now my memory is not so good on specifics here, but I believe they had to fight either aliens or lizard men (the Pylons? For some reason I remember something about Pylons). So on Lost In Space, you’re probably only going to fight aliens (and you’ve got weapons, undoubtedly, since you knew you were heading to space and might encounter aliens). On Land Of The Lost, you were only prepared to go whitewater rafting, so the only weapons you’ve got on you are oars (which you probably lost when you freefalled? freefell? into LOTL) and not only do you have to fight aliens, you’ve got to fight dinosaurs too.

ADVANTAGE: Lost In Space (especially the movie)

Thankfully Colin P had a difference of opinion;

On the one hand, if you’re in the Land of the Lost, broads’ll be on a Raquel Welch tip. And the GOOD Welch. On the other hand, if I’m Lost in Space, I might come to a planet with a red sun and have powers like Superman. Or I might get crushed by the super-gravity of an ultradense planet. Hmm, I’m not willing to take that chance; I’ll brave the dinosaurs…..

As for my answer I’m really torn. Lost in Space seems like more fun. You get all that technology and that cool robot with those arms. That said, I’m sure there’s some type of regimen that you’ve to pass. Of course I’m basing my knowledge of the space program on The Simpsons which is my reference point to far too many things.

Land of the Lost doesn’t seem too far to go. I can go hiking. I’m not really the outdoors type, but I think I could get lost pretty easy. And the climate there seemed pretty hospitable. I’m going for Land of the Lost.

This of course leads us to”¦

Good News/Bad News/Question of the Week

Good News; you’ve got a new place to live. Bad News; you’ve got to share it. Maybe your rich uncle left it to you in his will, but stipulate that you couldn’t live in it alone. Maybe you’re a quadriplegic and you just need a bit of help. Who knows? The point is you’ve got company. Good News; you’ve narrowed your new housemates down to two acceptable choices. Bad News; these were the most acceptable choices.

So, would you rather live with Bert & Ernie or Tom & Jerry


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Greatest Video Ever”¦this week

Amerie feat. Eve – 1 Thing rmx

I know, I know you’re thinking; “Wasn’t this already featured in this segment?” Yup, it was. But the new video is just like the original only with 100% less movie clips, which means 100% less Will Smith. It also features an additional 20% more of Amerie buttressed with 100% more Eve. And numbers like that just don’t lie.